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GRE Math and Verbal - Achieve Your Best Scores - Learn to Write

I am permanently certified to teach English and ESL in New York State. I taught ESL in the 1980's, SAT courses in the 1990's, and have been tutoring SAT/ACT/GRE Test Prep, ESL, Writing and Math for the past seven years. I also substitute teach throughout the Capital District. As a Student Support Specialist for Tutors with Computers - Read and Succeed in 2011-2012, I worked with students in their homes in the unique reading program. I have worked with over 200 students in preparation for th... [more]

Algebra 1

Choose me as your algebra 1 tutor and you'll learn to solve equations and tackle word problems. Have fun mastering algebra with my interactive approach. We can work together to figure out the right answers.



I have experience preparing students for the grammar and essay section of the SAT test. If you can't identify the main subject and main verb, don't know when to use its vs. their, or how to use a semicolon, choose me as your tutor and I'll make it easy for you to understand English grammar.


I work with students on geometry concepts and how to write out proofs. I help prepare students for the Common Core Geometry Regents and follow JMAPs to make sure all required topics are covered. Students need a deeper understanding of geometry to do well and I make learning Geometry interesting and enjoyable.

Microsoft Word


Having difficulty understanding how to solve equations and word problems? Is your child getting bad grades in math at school? I can help students grasp basic math concepts and master Pre-algebra and algebra. Have fun learning Pre-algebra with me.




Do you become nervous when you have to write an essay, especially in class? Do you have difficulty getting started on a writing assignment? I can work with you on feeling more at ease doing writing assignments (including literary essays) and will help you learn how to clearly express your ideas in writing.


I am an excellent grammarian who loves helping students master English grammar. Improving sentence and paragraph structure enables students to become better writers. My interactive teaching style will motivate you to want to improve your English skills. I'll help you complete school assignments.




I've been tutoring the GRE for three years. If you have not taken math since high school and need a review of algebra and geometry, I'm a good tutor for you. Do you find it difficult to select the vocabulary word(s) that belong in the blanks in the text completions? Do you get confused when trying to select the multiple choice answers for the reading comprehension passages? I'll work with you on breaking down sentence structure and reading for context. I'll give you the practice you need to improve your GRE scores.


SAT Reading

Have difficulty getting through the long SAT Reading passages? I'll explain to you how to get through the dense language and understand what you're reading.

SAT Writing

Choose me as your high schooler's tutor if you want him/her to improve his/her SAT scores. I am an experienced SAT tutor who has taught SAT sessions in the classroom and privately. Your child will learn strategies for selecting the right answers and will feel confident when taking the test after going over practice tests with me.




I'll work with you child on becoming comfortable reading and answering SSAT questions. If working online, your child will have access to SSAT practice tests through screen sharing and will receive the test practice they need to be a confident test taker. Your child will receive immediate feedback from me if he or she has questions or is experiencing difficulty with test questions.


If you can't determine if it's spelled receive or recieve, niece or neice, changable or changeable, choose me as your tutor and I'll make it fun for you to learn to spell.

ACT English

Having difficulty scoring above 28 on ACT English and Reading Tests? Study with me and I'll explain to you the grammar and punctuation that you're being tested on. I'll give you tips for the logical order of sentences questions and how to pace yourself so you finish each test within the allotted time period. I make studying for the ACT interesting.


I am certified to teach English (grades 7 through 12) in New York State, and have a Master's degree in English as a Second Language. Currently, I am a Student Support Specialist for Read & Succeed/Tutors with Computers and coach students (grades 5 through 8) in reading and phonics. Many students have difficulty sounding out unfamiliar words and my enunciation and enthusiasm helps them learn to recognize and pronounce words properly.


I have a Master's degree in Education/English as a Second Language from State University of New York at Albany and taught ESL at the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District and The Doane Stuart School for three years. I also taught ESL to adults for a semester at State University. I have a New York State Public School Teacher's certificate and am permanently certified to teach English (grades 7 through 12). I have helped students whose first language is not English study for the SAT, ACT, GRE, or TOEFL.

Web Design

I completed a course through a website and was privately tutored in web design and how to run a website business. I know how to design web pages and perform SEO. I created my own affiliate/blog website. I designed all its web pages and write my own content. I am especially adept at creating WordPress websites and can instruct students how to download free themes and can recommend hosting companies. For students that want to have an online store, I can show them how to contact drop shippers if they don't want to handle the merchandise, and how to open an Ecwid account in order to display the merchandise professionally on their web pages.


I have extensive business experience. I worked as a Job Placement Counselor for 8 years in a prominent downtown Albany, NY employment agency. I screened and interviewed job applicants for client companies and worked on a commissions only basis. Later in my career, I worked as an Institutional Review Board Administrator in a medical college for 14.5 years. I have management and accounting experience.


I worked for 15 years as an Institutional Review Board (IRB) Administrator at a medical college, and have experience reviewing clinical research protocols. I had daily contact with physicians and PhD scientists, guiding them through the IRB application process. I performed expedited review under the direction of the IRB Chair, and served as Executive Secretary and regulatory advisor to the IRB Committee.

Career Development

From 1983 to 1991, I worked as an employment placement counselor at a prominent downtown Albany New York employment agency. I interviewed scores of job applicants and counseled many as to what career path they should take. I worked mostly with people wishing to pursue a business career and presented applicants' backgrounds to employers and personnel managers in area client companies in order to find applicants suitable employment. I administered typing tests to clerical/secretarial candidates and counseled many applicants who wished to leave their current employer due to job dissatisfaction or to seek more gainful employment.


I completed the eCommerce curriculum, which includes running website businesses from your own website, selling products on Amazon, and how to participate in auctions on eBay. I concentrated on affiliate marketing and selling products through drop shipping with suppliers. I can advise students on selecting products that will sell and how to advertise.


I have a Regents high school diploma and passed the following Regents exams: Algebra, Geometry, Math 11, French III, Latin III, 11th grade English, 10th grade Global Studies, 11th Grade American History and Biology. I particularly like tutoring Regents Math and English (writing compositions and book reviews, reading comprehension and vocabulary).


I studied Latin for 4 years in high school and scored 98% on the Latin Regents exam. I received three Latin prizes at high school graduation. At State University of New York at Albany, I minored in Classical Civilization and completed the following courses: Latin Elements in English Greek Elements in English History of Ancient Greece History of Ancient Rome Greek Life Minoan-Mycenaean Age Fifth Century Athens I especially enjoy discussing Virgil's Aeneid, Caesar's The Gallic Wars, and Cicero's De Amicitia with students.

Common Core

I have been tutoring Common Core Algebra 1 and Geometry for the past four years. I have worked with students whose algebra and geometry teachers have said would fail the New York State Regents exams and after studying with me for at least six weeks, they have been able to pass the Regents exam with at least 78%. I work with students who struggle with factoring, systems of equations, parallelograms, geometry proofs and many other math topics and make sure they understand these topics along with the Common Core standards.