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PhD Private Tutor, specialized in ADHD and study skills

TUTORING BUILT AROUND YOUR LEARNING NEEDS! I have extensive experience in teaching and learning. After completing my post-graduate work, I was an instructor at Miami University. I have a certificate in college teaching, but my clients range from 5th graders to adult learners. In addition to subject-specific tutoring (social studies, history, reading, writing, etc.), I specialize in study skills, organization & time management, college prep, and learning with ADD/HD. I work hand-in-hand with ... [more]

American History



European History



I can say from experience most college freshman do not have good--or even basic--writing skills. Grammar, composition, and formal, standard English are foundations of all good writing. I believe in the rough draft-comments-final draft method: This way, students have the opportunity to see where and how they can improve. I also work with students to understand the fundamentals of research, style, and citations & references so that when they get to college, they understand the difference between a research paper, a reflection paper, and a book report.

Government & Politics

I have an MA and PhD in political science from Wright State and Miami University respectively. I taught American, Comparative, and International government courses for six years while completing my doctorate. I am a certified tutor and I have worked with AP government students previously. I am familiar with the state requirements for the AP test.


World History


Proofreading is something most students skip because they've waited until the last minute to write the paper and do not have time to proof it before turning it in for a grade. In college, this can do significant damage to a student's grade. I know from experience that "more writing" does not always mean "better writing." Better writing is often achieved by seeing what good vs. bad writing looks and sounds like. My proofreading tutoring includes writing, editing, and reading papers out loud. I will also familiarize students with the fundamentals of grammar, style, punctuation, and reference/citation methods.

Study Skills

I have a PhD in Political Science and a certificate in College Teaching. I also graduated with honors for the "Preparing Future Faculty" program. I have participated in several "Teaching and Learning" workshops and conferences. Additionally, I served as an advisor to over 100 freshman for three years. Most of my advising involved "study skills," including time management, identifying the best method(s) of learning for the individual student, and planning/conducting review sessions.

College Counseling

I am finishing a PhD and have spent 6 years working at a University. I served as an adviser, mentor, and internship director. I also met with high school students during college fairs. Additionally, I have extensive personal experience applying to college; I have applied to college (undergrad), law school, and graduate school.


I have a certificate in teaching methods for students with learning disabilities, specializing in students with ADD/ADHD. I also have extensive experience with ADD/HD students, in both a classroom environment and as a private tutor. All of my tutoring includes basic organizational and time management skills, but for my ADD/HD students, I incorporate these into each and every lesson.

Social Studies

I am finishing my PhD in Political Science. I am familiar with most "social studies" concepts, including government, history, world politics, etc. I have taught both introductory and upper level courses in American and International politics.

Political Science

My PhD is in political science. My MA is in political science. I was a professor of political science at Miami University.

Common Core

I am trained to teach common core. I have also been tutoring common core subjects for nearly 5 years. As part of my continuing education credits, I am required to understand common core principles.