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Bruce J.


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Caltech/Johns Hopkins Grad for Math and Science Tutoring

I have tutored math, science and writing for 15+ years. I enjoy it so much because it gives me a chance to connect with people and explore deeper ideas and understandings of the universe. Having lived a lot of my life in nature, my tutoring methods are not that different from the methods I use to get close to other animals or plants when need be - patience, focus, honesty (both intellectual and emotional), simple explanations, and encouragement when appropriate.... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is one of the basic building blocks for thinking abstractly about logic and structure. Therefore I like it a lot. If you're thinking of going on in math, a solid understanding of algebra is really fundamental. I can help you get the hang of and master this subject.

Algebra 2

Algebra II is a foundational course for most higher math like calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. I can help you achieve success in this subject.


Mathematicians, physicists, chemists and other scientists use calculus constantly, and I am no exception. It's not too much of a stretch to say that it is a pillar of modern math and science, and as such I know it very well. I've done research that used advanced forms of this branch of math, and taught it to many students.


During college, I took chemistry courses in both general/analytical chemistry theory and laboratory chemistry. I also studied quantum mechanics, the foundations for modern chemistry, extensively.


Geometry means, literally, 'to measure the Earth' in Latin, and that is a good description of what geometry is all about. Geometers study how to measure lengths, times, volumes, areas, and other physical quantities of interest, as well as to discover relationships between physical objects and the models we use to describe them. I have studied geometry at the high school, college and graduate levels, and am able to assist people in their studies, whether their goals are to achieve higher grades or to understand subject matter more deeply.


I graduated from Caltech and Johns Hopkins University with significant coursework in mathematical and experimental physics. I specialize in high school and college level physics, including mechanics, quantum mechanics and electrodynamics.


Prealgebra is, as the name suggests, preparation for algebra, one of the foundations of modern mathematics. It deals with rudiments of the concepts of function, variable, and equation, and ensures that students are competent in the numerical operations essential for success in higher math - addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, and percentages, as well as in logic. I have studied algebra at the graduate level and can help you or your child understand this crucial subject and succeed in it.


Precalculus is just what it says it is - the study of mathematics necessary for understanding calculus. It deals with functions, graphs, analysis and other subjects that most students know from earlier courses, but at a higher level and more depth. My qualifications to teach this subject involve a master's degree in mathematics and mastery of all high school level mathematics. I look forward to assisting you or your child in raising their grades in this important subject.


Trigonometry is the study of the relationships between the sides and angles of triangles. Its most famous functions - sine, cosine and tangent - are known to students the world over. I have studied mathematics at the graduate level and mastered trigonometry, and look forward to passing that knowledge on to others in their studies.


After the necessary technical skills - which are not that formidable - have been gained, good writing is a simple matter of passion, imagination and truth-telling. This is especially true of academic writing. I have fifteen years of experience writing, as a researcher, poet and storyteller. It is one of my favorite subjects and one I am almost always happy to share about.


In addition to having been exposed to (and written on) many subjects involving statistics (quantum mechanics, statistical physics, etc), I have also written quite a few computer programs to handle data science tasks, which involve high-level statistical computations. I have also served as my community's "math translator" for over fifteen years and helped people interpret statistical findings in finance and sociology.

SAT Math

In addition to knowing the mathematical subjects present on the SAT backward and forward, I have also taught the subject professionally and can teach you methods to increase your speed, precision and guessing accuracy while taking the test. While I cannot say that I entirely approve of the mindset that drove the development of the SAT, the test itself is not difficult and can be approached well by almost anyone. Come work with me and up your scores.


Perfect score on math and verbal sections of the GRE (2003)


This is one of my favorite subjects in which to tutor. The GED is a great option for people coming to school late in life or young people who do better outside of a standard school environment.

Physical Science

Physical science is the study of materials at the level of physics - that is, the level at which chemical or biological interactions are unimportant and matter is basically inert in comparison. I studied physics and physical science at the college level and can help students enhance their understanding and performance in this fundamental field.


The GMAT is basically a test to see if you can reason analytically (i.e. quantitatively) and verbally, the two most basic forms of reasoning necessary in the business world. If you can do both of these well, you will succeed. I will go through many practice tests with you, showing you your successes and errors in reasoning, so that you will see how to make conclusions with speed and accuracy. A note: I never actually took this test. But math is math and reasoning is reasoning.


Ecology is the study of how biological creatures and systems interact with one another to form the world we see. It incorporates elements of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to arrive at its conclusions, and literacy in it is an essential for anyone who wants to be an active citizen of our world. I have advanced education in all the foundational sciences of ecology, as well as hands-on experience living in and analyzing functional ecosystems. I can help you understand the concepts and thinking behind the words in your ecology textbook.


Probability is the study of likelihood and how to determine it, and is a large branch on the tree of mathematics. I have studied probability and statistics at the graduate level and applied what I learned in physics, chemistry and business. I can help you put this powerful tool to work for you in your classes or your life.

ACT Math

I know all the mathematics that appears on the ACT. I also know many methods for obtaining higher scores on and greater capacity with the test itself.

ACT Science

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Managerial Accounting

I have completed courses in introductory and intermediate accounting with A grades. I also have real-world experience applying accounting principles in my own business.

Financial Accounting

I have completed courses in introductory and intermediate accounting with A grades. I also have real-world experience applying accounting principles in my own business.


Honestly, I'm just a good thinker with some facility for abstract concepts. Most undergrad-level coursework in macroeconomics is kind of a joke anyway, in my opinion. I took macroeconomics in college and got an A. But the whole subject is rampant with oversimplification.


I have completed Graduate level coursework in Microeconomics at Caltech and consequent familiarity with the methods of experimental and theoretical microeconomics.

Special Needs

I have worked with children and adults with special needs as a counselor for three years. I have taught classes to adults with special needs for a half year. This combined with my academic abilities gives me a background sufficient to tutor many students with special needs.

Discrete Math

I have taken and passed (with an A) upper-undergraduate level discrete mathematics courses. I have also assisted several students with this subject.

Differential Equations

My background: I have taught this subject to many students over the years, at a variety of age and ability levels. Differential equations, to me, are very interesting. It takes so little to make them so complicated and intricate!


I have used Quickbooks for four years to manage both personal and business finances. I was the chief bookkeeper for a small firm in North Carolina for two and a half years, where I learned to track expenses, revenues, taxes, and payroll in Quickbooks Pro 2009.


Econometrics is the theory and practice of analyzing the workings of household, local, regional, national and global economies using mathematics. It makes assumptions about human behavior in economic transactions and uses these to derive rules that managers and decision makers can use in formulating policies, pricing structures, and budgets for a large class of expenditures. I have successful graduate-level experience in econometrics and applied the concepts I learned there in managing my own business. I can help you make sense of the business behind the equations and models.

Linear Algebra

I took linear algebra while still in high school, got an A grade, then received A's in several algebra courses (abstract algebra, mathematical methods of physics, graduate-level algebra) and received A's in all of them. To this day I can prove that a finite dimensional operator A is nilpotent iff its matrix representation is upper triangular in some basis.


Logic is the study of methods of reasoning and inference and the means we use to reach conclusions in the physical world. There are many branches of logic - symbolic, intuitive, fuzzy, and so on - but at its core all of them try to formulate precisely how it is possible to decide between truth and falsehood. I have studied symbolic logic at the college level and am happy to use what I have learned to assist individuals in the computing, economic, and mathematical sciences to further their study and understanding.