Tracey M.

Tracey M.


Stockbridge, GA 30281

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$40 per hour.

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Math tutor of over 30 years dedicated to seeing your child succeed.

I am a wife, a mother of three and a math tutor. I love all of these parts of my life and find joy in helping others. I always try to bring a positive attitude to the sessions. I've been thrilled to see the students I've worked with succeed in their math class, make high scores on SAT's or receive a grade they have been striving for. It's been a privilege to work with so many wonderful students. I keep my hourly rate low to assist the parents with getting help for their child, I ... [more]

Algebra 1

I have a bachelors of business administration in actuarial science from Georgia State University. To become licensed as an Associate with the Society of Actuaries, I have passed a series of demanding exams that cover algebra principles as well as statistics and more advanced math. I've worked as a volunteer in a public middle school and high school, assisting students who are falling behind primarily in algebra 1. I have also tutored for over 30 years privately and through agencies.

Algebra 2

I have a bachelors of business administration in actuarial science from Georgia State University. As an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, I have passed strenuous exams on material that includes many Algebra 2 principles. I have tutored children in Algebra 2 for 30 years and served as a volunteer in a public high school working with students struggling in their classes.


Geometry is the subject that I tutor the most often. I have invested in many visual aids for the students that are key to understanding the material. I've tutored this for 30 years and worked in the public schools as a volunteer and substitute. I've also taught homeschool students in a group setting.



Study Skills



SAT Math



As an experienced tutor to high school students, I have learned that coaching for the ASVAB requires that I have on hand resources that can be tailored to each student's needs. Through helping others prepare for this test, I have created note cards, drills on calculations by hand (because calculators are not used on this test), verbal and written formula practice and searched out online resources for quizzing. I monitor progress on practice tests and study the results to find where to focus our time leading up to the test. My work as a volunteer in the public schools has shown me the most common areas of difficulty and my experience with actuarial exams in my life has helped me develop and use testing strategies.


ACT Math

For 30 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching high school students to improve their ACT scores, including the Math section. I use many resources including tailored note cards, practice tests, my own skills drills as well as written and verbal testing on the formulas. I use my experience as an actuary to analyze the results of the practice tests to pinpoint areas that need attention. It's an exciting role to serve as a coach because I know that outstanding ACT scores can be crucial to getting accepted into the student's preferred college.

Elementary Math

Actuarial Science

I graduated magna cum laude from Georgia State University with a degree in actuarial science. I am an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and worked several years as a consultant in defined benefits and also for Life of Georgia.

Linear Algebra

In 1984, I began my freshman year at Georgia State University and took a one quarter class in College Algebra. The class began with a review of linear algebra. I actively participated in the discussions, attended all classes and I received an 'A' in this course.