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Enthusiastic Teacher with 10 Years of Classroom Experience

After teaching full time for a decade, I now devote my energies to tutoring and other part time work. I recently moved from Pennsylvania to New York, and my teaching experience was primarily in the Philadelphia suburbs. I tutored my own students extensively throughout my career. I have also worked as a community coordinator for a volunteer English as a Second Language program, and have worked with underprivileged students in an after-school tutoring program that I ran. I am PA certified in ... [more]

American History

I have a Social Studies degree concentrating in History, and am Pennsylvania state certified to teach grades 7-12. I have focused on world history for the past six years, but I taught US history for three years, and can easily tutor a student in American history as well.


Between teaching and studying the Spanish language and teaching ESL as a volunteer, I have studied linguistics, phonetics, and other aspects of the structure of language. My master's thesis was focused on second language acquisition and how to help students to learn the structure of language.


I am fluent in Spanish. I have taught Spanish for ten years, have my MA in Spanish, and have studied in Spain, Peru and Mexico. I have served as a volunteer English-Spanish interpreter and translator and have devoted much of my life to mastering this beautiful, enchanting language. While I am not currently in the classroom full time, I do teach preschool and community classes in addition to private lessons.


As I mentioned in the proofreading description, I have always sought to coach my students as writers. Expressing oneself well in writing is critical to almost any academic pursuit. In addition to helping students to write essays and research papers, I enjoy creative writing and blogging.


In my non-Western World Cultures and History class, we spent a great deal of time studying the geography of Southwest Asia, North Africa, Sub-saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Latin America.


I have taught English as a Second Language for approximately 15 years as a volunteer. In my studies for my History degree and state teacher certifications, I obviously needed to be able to express myself well in English. In my extended studies of the Spanish language, I have come to understand English grammar much more deeply.


I began college as an English major and, though I changed to History and Spanish within my freshman year, I have always been an avid reader. I love classic British and American literature, and my Spanish MA has included extensive study and analysis of Spanish and Latin American literature.

World History

I taught non-Western World history for six years. I have a degree in Social Studies with a concentration in history, and taught European history for two years.


I started proofreading and editing other students' work in high school, where I served as a peer tutor and the editor for the school literary magazine. I continued tutoring in college and started proofreading and editing my church newsletter. I taught history and Spanish upon graduation. After ten years of grading essays and other student work, I learned to identify errors in writing samples very quickly. I always tried to coach my students as writers by not only pointing out mistakes but modeling and explaining how to make their writing more interesting, clear, and grammatically accurate. I have continued to tutor students in writing and to help friends with proofreading since leaving my teaching job to stay home with my young children.


I have tutored students in all major content areas for some time, and have extensive experience in test preparation for the SAT and teacher certification exams. I have worked with high school students, college students, and graduate students in a variety of content areas. I can certainly help an adult student to achieve a passing score on the GED. I would look forward to the opportunity to help a young adult to attain his or her dreams.

SAT Reading

While I took the SAT many years ago, I did extremely well on the reading section of the test when I took it. Since that time, I have devoted much of my life to language, as a Spanish teacher, linguistics student, and English as a Second Language tutor. I am a strong reader and have frequently helped students to develop effective decoding techniques and memory strategies for vocabulary.

SAT Writing

I have devoted much of my time and energy to growing as a writer, whether in English or in Spanish. I have helped second language students learn to express themselves in English, and have helped my history students to write well in their first language. I often proofread submissions to newsletters and other small community and church publications because I have a strong command of English grammar and appropriate form and style.

Study Skills

I started helping other students with study skills when I was still a student myself. As an advisor to seventh grade students for seven years, I developed countless lessons on study skills and test preparation. As the co-chair of our school's advisory committee, I also helped other teachers to create similar lessons for grades 6-9. I have worked with many study skills students via Wyzant and many have left testimonials on this site.


I have volunteered as an English tutor throughout most of my adult life, indeed, beginning as a seventeen year old freshman in college. For approximately eight years, I served as the coordinator for our church's community ESL classes. I have experience tutoring students at all proficiency levels and have trained other ESL tutors in instructional methods. I recently completed my master's thesis on second language acquisition, as part of my MA in Spanish.

Social Studies

I have a degree in Social Studies education, and am PA certified to teach Social Studies to grades 7-12. I also have nine years of experience teaching a variety of courses in the social sciences. I can help you or your child in this subject area.