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My Motto: With each concept I did not know, there?s always a journey. Even if I don't know something, I will strive to learn it. This motto has proven to be very invaluable? even early on throughout high school as I received a full academic scholarship to a well respected and prestigious university. It's an important quality for someone to know a lot, but I find that the most important quality is an undying motivation to help a student get better and to find a common ground so that a studen... [more]

Algebra 1

Explore the first step in mathematics in high school. Algebra allows you to take problems (even word problems) and assign variables to solve for unknowns.

Algebra 2

Algebra II is a continuation of Algebra I where functions are bumped up from linear ones to quadratics (and all polynomials), rationals, and logarithmic.


Find the limit, differentiate and integrate functions in this college level subject.


Microsoft Excel

General Computer


Learn two-column proofs, axioms and postulates, and area and volume formulas.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint




I have lots of experience with verb tenses (conjugation) and a moderate amount of vocabulary.






Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the integrated language within IE that allows you to, from your very own notepad, create simplistic websites.

SAT Math






ACT English

ACT Math

60 challenging math questions and only 60 minutes to take it. Need help? The areas covered in this test range from pre-algebra to pre-calculus.

Elementary Math

Study Skills

I have worked with students in the K-6 grade level who had trouble with organization and study skills. As one might imagine, the two go hand in hand. Being prepared and organized lends well to having good study skills. The tutor can give the student the tools to succeed, but without good study skills, a student is not going to do well. I understand this and emphasize it in my teaching.


Following my Computer Science minor, I have had a lot of experience with C++. Using Linux with a G++ compiler, I've learned the basics of C++ such as iteration, recursion, project/output files, and much more.

Actuarial Science

I am studying to be an actuary. I have passed exam P with an 8 and exam FM with a 9. I can tutor in either of these subjects. I would prefer to tutor exam P as it is more conceptual.

Linear Algebra

I took Linear Algebra at Transylvania and got an A in the class. I have also worked with matrices on MATLAB as well as the BASIC language for Texas Instruments.


I have tutored MATLAB at Vanderbilt University. I understand the basic functions as well as the more advanced features with MATLAB such as data tracing. I feel confident I can assist anyone in this subject.


While I have not taken the Praxis test, I have tutored it before to a graduate student at WKU (Western Kentucky University); she is currently a Special Needs Educator for Warren Co. School System and she passed all parts of her Praxis except for math the first time. After working with me, not only did she pass; she passed with flying colors.