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Creative & Analytical - Multiple Subjects

Creative and analytical, I use both sides of the brain to teach. My background is a BA in Communications/Business Administration from the University of Denver. My teaching expertise includes studio arts - painting, printmaking, graphic design, photography, sculpture. Art history and architecture. Writing - both creative and technical. Marketing, accounting, finance, management, economics, sociology, psychology are subjects I can assist you with. Several years in the business world; my wo... [more]

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Study Skills

There are several study methods including the Charting Method, the Cornell Method, the Mapping Method, the Outline Method and the Sentence Method. These methods all have their own perspectives on how to outline information for successful study. There are also several styles of learning. Some students are visual, some auditory, while others learn and study best through speaking and writing. My experience using these techniques to tutor has ranged from elementary students through college age and some adult learning too. My approach is to assess where the student is currently with study skills. This helps me to integrate the most conducive study method and also to understand how the student best absorbs the study material. This increases the student success because the student studies and learns in a mode suited to their own individual needs. I have tutored using this approach many times. We then concentrate on the best plan of action to set up the system in which the material is absorbed and truly understood. This can integrate some mixture of method and style. The basis is to create a structure from which the student can develop stronger study skills. It is important for me to listen to the student concerns - what works, what does not work and when they feel their studies have been most successful. The information can then be transferred to set up consistent study under the conditions which are most comfortable and inspiring to the individual student. The structure is then implemented into the actual study activity. We will work together to achieve the goals so the material studied can be sufficiently absorbed and retained. I am very patient and want to see the student as successful as possible in each endeavor.


The subject of business has a broad range. We will touch on the many areas of running a business. Key points include such items as business plans, accounting, customer service in the realm of dealing with clients. If the student has certain details assigned he or she wishes to cover specifically, we will pinpoint those areas at length to make sure the concepts are understood. Marketing is another business function. How do you get the business expertise you have out there to the target market. Management in the context of business to streamline your time and business law - mostly to be aware of the legalities involved in running a business are areas of focus, too. My background in the business world dealing with large and small corporations and government offices has given me the ability to handle many areas of business in different environments. My educational background from the University of Denver (DU has high rankings in business - the Aspen Institute ranked it 15th in the world) - keeps me on the cutting edge of what is new and most applicable in doing business in a global marketplace. My focus on this subject will be to give the student a comprehensive overview. Then, if there is anything that you consider most important in the study of business which needs special attention - we will work together in those areas and make sure you have a thorough understanding and confidence.

College Counseling

My approach to college counseling is to listen to the student's requirements and to assist them through the process of preparation before and during the college experience. Through a detailed approach, the goal is to recognize the student's unique talents. Their qualifications and strengths are assessed and these are conveyed to increase the competitiveness of their own talents and academic achievements. My writing background helps me to understand and suggest ways to leverage the talents already possessed into quality college admissions essays. This takes place through review and encouragement on their thoughts of revision and how talents and goals fit into the chosen school and courses of academic study. If the student wants to determine which colleges are best for the individual interest, we can go through this process, too. The pre-application, application process and even the post application after acceptance while in attendance - any of these areas my expertise can assist and guide in regard to these major milestones. My goal in this area is to help the student recognize unique value and strengths they possess and assist so the student excels in the college application process and beyond. My education from the University of Denver also helps me to understand what prestigious academic institutions look for in analysis of student background and how to extract the many facets of the individual student's experiences to fit into the multi-dimensional criteria.


My educational background in college included studies in archaeology and my own interests in the subject matter have included continuing education to learn all I can about the subject of archaeology. I have the key skills to tutor in archaeology from the teaching perspective and these include: meticulous attention to detail; written communication skills; accurate recording and reporting skills, including writing; ability to extract and analyze data; presentation skills and good time management. All of these are needed in the field of archaeology. I have done a great deal of tutoring and training in the study of archaeology. The tutoring concepts include but are not limited to: geoarchaeology - geological methods to interpret archaeological sites, ancient landscape reconstruction and the study of environmental change and habitation. Also, basic methods of archaeological survey, excavation, artifact collection strategies and field interpretation. Historic materials analysis where we will cover the practice of the types of research that historical archaeologists perform on actual materials. How archaeologists recover and analyze their data. Another area in the subject matter includes the theoretical and methodological issues in the discipline and important case studies. Ways archaeologists have approached researching material items and texts are also important areas that can be covered in the tutoring which I have studied extensively. These are some of the more critical areas I have tutored in archaeology.


Techniques of formal logic, the role of evidence and analysis in critical decision making which includes truth and proof and how they connect. The science of correct argument - deductive and demonstrative reasoning - assists in better recognition and construction of valid argument. Making sound decisions to solve complex problems. My own study of logic at the university level and application in business and other areas gives me the ability to create a plan of study in real world examples. Venn diagrams to explore direct, indirect, and transitive reasoning. Also symbolism and truth tables. My experience includes use of logic in decision making in government agencies which required solid reasoning and critical analysis. Work in corporations has also given me hands-on experience in situations where logic is applied directly to make and utilize the best possible decision.


My background in marketing includes work with a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations agency on a variety of promotions. My experience is in such areas of marketing as design, production and revision of proposals, presentations and brochures. Marketing campaign design/development with a variety of collateral materials (brochures, flyers, postcards), logo design. Writing copy for collateral materials. Writing press releases published in the media. Media and vendor liaison. Published freelance writer. Another element of my marketing experience includes ad sales. Marketing strategies too.