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Seasoned Michigan Tutor

Hello! Thank you for reading through my profile! Before I started my teaching career, I was and am still a mom. My children are young adults living in both Ann Arbor and Detroit. My educational career began 28 years ago when I was hired by a local school district here in Washtenaw County. Additionally, because I have family in both Texas and Florida, I chose to pursue a life-time certificate for teaching young people from grades K - 8 in Texas and a certification for Guidance and Coun... [more]

American History




World History


Elementary Math

Working with elementary students for the past 28 years in the classroom and tutoring, I have found the hands on approach to teaching math as the most beneficial to students. It gives the learner a clearer picture of the "why" of math, not just rote memory of problems or the "answer". Additionally, I have used technology based programs as a tool for helping learners enhance and remember the skills to which they are exposed.

Elementary (K-6th)

My teaching credentials are from Eastern Michigan University. I am a K-8 certified teacher which means I have the ability to teach all CORE subjects within those grade levels. I have spent 25 years teaching all CORE subjects to this age student. I have not only worked with general education students, but also with special needs students, migrant students, and students of many cultures. I have been fortunate to receive teaching credentials from 3 states, Texas, Florida, and Michigan. Additionally, here in Michigan, I have had the opportunity to work with students in my general education classes who were special needs.


Phonics teaching can occur through the use of many techniques. However, I currently use a method which spans K-8 grade levels. It is called RLAC. I have utilized this program with my kindergarten class in previous years and ALL were reading before they entered 1st grade.

Career Development

Currently, I work with high school students in grades 9-12. Throughout their time in high school, I work with each of them to help find their strengths, weaknesses, and careers they might pursue. Also explored are various post-secondary options each student might have once they leave high school. Additionally, I work with middle school students while they take career tests and then research their top three possible occupations. As another part of my current employment in Michigan, I visit colleges, attend seminars, and workshops. It is during these times I meet with college admission officers to gain insight on how students in high school can come best prepared for college level work. I have been a guest at several colleges, NMU, WCC, EMU, U of M Dearborn/Ann Arbor, Wayne State, Central Michigan,and Schoolcraft.

College Counseling

I have had my MASTERS degree in School Counseling for the past 18 years. Currently, I work at a public high school in which the counseling of students daily regarding their post secondary plans, occurs at all levels , (9-12). Additionally, I have experience with college counseling/advising classes and opportunities to work directly with college advisers and representatives. Those opportunities have occurred at local college fairs, seminars, webinars, workshops, and through college tours. ACT preparatory work with my high school students has also afforded me the opportunity to meet with ACT officials and guide our students in test preparation.


I am a parent who has dealt with this diagnosis in my own sons for over 23 years. I also work in a Title I school and have had, for at least 20 of the teaching years, children with special needs in my classes who also have this diagnosis (some with medication, and some without prescribed medication). It is a balance between teaching styles that I use and students work to attain the necessary skills within the subject matter through the use of those methods. Some methods used are "hands-on" projects, computerized lessons, one-to-one lessons/basic skills, and some with paper/pencil tactics.

Social Studies

I am a K-8 certified teacher in the state of Michigan and Texas. This means that I can teach any subject within the required courses for those grades. I have a major in history and have taught that subject in Michigan my entire career. Grade levels include middle school as well as elementary with a focus on 4th-6th.