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Reading for Enjoyment, Brain Fitness and Success by Susan

My name is Susan and I am a mother of a 21 year-old athletically talented son who will be on the college Basketballteam again for his sophomore year at a community college. During his elementary school years, I have volunteered with reading to the children who required more attention and praise for their achievements. I also worked with the SMART program here in Northeast Portland. I receive so much energy from these innocent and eager children. Their enthusiasm is contagious. I worked a... [more]


I attended Catholic school for 12 years. In grades first through eighth, the teachers organized spelling "bees". I often was the last one standing. I contribute this success to both my father and the school system. I often used the dictionary when I didn't know the meaning of a word whenever I was reading a fiction or non-fiction book. I worked on crossword puzzles in the newspaper.


I attended a Catholic school for 12 years where grammar and sentence structure were highly emphasized and graded astutely. I taught nursing courses at the college level for 24 years. I corrected inappropriate grammatical errors as needed, but did not lower students' grades due to these errors.


I attended a Catholic school for 12 years. English was emphasized as significant for success in obtaining employment or continuing forward in further education. In grade 4, we were given 20 new words/week. We were instructed to write two sentences for each new word. Each sentence needed to be written in a different format. I taught different subjects in the field of nursing at the college level using a variety of methods (PowerPoint presentation, small group discussions, scenarios).



As a tutor at the college level, and I often proofread students' papers before they submitted them. I explained the reasons why I suggested changes in the writings.


1. Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, June 1972 2. Master of Science from the OHSU , June 1979 3. Nursing Instructor for 28 years in both the academic and clinical settings 4. Ski Patroller at Mt. Hood for 10 years where I rendered First Aid to a variety of people from children to older adults