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Jim - TV / Film / Video / Producer / Writer

I am a working professional with twenty plus years experience producing video & web projects and I am still working in the industry. My work in the motion picture and television is well documented on IMDB; in fact there is a good chance that you may have seen one of my shows on Women?s Entertainment Network WE, Discovery Networks? Science Channel or at the movies. Recent projects I have worked on in the just the last year include: producing and directing a regional health TV series called B... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I have used Excel for over 15 years. I have created a large number of Excel forms and worksheets, invoices, fun sheets with timing calculations, budget analysis and pipeline reports. I am very comfortable working with Excel and feel confident that I can teach to teach people how to us Excel.

General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have been using PowerPoint for over 10 years. I started in using it in my business for my presentations, but now individuals and companies hire me to produce PowerPoint presentations for them. I have taught an internal class on PowerPoint for employees that has been met with wide acceptance. Based on this experience I am confident I can help everyone get the most out of PowerPoint from the entry level computer user just starting out to an experience PowerPoint user that wants to learn how to develop custom templates, charts and graphs to illustrate data and even how do set-up macros. I'll show you how to create everything from simple to slick presentations quickly and easily. From manually operated PP shows you present to how to make shows that auto run, I will guide you every step of the way and I will advise you on the dos and don'ts to keep your audience interested in your PowerPoint presentation. I can help you.

Adobe Photoshop

I am a working graphics and multimedia professional. I have been using Photoshop for many years. I use Photoshop both as design tool and as a photo finishing tool. I can help a student understand how to create graphics from scratch in Photoshop as well as make changes and correction to existing graphics. I will also show how to properly re-size graphics with Photoshop for use in print and on the web. Photography students will learn how to color correct, touch up and output their photos in proper format for web and printing applications. I can help anyone from the true beginner to existing Photoshop users.

Web Design

I have worked with a team on websites for more than 15 years. I have created several websites on my own. I manage web and social media for several companies. While don't write much code myself, I have good understanding of HTML, PHP, and MySQL. I am expert in in Wordpress, Dreamweaver and other popular website applications and have a successful track record creating websites with these programs.

Video Production

Video Production today is a very diverse topic and can mean everything from traditional video production and broadcasting to digital media for the web to HD production for theatrical release. For traditional video instruction, I particularly like Herbert Zettl?s Television Production Handbook. The book provides comprehensive information about almost everything you need to know about production and gives real world examples on a variety of topics ranging from basic lighting, to audio recording and mixing, to camera placement for multi-camera live productions for all kinds of events. For digital media instruction, I currently work from personal knowledge and experience. I have shot with everything from small prosumer camcorders, to DSLRs to the RED camera. I can explain and demonstrate media handling, post-production and file format conversion and uploading to video websites such as Vimeo and You-Tube. While I am not an editor, I am very familiar with both Avid and Final Cut edit systems as I have supervised editors and managed edit sessions for my projects. Because of my current real world experience in the industry and my years serving on an advisory board of the school of film and television for a university, I believe I am well qualified to tutor students on not only the hands-on technology aspects of television production and the skills will need to operate this gear, but also business aspects and career guidance needed to succeed in this growing and dynamic industry.


Film is funny term today as so much of today?s film making is not made on film at all, but rather with digital cameras. However, the basics of writing good stories and scripts, the business of producing, shot composition, direction, acting, lighting and creative editing remain the same. I started in film production using film as part of my photo journalism classes in college. Shooting with a Bolex Rex and then Arri, I have produced a number of films for governmental agencies and corporations. Many of these original films I was the cinematographer and I edited them on a flatbed Steinbeck editor. In the last 10 years, I have been producing using digital cameras such as the RED and all editing has been electronic. I wrote produced a documentary on the American Space Program with Corbin Bernsen in 2008 and earlier this year I was the line producer for the US portions of a Japanese movie called Space Brothers for Toho Pictures. As an experienced producer and director, I believe I can instruct and give insights into all aspects of Film Production. With my help, any student should be able to write, shoot, direct and edit a short film.