Janet A.

Janet A.


San Diego, CA 92122

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$30 per hour.

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Experienced ESL Professor from UCSD, SDSU and Community Colleges

I am an energetic teacher and love to teach all aspects of English from ESL, to TOEFL, ISEE and SAT. I have an M.A., speak and study languages and have taught in many of the major colleges in San Diego. I have been teaching for 25 years, and I know the difficulties that internationals have with English. I also have experience teaching children and young adults. Please contact me to learn English. I have a resource of materials and we can travel on this adventure together.... [more]


I enjoy teaching all types of vocabularies from everyday usage to those in tests like the TOEFL and in readings and on the news. I teach vocabularies by going through their definitions and then explaining how they are used by the native speaker. Then, exercises are given to check the student's comprehension. Later, other synonyms and even antonyms can be learned. Idiomatic expressions, two word verbs and compound words are also included in vocabulary studies.


I have been teaching English grammar for over 10 years to foreign students and native speakers. I enjoy teaching the 12 tenses in English, prepositions and various other sentence styles. Also, I have good material on hand to make the learning fun.


In order to do well in reading, students need to have a large working vocabulary, speed read and be able to answer critical questions about a passage or a story. When I teach reading, my activities will help students improve in these areas. I have a lot of experience teaching reading to children, teens and ESL students.


I enjoy teaching all aspects of the English language. Also, I can teach many different levels from children to adults. I cover vocabularies and syntax, reading and spelling. My students learn to edit their own writings, and they are prompted in their oral presentations. I have over 25 years of experience teaching English and all my students progress.


Currently tutoring students in TOEFL. We cover all the sections in the test and practice under a time limit. I have special materials to help students in the speaking, writing and reading areas. I include vocabulary studies to boost their skills. Students are welcome to bring in whatever material they have to focus on specific areas.


I have 25 years of experience teaching ESL in San Diego and have had students from all over the world and in different levels. I have taught in many schools, universities, community colleges and continuing education centers in San Diego. My experience includes teaching academic English for college entrance and testing, conversational and cultural English and survival English for basic communication. Most of my students have been literate and college seeking or school age but I have had students from tribal areas who had to learn through visuals. I enjoy teaching and look forward to helping you. I have many useful tools and resources for teaching all aspects of the English language.