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Animator, Designer, Artist

Hello everyone. For nearly 20 years, I have taught Art, Art History, Digital Design, Digital Imaging, Web-programming, Drawing, and other related design and art topics at the College & University Level, and I currently hold a position at a local college. I have quite a varied education and set of experiences, and so I believe that In my classes can extend to art, history, literature, design, and architecture. I use both practical and written assignments; and, depending on your needs, I am ha... [more]







I use HTML, XHTML, and/or HTML5 everyday, and have done work in the field off and on since 1994. I currently teach a variety of web-design, web-coding subjects at a local college, and operate my own web-site that I use as a tool to aid my classes. HTML in all its variations, the latest of which is HTML5, is actually a rather small language; however, its flexibility and capabilities are endless and growing, limited only by the limits of YOUR creativity. Together with CSS, a vast array of designs are possible; and then when you add in JavaScript and PhP, well, there's nothing you won't be able to design!



Adobe Illustrator

I currently work as an artist and designer in New York, and I am also currently a member of the faculty for the last 10 years at the Technical Career Institute of Technology. There, I provide classes in Drawing, Computer Drawing, Animation, and Web-design. In my Computer Drawing classes I concentrate on the integration of hand-drawing techniques into computer drawing techniques. In real design practices, artists and designers are constantly moving back and forth between digital technology and non-traditional, more low-tech methods. Therefore, what I like to stress is how to integrate the practices and skills that you currently possess into your new learning. I believe it is important not to isolate computer skills but to understand how they may be used in a variety of situations that you are already comfortable within. Drawing and designing are skills that many people already possess; my job therefore, is how to design a lesson plan that fits your skills together with learning of Adobe Illustrator. It is a large and robust program that provides many tools to illustrators, designers, and artists of all sorts. How might conventional drawing skills be of use within the Adobe Illustrator platform? In addition, I also like to expose students to other equipment, such as a Drawing Stylus, as well as other software, such as Photoshop, Flash, or Toon-Boom and give them suggestions of how to integrate a variety of graphics and design tools. I a Masters of Architecture Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2000) in which I took drawing and design studios. Furthermore, as an undergraduate, I also studied Architecture at the University of Arkansas where I began my formal education and where I first began to nurture my love for drawing. I have taken numerous drawing and design classes from Pratt Institute, the SVA, the Art Students League, and currently at Hunter College. I currently teach drawing both on paper with pencil as well as in the computer in my current teaching position.

Art Theory

I completed a BA in Art and am one year away from completing an MFA in studio art at Hunter College. I have taken a total of 18 credits in art history and theory, and in all studio seminars, workshops, and electives, there are readings required in theory depending on the media studied. I have completed a BA and an MArch in Architecture (MIT) in which I was required to take a total of 3 Art & Architectural History courses all of which carried a component of theory. In addition, while a graduate student in architecture, I took an architectural theory course and participated in an interrogative design workshop with a strong foundation in Lacanian and various semiotic analytical theories. I also completed a BA in English Literature for which I took 4 courses that were primarily based on various theories, such as psychoanalytic, structuralism, deconstruction, and various post-structuralist theories.

Adobe Flash

I currently use Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) every day in the courses that I teach at a local college. It is a very versatile tool, used for a wide range of projects. Depending on the student's needs or requirements, I can focus on any area necessary: Animation, Web-design and Web-development, or Multimedia applications. When used as a web-design or application development tool, basic programming or coding skills are approached on a student-by-student, one-to-one basis, depending on the student's experience and understanding of computer scripting and programming. With regard to animation, I like to expose students to a variety of traditional (low-tech) animation techniques (storyboarding, flipbooks, cell-animation), as well as other digital animation tools such as Photoshop, Toon Boom, & Character Animate, a new Adobe product now in Beta testing, in order to convey important concepts in animation.

Web Design

I have taught Digital Media for more than 15 years at various local colleges and universities. I teach several different art, design, animation, and graphic and web-design courses. For me, web-design is NOT ever merely a set of technical skills, but also and perhaps more importantly a set of creative and artistic skills. Students must be encouraged to nurture and develop their own aesthetic by looking at the work of other artists and designers. In my courses, I focus on the INTEGRATION of various skills and applications using the following technologies: * web-coding - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver; * Flash & ActionScript 3.0 * digital imaging & graphics applications for support - Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

I teach at a local college and have worked in the design field for over 15 years. In every one of the classes that I teach, Photoshop is a computer applications that I simply cannot do without. Photoshop is one of those tools that is so powerful and so flexible that it is difficult to overstate its usefulness and importance. Graphic designers and web designers use it. Photo touch-up artists use it. Animators use it. Fine-artists in museums and galleries use it. Advertising and publishing professionals use it. It is ubiquitous. Whether you are a visual artist, a designer, a scrap-booker, or just someone who just wants to know what to do with your pictures, then this is the computer program for you, and I am your teacher. If you opt to take me up on this offer, then you will not only learn Photoshop, but you will learn how to use images from your cellphone and from your digital cameras; you will learn how to find high-quality, high-resolution images online; you will learn how to operate a scanner as well as a stylus for more freedom in your ability to move the cursor. You can be an expert in Photoshop sooner than you realize.

Video Production

I have 2 undergraduate degrees, one in Studio Art, and the other in English literature. My degree in literature is from Columbia University, and my degree in studio art is from Hunter College. You can also see that I have two masters degrees, one in Architecture from M.I.T., and another in Studio Art from Hunter College. The media upon which I concentrate my artistic practice includes video, programming, and performance. With regard to video editing, I have experience in both Final Cut Pro and Premiere. I have taught graphic design, digital imaging, web design and related topics since 2000.

Adobe InDesign

Currently, I am a professor of art and graphic design. I use InDesign in my graphic and digital design courses along with various other Adobe applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Aside from teaching technical aspects of the application, I like to give my students a sense of the work-flow of a designer and how these skills may be integrated across various applications.

Art History

I have taught Art History in New York where I currently teach various Digital Media art and design topics. As an undergraduate and as a graduate student in both art (BA & MFA) and architecture (MArch), I have taken multiple courses in art and architecture history at Columbia University, MIT, and CUNY-Hunter College.

Computer Programming

I currently teach and have taught the following programming, scripting, markup, and stylesheet languages in New York: JavaScript Arduino Processing ActionScript 3.0 HTML, XHTML, HTML 5 CSS I am proficient in the following other programming languages: Python Processing


For me, Dreamweaver is a tool that must be used together with and among many others, and it is best used when students understand the basics of coding. Web-design and development is a whole set of technical and creative skills. Fortunately, there is a very strong and powerful tool available for us to cull all of these skills together and work with them all at once, and that tool is Dreamweaver; however, I also like to encourage students to develop each of the skills independently of this application as well: to practice their coding skills, to develop their layout skills, and to exercise their knowledge of color and typography. As with any sophisticated tool, there are many resources available for deepening your understanding and increasing your knowledge of all that it is capable to accomplish with it. In my courses, I try to take a holistic approach in order to reveal to the students of not only what they need to know, but also of what they already know how to do and what they can accomplish on their own. It is a way to increase resolve, encourage progress, and strengthen self-confidence as independent designers and technicians.


If you are a beginner and want to make the most of the software that comes standard in Macintosh computers as well as a whole host of other applications available for the mac; or, if you are more advanced and want to learn about the UNIX COMMAND PROMPT, then please contact me. The Mac is far more friendly than you realize and so much more powerful than you know. Take advantage of what you've paid for, and contact me.


I have a Masters of Architecture degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2000. It was a fantastic opportunity for me, and I was able to study with some very talented and some very well-known architects, which includes completing a studio with Frank Gehry.

Graphic Design

If you look at my profile and my education, you can see that I have 2 undergraduate degrees, one in studio art, and the other in English literature. My degree in literature is from Columbia University, and my degree in studio art is from Hunter College. You can also see that I have one master's degree in architecture from M.I.T., and that I am working on a second in studio art at Hunter College. I have taught graphic design, digital imaging, web design and related topics since 2000. My CV and portfolio are available on request.


I have taught 2D animation and related courses in local colleges using various softwares, such as Adobe Animate (formerly Flash), and techniques (2D, stop-motion, gif) for 17 years.