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Creative and Productive Math Tutor

I am Math Tutor Earlston. I am a native of Bermuda and received my public education there. Then I pursued post-secondary education in the United States. Math is one of my strongest subjects; however, I believe that whatever subject you study, your aim should be to do your best. One reason why I rate algebra highly is because of its strong logical content. With its combination of numbers and letters, it is important to note that without knowing it, algebra is a commonly used activity. For exam... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is a branch of Mathematics. Incorporating formulas and graphing techniques, this subject involves solving mathematical problems by using symbols and or letters.







Within this context, Reading involves the ability to to comprehend particular passages. One must demonstrate an understanding of the written material by being able to answer questions related to the passages that the student has read.



With correct sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, appropriate verb tense, and an understanding of common and proper nouns, English is a language used as a tool of communication in numerous civilized cultures.


SAT Math

The SAT is designed to test your level of efficiency in particular academic areas taught at the High School level. The math section is a portion of this exam. Algebra, fractions, areas, and graphing are components of the math section. Logic and reasoning are skills required for mastering the SAT, in general, and the math section, in particular.





SAT Reading

SAT Writing

SAT Writing is designed to measure your proficiency in high school English composition skills. Students will be tested in their understanding of sentence structure, verb tense, correct pronoun usage, and other pertinent matters.


The ASVAB is the military's version of the SAT. It is a multiple choice exam which qualifies you to serve in the military. Students seeking assistance with this exam would typically be looking for help with exam preparation and strategies in studying for this test. My years of serving in the Hancock, Bibb, and Jones Public School Systems in capacities of Substitute teacher and Paraprofessional include assisting students with test preparation. Tutoring students for the SAT (as well as taking the SAT myself) help me to appreciate preparing for exams such as the ASVAB. Students taking this test not only need to know the subject matter, they also need to know how to select the correct answers.

ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

The ACT test is similar to the SAT in that it examines the preparedness of students for college. Since Algebra is emphasized highly in this context, students need to have a firm comprehension of formulas, equations, areas, graphs, and other pertinent mathematical content. Students should also be able to perform mathematical calculations contained within word problems.

Elementary Math

Elementary Math is a prerequisite for Middle School Math. Students will be taught to master functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Fractions will also be covered. I have tutored students in Elementary, Middle School, and High School Math. I look forward to assisting students in this area.

Elementary Science

Managerial Accounting

Financial Accounting



Elementary (K-6th)

Elementary (K-6TH) is foundational for all other further education. Basic "building-block" information is learned in areas such as math, English, spelling, Science, and Geography. Since I have mastered Graduate - level studies, I am willing and able to tutor students in Elementary (k-6th). Furthermore, I spent quite a few years as a substitute teacher and paraprofessional in Elementary and Middle Schools. I also served as a substitute teacher in various High Schools. My requirement to function as a one-to-one paraprofessional for two special needs students on two separate occasions enhanced my appreciation for the subject matter at the Elementary school level.


Phonics involves the correct pronounciation of words. It consists of recognizing the syllablistic division of words (including observing the long and short sounds of vowels) so that they can be read properly in a verbal fashion. I was instrumental in teaching reading and phonics (one-on-one)in the Special Education department with the Houston County School system from 2008 - 2010. This gives me an appreciation for the art of phonics.


Business refers to the activities involved in manufacturing a product or providing a service. It can include professional areas such as accounting, finance, and marketing. When engaging in a business venture the project and people sides of the business must be carefully balanced. Business should be managed in such a way that profits are achieved and losses are minimized. My MBA from Capella University has provided me with a vast amount of insight in this area.