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Alan H.


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Ivy League PhD

I have an Ivy League PhD in Religious Studies (Penn), and have done classroom teaching in most areas of Religion from Bible, to Religions of East Asia, to Women in Religion. I have also taught Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. I have been doing private tutoring for several years in various areas of the humanities. I try to customize the experience to the student's needs as much as is possible. I never go into working with a student with a set agenda, although I may develop one as time progre... [more]

General Computer

I have taught introduction to computing at three different colleges. I have a BS in Computer Science, with 24 hours at the graduate level.

Music Theory

I was a theory/composition major in college (until I switched at the last minute to Religion). I have about 53 semester hours in music in college, including at least 14 hours specifically in music theory (another 12 hours specifically in composition). Since college, I have spent most of my composition time on songwriting, so I know how to apply music theory concepts to real applications.


I have been playing guitar seriously for 42 years. I studied classical guitar in college, I was a (paid) church band director for 10 years (playing guitar, electric bass, and piano, as needed), and I have played in various bands over the years. My best area of expertise is in the area of pop (acoustic and electric), but I have also trained in jazz and blues. I have taught guitar on a one-to-one basis, both beginning and intermediate, on and off for years. I have also done guitar classes for beginners. All guitar lessons are customized to the student's needs and specific interests (I look for songs that you like that are also good for pushing your level).


As part of my PhD in Religious Studies, I have studied a good deal of Greek (7 semester courses). I have also taught it privately. I should point out, however, that my field is ancient Greek, and Koine (Biblical) Greek in particular. I would not be qualified to teach modern conversational Greek.