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Experienced, patient tutor for coursework and most standardized tests.

I have been a teacher and a tutor for 19 years, working in private and public schools in Austin, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, and New York City. I have a Master's degree in Education from Texas State and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. I am certified to teach Mathematics 8-12 and Social Studies 8-12 in Texas. I have ample experience helping people with standardized testing and will help you raise your score. In the words of a recent tutee: "David was a great tutor! Professional... [more]

Algebra 1

For most students, Algebra 1 is the first year of high school mathematics, and it is a significant step up from the arithmetic and pre-algebra content taught in middle school. Math is one of the universal languages, and Algebra is a specific language under that larger umbrella. Hence students need to learn how to translate from English to Algebra. Algebra is also an abstract way of thinking that initially can be challenging to grasp, but when mastered, it is extremely powerful for problem solving and reasoning. I have taught Algebra 1 dozens of times, to hundreds of students, with various texts and resources.

Algebra 2

Algebra II builds on the foundation of Algebra I, expanding a student's understanding of various functions including linear, absolute value, quadratic, and exponential relationships. Systems are reviewed and then extended to 3 variables, matrices are covered, and logarithms are introduced as an inverse of exponents. Radical functions are also explored and then extended to consider cube roots and beyond. Other topics include Conic Sections, Probability/Statistics, and Sequences & Series. Most courses will finish with a brief study of Trigonometry. I have taught this course and tutored numerous students in it over the years. Hence, I have ample experience and ability to break down the concepts, explain the relationships, and highlight the beauty of Algebra.




Geometry is a beautiful study of shapes, spatial reasoning, and logic. The word "geometry" translates to earth-measuring, and we do this in various ways in this course. I love the challenge of teaching inductive and deductive reasoning. The portion of the course that focuses on proofs is a wonderful exercise in logic. I have taught this course many times, to hundreds of students, with various textbooks and approaches. It is my favorite math subject.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint


A solid Pre-Algebra foundation is crucial for success with high school math and science. This involves converting fractions into decimals/percents and back, computing with fractions and decimals, finding %s, working with integers, and starting to solve basic algebraic equations. There is often some basic probability, statistics, and geometry mixed into a pre-Algebra course as well. I have taught this course many times, and I do an excellent job tutoring kids at this level.







SAT Math

I have tutored multiple students in SAT preparation (as well as various other standardized tests) during my time as a teacher. I have taught all of the math courses and content that are covered on the SAT. I can share a number of problem solving methods and test taking strategies for mastering this test. As a student in High School, I did the Princeton Review course and it helped raise my SAT score by 100 points. I also took the GRE before entering Graduate School and used the Kaplan materials. I can provide expert guidance with the math portion, and I can also help with the English side of the test.


I have been working for Manhattan Elite Prep for the past couple years, serving as their point person in Austin for GRE tutoring. This organization has given me a number of clients and a solid set of resources to strengthen my expertise in this area.



SAT Reading

SAT Writing


I recently tutored a student from Mexico City for the TOEFL exam. We worked through all of the sections of the test, using the ETS practice book. In addition to speaking English fluently, my experiences tutoring students for the English side of the SAT and GRE tests enabled me to provide many insights and strategies for success on this exam. He improved his score from the first time he took it.





ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Math

Elementary Math

Study Skills

In my 9 years of teaching middle and upper school math and social studies, I always emphasized organization and study skills to help my students succeed. There are numerous strategies and techniques to utilize, that can be tailored to each student, depending on the subject, the age, and the individual's needs. Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions about study skills and how we can improve in this area.

Special Needs

Every child is unique in their strengths and areas where there is room for improvement. While teachers strive to accommodate the special needs of their students, this is often challenging when one is faced with teaching 15 or 30 children in a 50 minute period. Private tutoring provides individualized instruction and allows for any and all special needs to be addressed. During my 9 years of full-time teaching, from working as a long-term sub. at Rawson Saunders (a private school for students with dyslexia), and through earning my Masters in Education, I have acquired ample experience with how to work with students with special needs.


I have helped numerous students with ADD and ADHD in my career as a teacher. As teachers, we make a variety of accommodations and modifications to our teaching, based on recommendations in students' learning plans/IEPs. Catering to individual learning styles is crucial as a teacher, and perhaps even more so as a private tutor.


I have extensive experience preparing students for standardized tests, from the ISEE and SSAT all the way through to the GED and GRE. The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) has three levels and each contain sections on verbal and quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematics achievement, and an essay. In addition to helping students with the specific content of each of these sections, I can offer general strategies for how to succeed on a multiple choice test.


Having taught math for nine years, covering grades 6-12, I have immersed myself in the study of logic, reasoning, and problem solving. I am also someone who loves to debate, values Socratic questioning, and has a deep appreciation for science.


I am certified by the State of Texas to teach Mathematics 8-12, Social Studies 8-12, and I have a Masters degree in Education from Texas State University. During the 2010-2011 school year, I taught at Austin High School, incorporating the TEKS in my curriculum, and administering the TAKS test as well as practice tests for Pre-AP Algebra I and Geometry.

Social Studies

I am certified by the State of Texas to teach Social Studies 8-12, Mathematics 8-12, and I have a Masters degree in History with a minor in Education from Texas State University. I also have an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from Cornell University. As a teacher, I taught a senior History elective on World Religions. Geography is my favorite subject.