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David O. - Improve your Excel skills, use VBA, learn Tax Prep

I have over 25 years of experience using Microsoft Excel (with VBA), Lotus 1-2-3 and Symphony (using Macros), Quattro Pro and SuperCalc (an early spreadsheet program based on the CP/M operating system). I am experienced in all versions of MS-DOS and Windows and have some working knowledge of the Linux operating system. I can help you set up peer-to-peer and small IP-based networks of up to 30 systems in a training and a production environment. I can also help you set up your wireless network... [more]

Microsoft Excel

All versions of Excel can be covered. Learn how to use Excel's functions, set up a spreadsheet for most efficient operation. How to use drop-downs, set up dependencies for drop-downs. Learn how to protect certain entries from being changed based on the user viewing the workbook. Basic VBA can be taught if desired.

General Computer

Learn accepted techniques for doing your own "housecleaning", both virtually and physically. Learn common methods of protecting your system from malware and viruses. Learn methods of solving common computer problems on your own. What is BIOS? What does it do? Why would you ever need to be concerned? Find out. Learn how to add more equipment to your computer. Learn why to upgrade your system and when to buy a new one instead.


Training in all versions of MS-DOS are available along with installing and running programs under the MS-DOS operating system. My experience with MS-DOS began in 1981 with MS-DOS 1.0 through MS-DOS 6.2 and the illusive MS-DOS 7.0. Previously I used an operating system known as CP/M which resided in the machine's chipset versus on a disk.

Microsoft Outlook

My experience with Outlook covers Outlook Express beginning with the Windows 3.0 version through Windows 2000. My Outlook experience begins with Outlook 97 through Outlook 2007. My experience with the Enterprise version is limited to Outlook 2000 through Outlook 2007. You will learn how to create and use a default signature containing pictures and HTML and how to attach or imbed files, use Outlook (or another email client) as your default email client and how to retrieve (cancel) previously sent email from the Enterprise versions using MS Exchange.

Tax Accounting

I will share my 32 tax seasons of expertise with you. I am a listed e-file provider on the IRS's web site. What business types can and cannot be filed on a FORM-1040 will be covered. Also which LLCs can and cannot be reported on a FORM-1065. Discussions will include Schedules A, B, C, D, E, F, SE and most numbered forms from the IRS. IRS requirements for helping someone else prepare their taxes and for becoming a paid tax preparer will be covered. You will not learn how to prepare a large tax return, but may just learn how to do your own.