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Tutoring - MS OS, MS Office, General Computer, Writing

I am what many people call a computer geek. I have been building and working with computers for over twenty years. This is a difficult time especially with the rate that new products are being developed. Since graduating High School I have always been self-taught or had on-the-job training and when the economy took a downturn a few years ago, it became apparent to me that I needed to learn more than I already know in order to succeed so I am currently in college again, working on my Bachel... [more]



I have always been good with grammar. I attribute that to the fact that my Grandmother, whom I was very close to, was an English teacher. Proper grammar, following the rules, can be tricky at times and it helps to have references to refer to. I frequently check my grammar to ensure that I am communicating properly.

Microsoft Excel

I have been using Microsoft Excel since 2002. I have mainly used it for reporting and accounting, however I have also used it for college statistics. I am considered an expert user with knowledge of but not limited to the following: pivot tables and charts, other tables and charts, conditional formatting, importing and exporting data, formulas, design and programming, and use with other programs such as Word and PowerPoint. Excel is a very powerful program that I use in every life to keep track of my finances.

General Computer

I have been a technician since 1979. I began building IBM PC Clone computers in 1986 before the first Windows was released so I do know the DOS language. I have personally built and owned my own computers ever since that time. I have supported an Intranet with 30 clients that I was solely responsible for their operation. I know where to buy parts and programs that are inexpensive and believe in keeping my customers'/students'/co-workers'/families' computers clean and secure while teaching them about what I am doing. I have successfully taught many individuals how to use and maintain their computers. If I come across a problem that I do not know the immediate answer to, I will search until I find the answer. There are definitely certain steps that any computer operator should know and follow at all times pertaining to the installation, operation, maintenance, security, and upgrading of software and hardware. No computer will last forever but the life expectancy is directly related to how it is operated and maintained. Loss of data and security is the main concern of most computer users these days so learning how to use the Internet safely, general operation including adding and removing peripherals, backing-up data, virus protection, security, and necessary safety and maintenance procedures are important.

Microsoft Word

I have been using Microsoft Word since its conception. It is a wonderful word processing program that integrates well with other Microsoft Office Programs (i.e. Excel, Outlook, Power Point) as well as other vendor programs such as Adobe. The current edition is user friendly and with a few minor adjustments, it will appear more like an older version if that is what the user is accustomed. Special features such as mail merge, tables, formatting for different writing standards (i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, Ghost, IEEE, etc.) are available and the reference feature makes it very easy to cite in-text. This program is extremely easy to use with an extensive help section to solve problems. I recommend this program as well as other Microsoft Office programs if they are using the Microsoft platform on their computer.


Reading comprehension involves the following steps that readers can use; monitoring comprehension, metacognition, graphic and semantic organizers, answering questions, generating questions, recognizing story structure, and summarizing.


I was scared to death when I started college and was told I had to write a 500 word essay with APA formatted references (in text) and that I could not purger anyone. Wow! I used to just go to the library and copy word for word out of the books. No one said anything about perjury before. I would take notes on note cards (100 of them) and then my report would be so detailed it would be 20 pages long. We had to have references but not in text and I had never had to set up a document with the right-hand header, double spacing, and special quoting. I found myself using my APA Guide constantly. I had all of the verification pages marked so I could get there quickly. Then six years later technology advanced and I do not need to use my book as much as I used to. Most online libraries have the citing for the reference list built into their software. The software is not always correct and sometimes needs minor adjustments. APA has lightened up on a few of their guidelines in order to accommodate the Internet and programming issues. In addition MS Word 2007 and up have APA formatting and referencing built in. After learning all of the APA Guidlines, you still have to write a paper with proper sentence and paragraph structuring. I just followed the APA guidelines and the rules in my Writing Textbook and hoped for the best. I was shocked when my first essay that I wrote came back with an excellent review. Apparently I have developed a unique style of writing. I believe that it comes from writing technical procedures. They must be written in a way that any trainee or person would be able to sit down and follow the directions. As far as essays written from research go, I always seem to have a little bit of a hard time getting the thesis started so I took the advice from my writing textbook and quite often will write the essay body before I write the thesis. Thesis...boy did that word scare me. I thought that the thesis had to be some highly scientific intellectual discovery by me. They can be highly intellectual discoveries but I do not need to make a discovery as a freshman in my first English Writing class. I learned that essays are easy to write as long as you do the research and give yourself enough time to write, review, and make changes. I found out that I have to put the essay down for 24 hours and then review it again. I always find errors and make changes in my writing. It is also a good idea to have someone else read it before you turn it in. Proper grammar is important and some of the rules can be easily overlooked due to the way we speak. We use a lot of slang and shortcuts along with improper subject and verb usage. The first action that I took was to stop using conjunctions and improper grammar in all of my writing. I not only found it easier to remember, I found it easier to read. Even my friends commented on my improved writing. I now find myself speaking properly too. My Grandmother was an English teacher and she always kindly reminded us when we were speaking improperly. She also taught us the importance of sounding upbeat and friendly in our writing and our telephone voice. She used to say, "Answer the phone with a smile on your face. People can tell when you are frowning". I have been writing papers for essays now for nine years, off and on, and technical writing for 25 years. The good thing about grammar and writing is that there are specific rules and if you have them available (they are published in the APA Guidelines) you will have a much more relaxed writing experience.

Elementary Math

I was a math wiz in elementary school. I won the times table award for Baskin Robins Ice Cream many times. Math came easy to me and I frequently helped my friends and my little brother with understanding their lessons.

Web Design

While in the process of building my own website, it was necessary for me to do extensive research to find answers and solve problems. I am familiar with HTML 4.01, HTML5, and CSS 3.0. I am aware of the many standards that must be followed in order to have the website viewable on the widest variety of equipment used by it's users. I am also aware of the standards that must be met for hearing and viewing impaired users. In addition, I am familiar with operating webiste management consoles, webmail, webservers, and networking (wired and wireless).

Microsoft Outlook

This program is designed to help facilitate communications through Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, Fax Mail Transport, and Outlook Mobile Service. Each account has it's own Personal Folders File and Address Book. It has a calendar for scheduling and date tracking. It comes with fully programmable forms that may be used with other programs such as webmail. I have been working with MS Outlook since 1997 and have worked with every version of the program since. I have been in charge of setting up POP3 accounts during this entire time. I also have experience designing custom forms to be used for messaging from different accounts. I use Outlook for my personal mail, tasks, and date keeping. I have used it to plan other peoples schedules and coordinate their daily lives. I find it to be a very user-friendly program that should be maintained by an experienced person. There are certain maintenance activities that should be performed regularly such as backing up the folders and the address books to an additional media in case of an emergency. The data contained within the program is usually required for personal, business, and private interactions by the user so loss of it would be catastrophic.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows Operating System is easy to configure. There are many little best kept secrets that most do not even know about or probably need to know. I have been using Windows since their first release and ever since. The cleanest versions that I have used have been XP Service Pack3, Windows 7, Windows NT. I have also worked with Server 2002 and provided full technical support to 30 clients. At present I am in the process of learning more administrative tasks with the program as it has changed quite a bit since XP. I am looking forward to the release of Windows 8. I have taught many employees, family members, and friends how to properly use their systems and I have never had an unhappy student when it comes to learning this operating system.