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Michael W.


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MBA - tutor for English, Science, Math & entrance exams.

I will help you develop strategies and skills in writing, math, science, entrance tests and other related subjects. I have a Bachelors in Psychology. I have 2 Masters. One is in Human Resources and Labor Relations. The other degree is a MBA where I focused on Marketing and Finance. I also completed over 30 exams in order to achieve 5 insurance designations. My professional career focus in on training and development I worked specifically in this role and now in sales. I enjoy work... [more]

Algebra 1

I took many math classes in high school and calculus in college.

Algebra 2

American History

I took AP US History in high school. I continue to read on the internet about historical events and have very good recall to go over with students.


By helping students study for various entrance exams, I have increased my overall vocabulary of the English language. I can come up with easy memorization tools for students to learn and recall new vocab words.


Thru WyzAnt, I have tutored students on various writing assignments and different entrance exams. Grammar plays an important role for one to accurately comprehend the writer's meaning. I can help you review grammar in your assignment and give you tips to correct it when needed.

General Computer

I have been playing with computers since the IBM PC Jr came out many years ago. I stay on top of new technology related to software and hardware content.



I took many math classes in high school and calculus in college.


I enjoy reading and writing. I have a strong grasp on grammar, spelling and other related issues to English.


I used to write spec scripts, screenplays, fiction stories, along with essays for school and work related subjects. I can help you write strong statements based on what you are passionate about or what you have to write for a school project.


I have a strong grasp of the English language in issues related to grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. I also continue to learn new languages so I can further see how they compare to English.



I enjoy reading and writing. I have a strong grasp on grammar, spelling and other related issues to English. I also have taken many entrance exams over the years such as GRE, LSAT, etc.


I will review your writing assignments for issues like spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the general meaning/idea of what you intended.


I have completed high school and earned 3 college degrees. I am also taking additional science courses, computer science, and language learning as time permits. I can help you pass high school related courses.

SAT Reading

I can go over specific strategies on how to pick fill in the blank answer and how to eliminate some answers to help you find the right one on the critical reading so you have enough time to review it at the end.

SAT Writing

I have a strong background in writing in the school setting along with creative writing. I can help you form essays using an agenda, thesis statements, concluding summary, etc.


I took the GMAT in order to get into a MBA school. I do well on test taking strategies like time management, process of elimination, reading comprehension, math, etc. I can review these with you.


ACT Reading

There are various methods I use to help students. These include how to properly eliminate answers, sorting thru the dense material for responses, skimming the paragraph and similar ideas that should help.

ACT English

I've been studying ACT English along with other grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation drills on a regular basis for the past year. I've helped students read through their papers to improve their English skills. In turn, these actions help them with their ACT English and my understanding as well.

ACT Math

ACT Science

I have a strong passion for science courses. I took biology, chemistry, physics, and AP Chemistry in high school. I took some chemistry classes as an undergrad, too. I recently took anatomy and a physiology course. For the NLN exam, I received a mid-90 on the science section.

Elementary Math

I enjoy working with kids and have good background in higher level math and science courses.

Elementary Science

I enjoy working with kids and have good background in higher level math and science courses. I further my studies by taking chemistry and biology classes in high school and college.

Study Skills

I have taken many tests over the years. I had to balance work, family, and other issues in order to successfully pass these tests. I have 5 insurance designations which composed about 30 tests. I have 2 graduate degrees and a bachelor's degree. Over that time period, I took various tests in many subjects and successfully completed them. I have excellent time management skills and can help provide strategies to students to pass tests. It will include hard skills (math, science) and soft skills such as ways to approach tests, how to pick answers on multiple choice tests, how to write essay exams.


I have an MBA in marketing and finance, started my own business, and have worked in sales, marketing, HR function.

Career Development

In college, I worked in the career counseling center where we would help students and alumni create and improve their resume, mock interviewing, and career searches. My HR experience allowed me to review resumes, conduct real interviews with candidates, and discuss how they could help our company.

College Counseling

I provided college and career counseling at the University of IL. We would discuss with students issues such as entrance exams, placement tests, enrollment procedures, CLEP/AP exams, ratings of schools, essay writing, and mock interviewing.


I have an MBA with a focus in marketing. In my sales job, I have to constantly market myself and our products/services in order to achieve work related and financial goals.

Series 63

I have 8 years of experience selling financial and insurance products. We are required to be licensed and I took the 63. I had to study for this test and do continuing ed.

Series 7

I have been in the financial/insurance industry for almost 9 yrs. I have taken Series 6, 63, and 65 tests and passed. I have earned 5 insurance/financial related designations. I have tutored a student on Series 65 and helped him pass the exam.


Over my career, I have had to give training presentations in small and large groups. I have performed in Second City student shows. I now have to present information to clients in order to educate them about their insurance products. I feel very comfortable speaking in front of a group and can pass on these skills.