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Web Designer & Educator

My background in is in secondary education and multimedia. After teaching at the high school level, I worked in video production for several years and taught myself some web skills. In Lexington, KY, I taught HTML and basic web skills at the junior college there. I've just graduated from the Academy of Art University as an online student with my MFA in Web Design and New Media. My thesis heavily utilized Flash ActionScript 3, HTML and CSS. I loved my teaching experiences and interactin... [more]


General Computer




My undergraduate degree is in English education and I briefly taught high school 12th grade honors and 10th grade basic English courses.


I completed my MFA in Web Design and New Media and taught HTML at the junior college level. I'm fluent in HTML 4 and best practices.


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Flash

I have used Flash and AS2 and AS3 for over 5 years. Recently finished my MFA thesis project utilizing AS3. It uses XML, custom classes and dynamic loading of multiple audio and video elements.

Web Design

I have been coding HTML for over 10 years and taught HTML at the college level. I have my MFA in Web Design and New Media and I am familiar with HTML 5 and best practices for the web. I have utilized multi-media for my own thesis site which includes multiple layers of streaming video and audio. I am comfortable coding for Flash (AS2 and AS3), javascript and jQuery and CSS. I have utilized Dreamweaver for seven years and I am familiar with Wordpress. My latest web project is for the Trail Motel in Kellogg, Idaho. I'm also producing a videos for an Austin based tattoo shop and a classic-rock band out of Cleveland, OH.

Adobe Photoshop

I have been working with Photoshop since 1996, before there were layers. Used it daily while doing video production and utilized it for everything from photographic editing to making web page comps. Was used heavily for my thesis project designs and web optimization.

Video Production

Did computer animation for broadcast and industrial video for 7 years and was awarded a local Emmy Award for animations done for a PBS station in Detroit, MI. I recently completed a six minute music video for the Austin based band, The Dry Season. During my tenure at a post-production facility I worked with state-of-the-art digital beta machines and video routers. I worked closely with Avid editors and spent some time working on a Discreet Logic Flame machine. I was required to route my Mac to multiple video decks both digital and analog and make sure the machines where in sync and that timecodes were closely monitored. I also did tech support on my own machine and installed video and audio cards, RAM and Midi interfaces.

Adobe InDesign

My MFA thesis required a hard cover book to accompany my project. To create this I used Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics that I then laid out in InDesign for print. The books came out great and I could up load the InDesign files to get them printed. I have also used InDesign in the past to layout basic one-page adverts for clients.


I have utilized Dreamweaver for over 7 years both professionally and for my own personal sites. While I can hand-code HTML, I find Dreamweaver helpful for keeping track of multiple pages and style-sheets. My MFA in Web Design and New Media was utilized to complete my thesis project. It is useful for testing sites in multiple browsers and for debugging pages. I have used templates and tables within Dreamweaver, and I like using the pre-built templates to start new sites.


I have been using Macs since 1996. I have installed different operating systems, video and audio cards, RAM, midi interfaces and numerous multimedia programs. I worked at Apple stores for two years while living in Las Vegas, NV. and I'm very familiar with the latest products.