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I have taught all levels of Mathematics and tutored Mathematics for many years. I have taught and tutored and Mathematics in New York State and in South Carolina for many years. I have a Master of Science in Education from The College at Brockport granted August 1982. I am New York State certified to teach Mathematics seven through twelve. I am very patient with all the people that I tutor. I have been able to break down difficult topics in Mathematics, so that students can understand t... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is the study of the fundamentals of Algebra. It includes: solving equations and inequalities, operations with signed numbers, distributive property, factoring and operations with polynomials. It also includes the study of the laws of exponents.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is the further study of elementary algebra and also combines it with trigonometry. It is very important to have a knowledge of Algebra 2 to use successfully with science classes such as Physics.


Geometry is the study of analytic and logic proofs. It is also the study of properties of polygons. It also involves a study of the coordinate plane and graphing. Classifying angles and classifying triangles by their sides and their angles are also a part of the course material. Parallel and perpendicular lines and their properties are also covered.


Prealgebra involves strengthening adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing of fractions, signed numbers, decimals. These operations need to be excellent to be prepared to have a good foundation for the study of Algebra in the future.


Precalculus includes the study of functions and their graphs on the coordinate plane. A complex study of Algebra is also included in this course. Compound interest and exponential decay are also studied. This course lays the groundwork for further study of Mathematics at the college level. It is vitally important to students who will study higher level Mathematics and Science.


Reading is being able to understand words that people write in textbooks, novels, newspapers, journals, and other forms of writing. It is an important skill to master to gain knowledge in every skill we try to excel at in our daily lives. It fosters in us a desire to keep reading and keep learning new things in our life.


Trigonometry is the study of the trigonometric functions of the right triangle. The three basic trigonometric functions are sine,cosine and tangent. Each of these functions has a co-function, namely cosecant,secant,and cotangent. Trigonometry is combined with a study of coordinate geometry. Trigonometric relationships and identities are also studied. Solving problems using the trigonometric relations and Algebra are also a vital part of this course.

SAT Math

SAT Math is a test that measures how well a student is ready for college level mathematics. A low score on this test usually means that the student will have to take remedial math courses before they take required courses in math. This prolongs the time it takes them to finish college.


The GED Test includes Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Writing, English and Language Arts. The test measures a person's proficiency in each of these areas. A minimum score is required in each of the areas tested. The test measures a person's readiness to enter college successfully.


The ASVAB test is a test that is given to test a person's readiness to become a member of the armed services. It usually has eight or nine topics in all. Some of these topics are:arithmetic reasoning,vocabulary, electronics, and paragraph structure.



The PSAT test is a test of Math and English that helps a student prepare for the SAT test. The PSAT also measures how well a student is prepared to enter college successfully in the future.

ACT Math

I have tutored people successfully in the A.C.T. for many years. It is important for students to do well on these tests in order to avoid taking prerequisite math classes in college before taking required courses needed for their major. By teaching students simple and practical ways to solve problems they are able to score higher on the test and have a better appreciation for mathematics.

Elementary Math

Study Skills

Study skills are very important to acquire to be successful in whatever course of study you are pursuing. It is very important to prioritize your work and manage your time wisely to gain the optimum result. Excellent study skills will be a benefit to you the rest of your life. I have been a Math Instructor and Math Tutor for many years. I have helped students prepare for tests on the high school and college levels. To be successful on tests students need to manage time wisely and prioritize their work. I have been able to equip the students with the study skills needed to be successful in whatever their life's goals are.

Special Needs

I am a New York State certified mathematics teacher grades seven through twelve. Three of my sons are special needs children. One son has Aspergers syndrome. One son is somewhere on the autism spectrum without a specific diagnosis. My third son has ADD/ADHD tendencies at times. He was diagnosed when he was very young. My tutoring and teaching techniques allow me to be patient and explain things thoroughly to allow my sons to learn and flourish. I will continue to use these techniques to address the learning challenges of this special population.


I am a certified New York State mathematics teacher grades seven through twelve. I have tutored and taught mathematics successfully to students of all ages who exhibit ADD/ADHD tendencies. I also have a nineteen year-old son who deals with the effects of ADD/ADHD from time to time. I have been able to help him be successful in his academic pursuits. My tutoring and teaching techniques for this unique group is to be patient and explain things as simply as possible.


Logic is the study of the truth values of combined statements. A statement is either true or false in our English language, there is no middle ground or maybe. When two statements are combined by conjunctions, disjunctions, implications, or if and only if, a truth table can be constructed listing the possibilities for each statement and the truth value of the combined statement. Logic helps us reason things out better. Geometry uses this truth value system as a basis for setting up logic proofs. I have taught logic to high school and college students for many years with great success. I have also taught logic proofs to tenth grade students for many years. I am a New York State certified mathematics teacher grades seven through twelve. I have a wealth of knowledge on the subject of logic and how it relates to other disciplines as well as mathematics. I hope to share this knowledge for the benefit of my students.


I am a certified New York State certified mathematics teacher grades seven through twelve. I have taught college level classes that use my math lab as the homework piece of the math course. I have been able to give my students support with my math lab to complete their classes successfully. I have also tutored college level students in South Carolina and in New York State using my math lab with a great degree of success. This qualifies me to tutor students in this subject.


I have tutored and taught mathematics at the high school and college level for many years. I have an M.S. in education from the College at Brockport, Brockport, NY in 1982. I also have a B.S in Mathematics from the College at Brockport in 1975. I am permanently certified in New York State in Mathematics seven through twelve. I have held this certification since 1982. I have taught the topics that are on the TEAS Test in the past. I also helped my wife and my daughter with Mathematics courses associated with gaining a nursing degree. I am very qualified to tutor TEAS Math.