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Alyssa F.


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Highly Experienced Elementary Tutor/Teacher

I am a certified teacher (preschool - 4th grade) with 25 years experience working as a teacher and tutor (I've been a tutor with Wyzant for more than 5 years. for others privately before then, and as a tutor within a public school). My students generally improve their grades by at least 1 - 2 letter grades. I've tutored students who were struggling and hated the subject. Over time, they came to enjoy the subject, rather than dread or fear it. I have experience working with special needs stude... [more]


While working as a tutor and a regular classroom teacher, I have taught vocabulary to students form grades preK - 5.


I am a certified elementary school teacher, pre-K - 4. I've worked in public and private schools as a regular classroom teacher and a tutor (grades pre-K - 5 for all). I taught grammar to my students and tutees, among other things.


I have many years teaching reading to students in grades pre-K - 5. I've worked as a reading tutor and a regular classroom teacher with students with reading abilities anywhere from 2 -3 grade levels below their actual grade level to 2 to 3 grade levels above their actual grade level.


I am fluent in Spanish, but only comfortable in teaching beginning Spanish. I only work with students through 6th grade.


I'm a certified elementary teacher who loves to write in her spare time. I've helped many students learn to be better writers and have helped make writing more interesting.


I have experience editing/proofreading documents and reports. As I teacher and tutor, I have had to proofread reports and other writings of my students.


I've been teaching/working with elementary-aged children for over 20 years. I've had experience helping kids remember how to spell words using phonics and simple rules of spelling (such as "i before e except after c" and so on).

Elementary Math

I am a certified elementary school teacher. I've previously worked as a PRIME (Primary Reading Instruction and Math Education) Teacher in a public school (in addition to being a regular classroom teacher) and have helped many students improve their math grades.

Elementary Science

In addition to being a certified elementary teacher, science has always been my favorite subject. I'm very knowledgeable in the area and can help any elementary student with science.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a VA Collegiate Professional Teaching Certificate (preschool - 4th). I have taught and tutored children for over 20 years, from preschool through 5th grade. I've taught children in public school, private school, and child care. I have worked with students one-on-one, in small groups, and as a class.


I have tutored and taught many students (preschool - 5th) in reading for over 20 years using phonics. Even adults use phonics to read, but do so at a much more rapid pace than early learners. Adults also use phonics to decode unfamiliar words. I teach students letter sounds, dipthongs, and so forth. I teach them to break the unfamiliar word up into parts they know. I teach students to read by putting together the sounds they've learned - slowly, at first, then more rapidly. This is how most school systems teaching reading, as well.

Study Skills

Having taught in school systems (both public and private) and having worked as a tutor previously, I have many years of experience helping elementary students study, organize their notes/material, and prepare for an exam.


I have a couple of years of acting experience and can teach acting basics. I'm also a certified elementary teacher who has worked with students on oral reports and delivery. I have worked with children in an after-school program with dramatic-related games and activities, as well.

Special Needs

As a teacher and tutor, I have worked with students who have many different learning abilities/disabilities. I've tutored and taught many students with ADD/ADHD, including one who was dyslexic, as well. I helped her go from being unable to read to reading slightly above grade level. I've also tutored students diagnosed with a general learning disability, who were emotionally disturbed, and who had Asperger's. I've helped many students improve their grades in school and helped some to pass the SOL's at the elementary level.


I speak Spanish and have tutored ESL children (Spanish-speaking and other ESL students) in a public school system. I have also worked with ESL children in child care.


Many of the students I've tutored and taught in public and private schools have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, which affects their ability to do well in school. Working one-on-one with a tutor in a place as distraction-free as possible is the best way to help them. I can tutor your child in elementary school subjects and help them to focus when they are with me.


I have previous tutoring experience with at least one dyslexic child. Others were suspected of having it, as well. I can help your child work through their dyslexia for all elementary school subjects.


I have worked as an elementary school teacher for grades K-5 and specifically have worked as an SOL Remedial teacher for the upper elementary grades.