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Bilingual, Experienced Tutor Washington, DC

I am a bilingual professional tutor who provides one-on-one tutoring directly in your home or a public library. I am a graduate of California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor in Art. I have gained my experience by working with one of the top national tutoring companies in Southern California for up to 8 years. I offer tutoring services to student from Kindergarten thru the 12th grade level, special ed students and adults as well. I provide lessons for Language Arts, ESL, Re... [more]

Algebra 1



Microsoft Excel

I have 10 years of experience using excel. I provide one on one tutoring to children and adults. I teach at the student's space. My schedule is flexible. The focus of the tutoring session will consist of entering data into a spreadsheets, creating new worksheets, calculating formula, importing and exporting data, etc.


Microsoft Word


Adobe Photoshop


Elementary Math


I have more than 7 years of experience tutoring students at all grade level including special ed students and adults. I offered one on one tutoring sessions in the comfort of their home or public libraries. My goal is to help my students enhance their reading skills in all areas where they are challenge with difficulties. Therefore, I will provide assessment in the beginning of tutoring sessions to help determine their weakness then to work towards a goal of improvement. I will develop phonics technique for tutoring sessions to help toward improving his or her speech patterns, spellings, and reading. I will use descriptive methods that will be demonstrated with examples of pictures, symbols. Also, I will help my student understand the relationship between words, sounds, and letters. I will also show methods on how to remember the forms of written words. My student will gain confidence where he or she will achieve to read accurately, spell words phonetically in all aspects. He or she will always remember to practice techniques taught during sessions.

Study Skills

I have more than 7 years of experiences tutoring students in all grades levels including adults and special ed students as well. I provide lessons in the comfort of my student's home or public libraries. I will communicate with the students or parent depending on the grade level. I will determine based on communication where the student encounters the most difficulties. I will give an assessment that will determine goals needed to achieve during tutoring sessions. I will provide students with time management tasks, how he or she will evaluate his or her time to study. I will provide exercise during sessions to assist in improving their study skills techniques. After every session, student will be evaluated effectively based on the require goal to achieve for that particular session. The student will be able to know how to organize, manage time and prioritize tasks/ school works effectively in order to improve in study skills. Basically, he or she will be able to develop positive habits that will help them permanently in their study skills.

Special Needs

I have more than 8 years of experience working with students as well at all grade level including college who have these forms of disabilities: ADD/ADHD, Bipolarism, Blindness, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf, and Dyslexia, and Muteness. I help each individual at his or her own pace. I work well around student schedule and will provide assessment to evaluate his/her level of understanding and at the end to evaluate his/her improvement.


I have 7 years of experiences working with bilingual Spanish speaking students and adult. I worked with Special Ed students and adults who were in the process of taking the GED test. I provided one on one tutoring at home and at public libraries. The first sessions consisted of assessment in the beginning and at the completion of the session in order to evaluate and to know the areas of difficulties that we will need to focus on to help him/her improve and enhance their skills level. Also, lessons plans will be covering technique in the areas of conversation, vocabulary, writing skills development and language skills including grammar, reading articles and novels. In addition, lessons will explain grammar rules, discussion from lessons, and help with essay correction. With the last focus, I will provide progress notes to the parents or the adult student that will indicate his/her improvement.


I have more than eight years of experience working with ADD/ADHD students at all grade levels through college. I have communicated with these student's parents, teachers and peers in order to have a strong understanding of the student's condition and behavior pattern. I have provided student assessments to evaluate the student's academic level in the beginning and at the end of tutoring program. I will develop short goals and lessons plans to assist student improvement and focus towards stability at his/her condition level. I work with each student at his/her own pace.

Desktop Publishing

I have more than 7 years offering tutoring services to students of all age group including adults and special ed students. I offer sessions in the comfort of their own home or in the public library. I offering tutoring assessment in the beginning of tutoring service to evaluate the student weakness and knowledge towards the lessons. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree from California State University Los Angeles, in Graphic Design. I have more than 10 years of experience working as a Desktop Publisher. I will provide guidance to assist in the area of weakness for this student. I will emphasis on illustrating how to use different desktop publishing software to develop creative materials such flyers, logos reflecting advertising/ publishing, t-shirts, newspaper templates, professional/diverse layouts, items created for package design such CD cover, book cover etc... Desktop publishing software will consist of Photoshop, illustrator, QuarkXPress, Flash, In design, and Microsoft publisher. The student will be able to achieve knowledge to use this software effectively by learning the basic usage and various creative techniques including a shortcut for the purpose of design. I will tutor a student at his or her own pace. Once, the student has accomplished his or her goal another assessment will be an offer to convey accomplishment. The student will grasp effectively, will develop a portfolio that will show transition towards skill improvement. The student will gain knowledge to research, analyze colors / black and white items, develop artistic ideas and execute in a design form.


I have been offering tutoring services to students who have dyslexia for eight years. I have gained most of my experiences working under the No Child Left Behind program in Los Angeles, CA. I have worked one-on-one with the student in his/her home or at a public library. If a student needs to report to a caretaker, then I communicate with a caretaker in order to have knowledge of problems areas that will help to develop a pattern to improve student performance under any environment. I have created lessons plans that consist of short goals to complete before tutoring program end. These goals help me identify areas for focus and develop methods to help students in areas of difficulties. I provide assessment in the beginning and the end of the entire tutoring service to evaluate student academic level of understanding.

Microsoft Publisher

I have more than 7 years of experience tutoring students of all age group. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Art concentration Graphic Design. I offer tutoring sessions online, in the comfort of a student's home or at the local public library. I provide an assessment in the beginning of the course to evaluate student's knowledge in the subject. Once an agreement has been made between student and instructor, another assessment will be given to determine student improvement /achievement. After the first assessment, I will develop a plan to help a student reach goals in the area he or she may be experiencing difficulties. I will utilize tools such as short presentation within Microsoft Publishing software to show student different techniques to create materials such as flyers, brochures, letters, business cards, book covers and creative materials from scratch or template. The student will be able to create sample work during sessions to build and keep in their portfolio for learning development. Student will understand the software in all aspect and will gain necessary technique to create materials.