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All Test Prep and English Study Skills--All Levels and Abilities

Retired English/reading/ESOL teacher with 20 years' experience will provide personal tutoring in test prep for all types/levels of standardized tests in your home or preferred location. I will also provide homework assistance as well as instruction in study skills and critical thinking. I have taught in the Broward and Palm Beach public school systems as well as in Junior College and proprietary schools. In addition, I worked at local schools for five years for United Cerebral Palsy helpin... [more]


I am a Florida-certified English teacher endorsement in reading, ESL, and ESE. I have many years' experience helping students of all abilities and age levels to master English vocabulary. My assistance allows them to use the remember the strategies that will help them not only understand what they are reading, but to grow and use new words over time.


Knowledge of grammar is important not only to English Language Learners, but to all those desiring success with standardized tests. My students learn important grammar rules, and also tips and short-cuts to help them make independent decisions when writing or testing. With my assistance, they eliminate all grammar guesswork and gain confidence and expertise in their use of language.


I have Florida teacher certification in reading.


I am a Florida-certified English teacher with experience teaching all types of writing from elementary to college and professional levels. I am familiar with and can conform to all approved writing styles including MLA, APA, and Chicago. My students all enjoy improved grades and the important increased free time that my writing assistance provides. In addition, my students learn the writing skills that help them to become independent writers.


I am certified to teach English with endorsements in ESOL, reading, and ESE in Florida and two other states. I have taught English in junior college and public school for many years and tutored English, reading, and ESOL for the past twelve years. My students all enjoy greater comprehension, fluency, and confidence as a result of our work together, and I make certain that they receive the maximum benefit from each session. In addition, every session is specifically targeted to the student and his or her goals and needs.


I am Florida-certified in English with a concentration in literature. I have many years' experienced teaching all types of literature including poetry, essays, novels, plays, and screenplays both at secondary and college levels. I have written three photography books and two short stories which were published on-line.

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Since my field is language, I specialize in the verbal portions of all standardized tests. I have significant experience helping students prepare for the GRE reading and grammar/vocabulary sections and all have shown improvement after a few sessions. It is important to me to quickly identify any areas of difficulty and address those areas intensively in order for each student to earn the highest score possible on this test.


I am a certified English teacher with 20+ years' experience helping writers to submit perfect papers that clearly address their topic. Not only do I provide planning assistance, but I will make sure that the finished product is polished and error-free. During this process, I ensure that the writer gains the knowledge required to edit and revise their own work on future projects.


I am a Florida-Certified Teacher with many years' experience working with adult students to help them obtain their GED. I am qualified to teacher in all areas the test as well as to familiarize the student for the overall test format. I especially enjoy seeing my students do well on their test and to become qualified to enter their chosen careers.

SAT Reading

I have taught SAT reading test preparation skills for eight years, since retirement from public schools. My experience includes teaching SAT verbal skills in classroom settings and one-on-one. My approach varies according to the personalities and needs of individual students, but I offer examples of a variety of effective strategies used to increase scores considerably.

SAT Writing

I have taught SAT writing skills for twelve years and all my students report significant increases in their scores. I introduce all the grammar rules that the SAT will test and prepare students to answer questions relating to each focusing on any areas of weakness. In addition, I help students prepare an essay if they desire from the prompt to planning to finished draft, and prepare a detailed critique as many times as needed.


I am a certified English teacher with ESOL/ESL endorsement. I have many years' experience helping English language learners both inside and outside the classroom improve their English confidence and fluency . I have assisted many adult students not only to score well on the TOEFL, but also to improve their English understanding for their school and business careers.


I have an MPA from FAU, and scored well on my GMAT on the first attempt. I have taught and tutored for many years and have helped many students reach their career goals by scoring well on the English portion of the GMAT. I would be happy to work with you to help you earn the score you need.


I am a Florida-certified English teacher with many years' experience helping young adults score well on the verbal portions of their ASVAB. I provide all study materials and, because I understand most ASVAB students' time is limited, seek to achieve the maximum improvement in the shortest time. I especially enjoy seeing my students reach their goals in this very competitive area.


I am a CollegeBoard-trained PSAT tutor with many years' experience helping students prepare for the verbal portion of this test. My students all increase their verbal scores--some significantly--and gain knowledge and confidence in overall test taking skills. I enjoy seeing my students succeed with the PSAT and do well as a result on future tests.


I am a Florida-certified English teacher with Reading, ESE, and ESOL endorsements. I have many years' experience preparing students of all ages for their standardized tests, including the SSAT and ISEE. My students increase their verbal scores and confidence significantly and successfully enter the school of their choice.


I am a Florida-certified English teacher with many years' experience helping young students improve their spelling skills. Not only do I assist students in recognizing sight words with unusual spelling, but I teach skills that will enable students to apply spelling rules independently in the future. All my students improve their grades--many significantly.

ACT Reading

My passion is teaching reading test-taking skills to students preparing for the ACT. I include question-identification strategies in my tutoring as well as solution strategies for different types of passages. All my students report satisfactory jumps in scores following our test-preparation work.

ACT English

My teaching experience includes eleven years teaching public school language arts and English focusing on grammar and sentence construction. In particular, I think that work with high school-level vocabulary is helpful to students preparing to take the ACT. All these areas are the basics to good writing and effective sentence comprehension which the test measures.

Elementary (K-6th)

For the past 6 years since I retired from public school, I have taught children at all levels. My certification is current and includes the sixth grade which is considered middle or secondary school. I enjoy working with young people of all ages and have helped them not only with subject matter but also with study skills and time management. I am familiar with all subject areas as well.

Study Skills

Good study skills and habits are important to academic success. My students have various goals--from improved grades to higher level test preparation. Having appropriate materials and an adequate time frame is not sufficient to successful study. I teach time and materials management and retention strategies as well as overall task concepts in order to give students control of the information they need to control.

Special Needs

My background, in addition to teaching in public schools in Broward County until retirement, includes working for five years following that for United Cerebral Palsy. During this time, I trained students with varying disabilities for careers in the private section, and coached them with their academic subjects. Almost all my students completed their high school programs. In addition, I taught social skills in a summer camp sponsored by the Center for Independent Living in Palm Beach County. This program served students with varying disabilities as well.


For the past 25 years I have been certified by the State of Florida and have taught English language and concepts to students whose first language is other than English. In teaching ESOL or ESL, my students have been both mainstreamed in regular classrooms and one-on-one with me in tutoring situations. My students are from various cultures and have different proficiencies, but all have learned English vocabulary and usage in order to reach their academic and professional goals.

Career Development

I have worked for the Transitions program at United Cerebral Palsy for the past 4 1/2 years. The program prepares young people with disabilities who are aged 16-22 for employment following graduation. I have also worked as a job coach with summer interns participating in this program training them in appropriate skills. To help young people prepare for employment, I have taught them job search, application, interview, and resume-writing skills. I have also assessed students and directed them toward appropriate positions in view of their disabilities/skill levels.


I have taught students with varying disabilities, including ADHD for many years. As a public school teacher, of course, many of my students were diagnosed with ADHD, and did well in my classes. For the last 6 years in my tutoring role, I have provided assistance to many students with this and other disabilities. I find that my students with ADHD respond well to me and perform well. During my 5+ years with UCP I was able to help many young people graduate and find careers in spite of their ADHD diagnosis and any other disabilities they may have had.

Art History

I hold a BS degree in Art Education from the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, Colorado and have studied photography and ceramics at FAU in Boca Raton and Davie, Florida. In addition, I am a practicing photographer and have had shows locally. Currently some of my work is on display at Yoga and Inner Peace in Lake Worth, Florida. I am a world traveler and have visited celebrated museums in Europe and the US including the Louve, Prado, Reina Sofia, and many in Florence and Rome. Frequently, I visit exhibits in New York at the Metropolitan, MOMA, Museum of Photography, Guggenheim, Whitney and others.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

My background, in addition to teaching in public schools in Broward County until retirement, includes working for five years following that for United Cerebral Palsy. During this time, I trained students with varying degrees of autism for careers in the private sector and coached them with their academic subjects. All my autistic students who participated in this program completed high school. In addition, I taught social skills in a summer camp sponsored by the Center for Independent Living in Palm Beach County. This program served students with autism as well.


I have taught many students in an after school program run by United Cerebral Palsy of Broward County and funded by Children's Services Council for 5 years. Any of these students were diagnosed with dyslexia as well as other disabilities. My students with that diagnosis have achieved considerable reading success and made academic progress.