Dr. Fred Y.

Dr. Fred Y.


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Teaching Math and LA to Everyone, Including the "Uneducable."

Before I take on any new student, I personally interview them for the perfect fit. I use NLP, energy testing, sports psychology, personal observation of the student's responses to ascertain both their learning style and what barriers, psychological or otherwise, that impede their learning. For example, in taking on a certain math student, I observed that he could not get the answer until he writhed, wiggled, and fell to the floor. I taught him kinesthetically. Among the students who benefi... [more]

Algebra 1

I have taught high school algebra, pre-algebra, and basic math skills at the local community college; have 17 years experience tutoring.

Algebra 2

I have taught Algebra II at the local community college.

American History

In addition to my Ph.D, over forty year of teaching experience, and other qualifications, I have an MA in American and European history.


European History

Next to my PhD and 48 graduate credits in special education, I have an MA in History, with specialization in US and European History. I have taught history to homeschoolers, helped those in public school pass their AP assignments, and written graduate level essays that were submitted for awards.


I have taught high school geometry to homeschoolers for over 17 years, have a PhD, MA and 48 graduate units toward a special education degree. One student of mine passed through all his mathematics entry exams to community college.


I have taught pre-algebra at the local community college, to homeschoolers, and have tutored for 17 years.


I have taught reading at all levels and to a variety of students, including one who was labeled "uneducable" by his school district. After tutoring, he was able to read job applications and study for his driver's test. I have 48 graduate units in special education that included modules on how to teach reading


I have taught expository, narrative, compare and contrast and research writing at Rogue Community College, have taught homeschoolers writing (they'd pass their standardized testing), have had 17+years of tutoring experience, am a published writer, both in academia and in fiction writing. If I can't help you, no one can.



I have taught the first year college writing series at Rogue Community College, which includes writing narratives, compare and contrast essays, and research papers. I have tutored for 17 years in writing. I have published in professional journals, have a PhD in philosophy and an MA in history. I have won awards for my university teaching.


I have taught English to Chinese and Mongolian students via online platforms.


Next to my Ph.D., two MA's and 48 graduate credit hours in special education, I was, for a time, a psychology major in college. I have just helped a psychiatric nurse get his doctorate. I am also conversant in the history of ideas which overlaps with psychology, and have taught psychology both online and to homeschoolers.

SAT Math

I have taught SAT Math qualifications to homeschoolers, have taught the GED to people wishing to move on to college, and have taught the Praxis to teachers needed it for professional advancement. Standardized tests need some training in the way they are set up and the study "tricks" needed to do well on them, and I have taught these.

World History

I have an MA in European and America history and have taught homeschoolers and high school students history for 17 years.


I have taught GED prep. to several students. Homeschoolers find this a valuable alternative to a high school degree. All but one passed, one with a score so high he was offered a small scholarship. The one who did not pass, quit.

SAT Writing

I have taught writing skills at the local community college. The two-course sequence is designed to prepare them for advanced college writing in research and in essays, thus, it is far more demanding than the SAT writing test. I have helped a nursing doctorate student with the writing that he needed to get his degree. I have helped homeschoolers prepare for the SAT and the GED.


I have helped prepare a number of students for standardized tests, ranging from the SSAT to tests for licensure. My students have passed the GED, gotten high scores on the SSAT and SAT, have gotten the scores they need to pass the Praxis.

Elementary Math

I have seventeen years of tutoring math at all levels, including elementary math. I have passed the Praxis test and could qualify for the "Basic-Basic Math" teaching specialization in Oregon. I have taught math as a substitute teacher and as a college professor. At the local community college, I taught courses for those who needed help in 5th through 9th-grade math. I have a community college teaching credential and, in the past, a special substitute teaching license. I have 48 graduate credit hours in special education.

Elementary Science

I have had 17 years experience in teaching math and science skills to elementary students and to even high school homeschoolers.


I have taught political philosophy at the undergraduate and graduate level, using social choice theory. I have given lectures on A.K. Sen's paradox of liberalism. I have published in The Freeman on the subject. I published a paper, "Nozick and the Individualist Anarchist," Journal of Libertarian Studies,' which is still much discussed (as of 2012), touted by the Von Mises Institute, and which used social choice theory and economic concepts.


I have taught political philosophy at the undergraduate and graduate level, using social choice theory. I have given lectures on A.K. Sen's paradox of liberalism. I have published in The Freeman on the subject. I published a paper, "Nozick and the Individualist Anarchist," Journal of Libertarian Studies,' which is still much discussed (as of 2012), touted by the Von Mises Institute, and which used social choice theory and economic concepts.

Elementary (K-6th)

Have been a substitute teacher for approximately 14 years; helped with special needs students at 1st through 6th grade. Have the ability to pass a basic-basic math test for certification, have passed the basic certification tests in Oregon, have tutored for over 14 years at all grade levels. Have been certified by WyzAnt in Elementary Math, GED preparation.

Special Needs

I have 48 graduate credits from the University of Phoenix in Special Education, have tutored a girl with Alcohol Fetal Syndrome and hypersexuality, a boy with Multiple Learning Disorders, a Marine Sargent with TBI from Iraq, a student at RCC with TBI and memory problems, a student with EBD, students with autism,to name but a few. I have taken courses in how to teach Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), how to teach the cognitively challenged (e.g., Down's Syndrome); taken courses in Emotional and Behavioral Disorder (EBD), on how to do action research, and my project was the advances in learning for people with dyslexia that are being done in the UK. I have done research to help students with multiple learning disorder (MLD). I have taken courses in how to help those with special needs in reading. I have taught people who have English as a 2nd language, and currently am employed as a distance instructor by a TESL organization in Honk Kong. I have been the outside expert on IEP meetings, brought in by parents. I have collaborated with Special Education teachers about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I have taken a course in how to do the paperwork for IEP's, measuring standard deviations, and how to classify students according to the DSM-IV.

Discrete Math

I have taught through calculus to homeschoolers, who have gone on to enroll in private universities. I have taught the objects studied in discrete mathematics, e.g., integers, graphs, and the predicate calculus (statements in logic). There is no formal definition of discrete mathematics, except for what it excludes, which is continuous flows of numbers; however, it has come up in my teaching of algebra, pre-calculus, and introduction to calculus. Part of my PhD in philosophy included 3 quarters of study of logic, including the predicate calculus through Goedel?s Incompleteness theorem. Part of discrete mathematics involves social choice theory, which I dealt with in my PhD thesis.

College Counseling

I have been a university professor for over 7 years, was a thesis advisor, have counseled homeschoolers for 15 years on how to get into college; I've taught at community colleges; I drew up a plan for one of my homeschoolers--get the GED, study to pass through Algebra II and Freshman English, and he did so. Successfully got one student in a private Christian university in the Southern California area.


I have 48 graduate credits in cross-categorical special needs, several courses dealt with students with learning disorders have taught several students with dyslexia; one is now in the Navy. (That one, I helped his father as well). I have studied UK research on how to apply learning styles to help those with dyslexia learn, and have learned several drills from energy psychology which have some success.


I have a Ph.D in analytic philosophy; this included one year of mathematical logic. I have over 7 years experience teaching at the university level, and was scheduled once to teach 3 courses in logic. I have taught college writing at Rogue Community College, which had a section on informal fallacies. I have pointed to logical confusion in Robert Nozick's (former chair of Harvard) "Anarchy, State and Utopia," in my "An Individualist Anarchist's Reply to Nozick," published in the Journal of Libertarian Studies and which is still much discussed over two decades after its publication.


I have passed the Praxis test and tutored one teacher who could not pass it until I showed her how. I have 48 graduate hours in teaching, and over 15 years of tutoring experience. During that time, I have helped students pass all sorts of standardized tests, from the GED to the ACT to the Praxis.

Social Studies

I have an MA in history, particularly American and European history; have published an essay in political philosophy, using social choice theory, have taught social studies to homeschoolers since 1998.