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Prescriptive Mentor

I have had the privilege of helping people attain their educational/learning goals. The opportunities have ranged from ESL students who were able to get their GED to a student who had received her Master's degree but couldn't pass the comprehensive exam. After we spent some time determining the areas of weakness in her educational/learning foundation and pursued a disciplined course of study, she gained the ability to comprehend what she read and assimilate it into content. We followed a pres... [more]




I am a certified Sylvan Reading instructor and past Sylvan director and Raymond Road Learning Center Education director. I use Project Light reading program to complement my education and experience. I am trained to make an assessment for reading difficulties so that 1. we can target deficiencies 2. we can do prescription remediation 3. the student is encouraged


ACT Reading

I need a Reading Specialist Sylvan Learning Center. Presently, I need a tutor for reading from beginning readers to college level.

General Music

I have taught advanced level piano and voice training. Reading of music on the staff and learning the associated pitch and value of notes as regards the timing of music is just the beginning of general music. An appreciation for rhythm, tempo, style and the cultural aspects must be studied. Music is a vital part of life, whether is is organized or presented by nature in the call of a bird, harmonies of horns blowing, the percussive beat of rain upon the concrete or the howl of the wind. A study of various instruments and their particular characteristics increases appreication for those who perform and the intergration of harmonies in performance.


Beginner students learn theory, practical keyboard and sight reading, at a level the will provide a firm foundation for learning more advanced skills. As a student progresses more difficult music skills are taught until the student reaches a level of learning advanced skills such as improvisation and beginner level composition. There are numerous course for teaching piano, I prefer Gail Smith's Piano Course with appropriate sheet music to give well rounded music foundational skills.

Study Skills

I was a study skills instructor for Sylvan Learning Center, Jackson, MS and taught Developmental Skills classes at Hinds Community College. Effective study skills can bring academic success to even marginal students. Knowing how to organize your time, material, subjects, and prioritize gives student a competitive edge. Once a study habit is learned a student must discipline themselves to use it. Personality, environment and resources influence personal study habits but these factors can be used in a manner that makes them more effective and helps to achieve positive results.

Voice (Music)

I have participated in all levels of choirs for over 40 years and have limited experience teaching voice. Voice production includes not only proper pitch and an ability to read the music but breath control is vital. Voice production requires discipline, vocal exercise and a trained ear. A good voice coach can provide the same elements required of anyone who coaches atheletes and/or other activities. Encouragement, materials selected for the proper level of competency and an environment conducsive to proper study and exercise of learned skills are essential for success.