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Math Tutor for Junior High, High School and College

After a 20 year career as an actuary I have been tutoring students from 6th grade through college for 9 years, more than 300 students 3,000 hours. I am also a certified substitute teacher a part-time professor at Illinois State University. In past years I was an assistant high school basketball coach and work quite often with athletes. Students have different personalities and learning styles, so my goal is to make them comfortable and to help them discover the answers, like a pair of traini... [more]

Algebra 1

I majored in math in college, and used math regularly as an actuary for 19 years. I've been tutoring students in algebra 1 for several years. Students have gotten especially good at factoring while working with me.

Algebra 2

I've found algebra 2 to be one of the more challenging subjects for students when it comes to determining slopes and equations of lines. I've worked with many on this. Therefore, in addition to my math degree, I am able to help identify common pitfalls of thinking.


Calculus goes a step beyond higher algebra and trigonometry, dealing with area under curved lines and similarly unusual subjects. I enjoyed the practical applications of it when I took the course in college. I have experience sharing the basics and the short cuts with other students.


Geometry is one of the more picture-oriented math subjects, which is unusual for students but I find that they pick it up fairly quickly. I majored in and tutored math while in college, and have tutored several students in geometry. The understanding of angles has real-world applications!


Prealgebra is a subject that tends to require lots of repetition to get the basics committed to memory, such as factoring. I've seen students have major breakthroughs with a little guidance and practice. I have a math degree, and have tutored many students in algebra.


Precalculus is a good primer for the classes that follow, especially with the understanding of trigonometric functions. I've seen several students make great progress once they've worked enough problems with the unit circle, to get comfortable with degrees and radians. My math degree and career experience has helped precalculus students raise their grade significantly.


The scientific nature of trigonometry can be intimidating, but I've found students to become much more comfortable with practice of the basics such as the unit circle. I took this course in college. My greatest success story was for a student who improved her trig grade from a C to an A by the end of the spring semester.


For those who are comfortable with the language of probability, statistics enables students to test real-world theories with hypotheses. I took this course in college, as well as a professional actuarial exam on this subject. I have tutored generally for several years in probability and other math subjects.


Probability is one of the more exciting math subjects once a few key concepts like combinations and permutations are mastered. I took these courses in college, and have helped several students do so as well. My work as an actuary used probability.

Managerial Accounting

I studied accounting for two semesters in college with grades of A. I worked in an accounting department for 7 years with a large insurance company.

Financial Accounting

I studied accounting for two semesters in college with grades of A. I worked in an accounting department for 7 years with a large insurance company.