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Gail W.


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I believe in you! Anyone can improve their grades!

Hello, after owning several businesses, I decided to return to college to get my degree in psychology so as to do counseling. I have already earned two associate degrees, one in education and the other in psychology. When at Georgia Military College, I received a 4.0 in my core curriculum and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Five years ago, my husband's work transferred us to Savannah, and I began my Junior year at Armstrong State University. Almost two years ago, I graduated w... [more]

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I have taken 4 years of Spanish on the college level, 2 more in high school and one year in middle school. I love the language and the Hispanic community. I would love to tutor your student.





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Elementary (K-6th)

I received my associates degrees from Georgia Military College in Valdosta, Georgia in Education and Psychology, and then earned my bachelor's degree in Psychology from Armstrong State University in Savannah. I have substitute taught in our local elementary, middle schools, and high schools over the past 30 years. I believe that even though I do not have a teaching certification, I am qualified to teach one-on-one by way of tutoring since my area schools have confidence in my ability to teach groups of 25-30 students at a time. Additionally, I home-schooled our three children through the middle-school grades, and learned a lot about catering my teaching style to accommodate the fact that each child learns differently. I know how to take it slow with a child who is shy, and lacking in confidence, and I can also adapt to a child who picks the material up quicker, so I am an ideal candidate for the parent who has several children that require tutoring, but they are all different in the way they learn. All in all, I know I can help each child learn. Kindness and patience are the best qualities I have to offer. I know how to teach, and I love working with children and have had years of success helping them to succeed.


I have been playing acoustic and folk guitar since I was 15. I am now 53. I am self taught. I find it both relaxing and challenging to play an instrument and believe that everyone can learn to play. I have a simple method of teaching whereby I ask the student what kind of music they like to listen to and then the first song we learn has the chords to play that very song. This usually excites the student and motivates them to practice. Once we get to that stage, I need about 3 months of lessons with them in order for them to master the basics and then they will no longer require lessons. Should you be interested in learning to play, give me a call. The rest is up to you. My prices are reasonable and my attitude is relaxed.

Study Skills

I am a college Senior who has a grade point average of 3.65 now. I have taken classes on how to study. One course was called GMC 100. It was a course offered at Georgia Military College. It dealt with ethics and how to study and time management skills. It showed us how to plan out the time to properly prepare for exams and assignments and it helped me to do well in school. That course gave me good practical ideas on how to study and the preparation time that was necessary in order to meet deadlines. I have taken two other classes as well that have helped me to succeed in school. One was called Ethics 200 and was worth 3 credit hours. I believe that my 4.0 grade point average at GMC is a result of these courses and I know I can help others to improve their grades as well.

College Counseling

I just completed a 120 hour internship in Career Counseling. My directors George Lantzounis and Allison Lyon allowed me to sit in on their counseling sessions so I can better learn how to help someone who is in need of encouragement and help when it comes to their career, schooling, family or social life. There are so many reasons people seek professional counseling. I have been in school now 4 years as a psychology major learning counseling techniques as well. Next semester, I will be taking Abnormal Psychology, and Physiological Psychology, but I have already taken Child Psychology, Theories of Personalities, Ethics and Values in Psychology and 4 Statistics based courses. Next Fall 2015, I will enter Georgia Southern University to get my Master's degree in Educational Counseling.


I have been tutoring teenagers, and young adults in test preparatory skills for the past 7 years and love it! I have researched the Praxis and it is in many ways similar to the SAT. Since I am now entering my second year year of graduate school, I feel that I am well suited and extremely capable of helping others with the Praxis. I took my GRE's before I began my graduate program. I know how to prepared for these exams. Thank you! Gail


I home-schooled my three honor roll students, my own children for four years and loved every minute of it. I am now a graduate student planning to get my masters degree in Counseling by August 2019. Homeschooling is not for cowards. We all need to encourage one another.