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Ron L.


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Creative Photoshop (Adobe Suite), Print, Web and Video Tutor

Do you want to have fun learning the tricks of a professional Photoshop-Web designer? I'll be happy to provide this service for you! As an instructor for Print, Typography, Layout (InDesign, Quark XPress), Digital Design, Video and Photography (Photoshop) and Web Design, I have a long history in the corporate?design world creating Marketing Design, so I can bring much?practical experience to help you create new and imaginative illustration and photographic effects that will enhance your crea... [more]


I excelled throughout school and college on achievement tests and creative writing. I also wrote a lot of copy for advertising and business proposals throughout my career.


Throughout my 20+ years of creativity in marketing and advertising, I've always held a strict adherence to proper grammar and spelling -- both in my own writing and in copy editing for others' writing. I keep such standards while keeping my writing fresh and interesting at the same time.

General Computer

I've used the first desktops, both Mac and PC, and have mastered the operating systems along with basic and advanced word and graphic software. I've kept up with the internet in subsequent years, as well as with mobile apps.

Microsoft Word

I have used MS Word for 15 years and even though it is basically a word processing tool, I have stretched its design capabilities for various projects when Word was the corporate software of choice. I've also used the highlighting and notes features for team editing.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Besides having over 20 years of experience in designing and developing direct marketing and in-house corporate communications through writing, print, web sites and advertising, I've produced multimedia PowerPoint presentations with both animation and video clips embedded on both PC and Mac platforms, and have produced them on DVD for kiosk presentation.



Entering into the marketing and advertising world, I wrote mostly ad copy and headlines and the occasional pamphlet. I got involved with proposal/PowerPoint writing and technical writing more extensively while at Southern California Edison and have always enjoyed copy editing having done a lot recently for short teaching books. Throughout the years, I've had extensive experience writing for "for profit" and nonprofit organizations as well as writing marketing/web copy for National Public Radio/Satellite Division.


As a child I always excelled in English and grammar scoring high in verbal skills in SAT and ACT tests while creating great essays for my age group. Eventually entering the advertising and marketing design world after college, I found that besides designing ads and marketing materials, I was able to utilize my innate skill with words to write and copy-edit text and headlines and found myself writing as much as designing. I love to mentor others with what I know and have learned myself in the proper expression of words and language!


I've had 12 years working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript designing for web and multimedia.

World History


In my career in marketing, advertising and public relations I have both written and proofread advertising copy, proposals, technical briefs and manuscripts. My eyes have been trained to find awkward or meaningless words and phrases to enable the replacement of cogent and engaging ones for all types of writing.


I've excelled in SAT scores throughout my education and have complemented my skills and education by years of experience writing, problem-solving and designing in the advertising and marketing world. Language, the srts, writing and history have been my strong suite.

Adobe Illustrator

I've used Illustrator, as well as other vector creation programs for 20 years now. I've kept up with the innovations in the software since then and now use CS5... but the basic skills I learned to manipulate vector graphics to create logos, charts and illustrations are still the same.

Art Theory

Special Needs

I've been an advocate for my blind daughter in the public education sphere, providing study resources as well as speaking to and carving out curricula and programs for her education and the handicapped, in general. After she was diagnosed with total blindness (only light and dark vision) as an infant in 1985, the desktop computer and helpful software were only just beginning to be created. As my daughter became older and began to read Braille, we first depended on the existing slate and stylus and then the mechanical Braille machine for her to use to submit written lessons. Braille editions of novels and textbooks were large and cumbersome, but we appreciated their availability, nonetheless! Soon, voice synthesizers and Braille touch devices began to be developed in desktop computers and handheld devices which I helped train her with -- soon after, her technical ability surpassed mine in grasping the new technologies. In this whole process, after she was able to read adequately on her own, her mother and I tutored our daughter in subjects as they became more complex and subjects like geometry, for example, had to be reinterpreted from the printed page to tactile and sometimes 3D models in order for her to grasp and complete her lessons. My expertise, therefore, was acquired not through text books, but by invention and innovation. As our daughter's needs evolved through elementary, middle, then high school, our teaching skills evolved, as well. She went on to college and then without our direct help, graduated with a BS from a prestigious private university .

Web Design

I began composing and editing web pages using Dreamweaver 10 years ago and continue to use it for creating web pages that include CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, slide show scripts, video and sound tracks. I've also designed sites beginning with Photoshop layers, slicing and converting them to CSS HTML pages. My websites have been created for art galleries, faith organizations, financial firms, retail manufacturers, community organizations and medical clinics and have included e-commerce features.

Adobe Photoshop

I've used Photoshop since 1989 when The Gaussian blur took an hour to render! Since then I've kept up with new features and tools and have retouched, color corrected and created original bitmapped graphics for print, web and video using this software.

Video Production

I already have had experience with sets, locations and photo shoots and now, in the last 10 years, have art directed, created storyboards, shot and edited video productions. My editing tool of choice is Final Cut and have also taken taken extra college courses in Film history and video production.

Adobe InDesign

I first started using page making/layout programs in the mid-eighties beginning with Pagemaker and then excelling in QuarkXpress. In the early 2000's I began to use InDesign for print collateral and have learned to favor this program -- especially for how well it works with and complements the rest of the Adobe Suite. From brochures, magazines, catalogs, posters, signage, banners to now, web design, I show you how versatile InDesign is and how to use sound design concepts and skills to create your effective personal and business communications.

Desktop Publishing

Not only am I an expert in desktop publishing using the Adobe Creative Suite, (especially InDesign & Photoshop), but have extensively used QuarkXPress for many publications. Having had my own advertising/design business and also having worked with other agencies -- writing, designing and art directing for lifestyle and fashion magazines/catalogs and newsletters -- I have had much experience with Desktop Publishing in all its configurations. And, I?ve designed DVD POPs and packaging for Disney, Warner, and Universal on a project basis at AGI in LA using the same skills.


I began composing and editing web pages using Dreamweaver 10 years ago and continue to use it for creating web pages that include CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, slide show scripts, video and sound tracks. My websites have been created for art galleries, faith organizations, financial firms, retail manufacturers, community organizations and medical clinics and have included e-commerce features.


I began using the Macintosh OS in the late 1980's applying it first to the magazine publishing industry. I managed both an art staff and computer systems. Pioneered a custom Macintosh? based publishing system, digitizing publication and advertising production, greatly increasing efficiency and accuracy and reducing outside prepress costs by as much as 60%. I also learned how to trouble-shoot, assemble, disassemble and upgrade Macintosh desktops and laptops.