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Retired Senior Professor ACT,SAT, Econ, Math, English, History

I am a nationally certified tutor and I currently teach and tutor at a local college in Columbus, Ohio. I have been tutoring students in math (all levels), English (all levels), history (all levels), all social sciences (political science, sociology, philosophy, and psychology), English as a Second Language, and especially ACT (math, science reasoning, reading, English, and writing), and SAT (math and English) for more than 20 years by reducing learning anxiety and "simply getting the point ... [more]

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Elementary (K-6th)

Recently, I was certified by the major school systems in and around Columbus, Ohio in teaching and tutoring students in the following academic areas pertaining to k-6th grade: Math Science English Reading Reading Comprehension Writing Study Skills Social Studies

Study Skills

For more than 28 years, I have been teaching a variety of Study Skills courses to students in grades K-12, as well as at the college/university level. I look forward to helping you or your student succeed in studying.


For more than 14 years I have been teaching/tutoring English as a Second Language in the Zanesville and Columbus, Ohio public schools, as well as some proprietary colleges. As of April, 2012, I became certified to teach and tutor ESL/ESOL courses for Ohio's thirteen public universities.


For 23 years, I taught and tutored the following courses at a nationally known university in Columbus, Ohio: Business Decision Making, Business Operations, Economics, Corporate Finance, Business Ethics, Marketing, Management, Leadership/Motivation, Business Strategy and Policy, and International Business. As a semi-retired professor, I currently teach/tutor at a small, local college in the following subject areas: Business Math, Small Business Management, Human Resource Management, Economics, and Political Science.


I was raised bilingually in English and Modern Greek. I attended Greek school every day after my regular public elementary and junior high school classes. The purpose was to be fluent in the reading, writing and speaking of Modern Greek, and it was successful.

Career Development

During my tenure as a senior professor, and now as a semi-retired college instructor, I have taught many courses in Career Development. My purpose was to prepare students and soon-to-be graduates in "real world" business situations and requirements. I can pass this advice to you or your student as well.


For more than two decades I have been certified by the Ohio Board of Education to work with students in grades 1 through 12 with ADD/ADHD. Approximately 20% of all my students (children and adults) have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I currently work with a number of elementary school/middle school/high school psychologists (in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area) in developing and implementing a variety of methods to address my individual student's academic lessons...based exclusively on their respective needs...thereby improving their respective academic performance. I also work with the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities in helping educators/school administrators/parents improve the overall education of children with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dysgraphia...especially in creating an Individual Education Program (IEP) for each of my students.


I have recently completed my final sixty hours of the Mastery of the Orton-Gillingham Tutor Training Program. With this comes a mastery in Prescriptive Teaching which features formal and informal assessments to evaluate progress in reading and spelling. This mastery allows for a variety of approaches designed to improve storage, retrieval, and transfer of skills. I now teach strategies for teaching mastery in encoding, decoding, and oral reading fluency. This is performed in both a diagnostic and prescriptive framework.

Social Studies

I am the senior tutor and substitute teacher for Social Studies in my local school district. I have been teaching Political Science at the high school and university levels for more than 29 years.

Political Science

One of my graduate degrees is an M.A. in Political Science from Miami University of Ohio (1974). My areas of concentration: International Politics; Comparative Political Systems; Political Theory; American Political Processes. I also taught these academic subjects as a graduate student at Miami University of Ohio.