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Empowering through Education

I love learning and I do everything I can to help students keep their love of learning. I help identify areas that are strengths, motivating students to try harder. I skillfully support challenge areas by individualizing learning to student needs, personality, and learning style. I am a homeschool mom to an amazing 2E kid. My favorite subject is middle school math and math in general. Before I began homeschooling, I worked as a tutor for 3 years in the Algebra Readiness program. I've tutore... [more]

Algebra 1

I am a licensed teacher with an endorsement for Middle School Mathematics. Most recently I tutored in the VB Algebra Readiness program. I worked with middle school students to identify missing skills, provide tutoring in those areas and ensure readiness for Algebra. I also worked with students who were currently in Algebra and having difficulty.






I am a licensed teacher in Virginia for Special Education, grades K-12. I am certified to teach general curriculum and students with emotional and learning differences. I taught grades K-2 with a heavy focus on language arts and reading. I have experience tutoring students in reading and am currently providing remediation for a student with dyslexia.




SAT Math




SAT Reading

SAT Writing




ACT Reading

ACT English

Elementary Math

I am a certified teacher for K-12 academics. I have worked with math students of all ages since 2002. I am often able to successfully identify stumbling blocks and assist students in overcoming them. I believe it is also help for students to see someone enjoy math.

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

The early elementary grades target a different set of skills than the later elementary grades. Teaching K-2 as a Special Education teacher then 4-12 in an alternative school environment, gave me a good understanding of those differences and how to target and support educational skills for each group. In addition to teaching, I have tutored each grade level in all 4 core subject areas (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies).


I have tutored multiple reading programs at the elementary level, including Book Buddies and Reading A-Z. I taught Kindergarten and 1st grade Language Arts, which included Phonics instruction. I have utilized instruction through literature and technology.

Study Skills

I began assisting students with study skills beginning as a tutor in 2000. As a Special Education teacher and counseling students with ADHD and other learning disabilities, I have assisted students with organization, test strategies and environmental modifications to improve academic focus. I find that strengthening study skills can significantly improve other areas.


I taught Special Education for approximately 2 years, including students diagnosed with ADHD. My first year of teaching was in a K-2 self-contained classroom for Emotional Disabilities. Some of my students struggled with ADHD. I then taught math and science to middle and high school students at and alternative school. Several of those students also had attentional difficulties.


I am certified to teach in the state of Virginia as a Special Education teacher. One of my endorsement areas is learning disabilities K-12. Dyslexia is considered a Specific Learning Disability. I have education and experience in teaching students with dyslexia, which can affect areas in addition to language arts and phonemic awareness. Additionally, many are not aware of "stealth dyslexia," which can cause difficulties that are often misinterpreted as laziness.


In Virginia, standards of learning are used instead of Common Core standards. My most recent tutoring contract was to prepare middle school students for math standards. Additionally, I used the SOL's while teaching in public schools and as a homeschooling parent.


I have been homeschooling my own child for 2 years. I have taught in a couple of homeschool co-ops. Participating in local and online homeschool communities has taught me a lot about homeschooling laws in different states. There is a wide spectrum of how and why students are homeschooled and it is important to be knowledgeable about those factors.