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I am the oldest of nine children in a home that emphasized lifelong learning. So, I had a lot of opportunities as I grew up to tutor my siblings, the youngest of which is almost 12. My educational experience includes private schooling, Montessori schooling, religious schooling, and traditional public schooling, so I also have experience with hands-on learning experiences in addition to traditional teaching methods. I think my most memorable experience with tutoring my siblings came from tut... [more]

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Elementary (K-6th)

I have a Master's in Elementary Education (K-8), and I have been teaching for several years now. I have experience teaching grades 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6. I have experience teaching ESL students. My students consistently make great gains in Reading and in Math.

General Music

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Southern Virginia University. I studied music theory, music history, composition, and vocal music. I have been in a number of choirs from the amateur to the semi-professional levels. I have taught private music lessons for three years. I have played the piano for eighteen years. Music is as much a hobby for me as it is part of who I am, and so I have a number of resources at my disposal that can help me find the answers that I need if I don't already know the answer.


I have a Bachelor's in music from Southern Virginia University. I've been playing the piano for 18 years. I have accompanied choirs and vocal students on the piano. I have taught private lessons for about three years. My philosophy of teaching piano is to go at the student's pace. Every student has a different reason that they're taking piano lessons, and I want to make sure that lessons are enjoyable for all parties. I usually use the Alfred's Basic Piano Library books, but I have taught out of the PianoTown books as well. I'm flexible on the books that I use to guide my teaching. I also use supplemental aides if I feel that they will help my student grasp a concept more fully. I like to use instructional games as well.

Study Skills

Over the years, I have been learning more about the importance of good study skills. I have recently tutored a student who needed some help adjusting to the university level of classes, and most of what we were working on involved study skills. When tutoring a student in study skills, I begin with determining what the student's learning style is. I've found that usually helps to fix and identify problems almost immediately. I also work on teaching students the need for balance in work and play as well as the physical and mental. I have a variety of note-taking strategies that I work with students on. I also advocate the use of study groups outside of class and the need to form relationships within the class so that students feel like they are a part of a community. I help students look at test-taking strategies so that they can maximize their potential when faced with a test. I try to help students find one or two goals to try and work on over the next week. They report back on how it worked for them, and we go from there. Since studying is such a personal thing, I use kind of a trial-and-error approach which has helped not only myself but my students understand themselves as much as it helps to improve their grades.

Voice (Music)

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance from Southern Virginia University. I have taken private voice lessons for 12 years now. I am also a certified voice instructor with another tutoring service. I am a soprano and can offer a great deal of support to female voices, but I have taught male students who either have been starting the voice change process or have already settled into their tenor/bass register. I begin my students with folk songs to teach them the basics of vocal technique and song interpretation. After several months or a year, I begin teaching them more complicated classical style pieces from a series of repertoire books by Joan Frey Boytim, such as "The First Book of Soprano Solos." My lessons usually begin with a 10-15 minute vocal and breath and body warm-up. Then, we begin reviewing the repertoire for the week and practice the technical and interpretive techniques required by the piece. Finally, we review the rehearsal plan for the week.

Special Needs

I have a lot of personal experience with various types of special needs. I have two brothers with a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy which leads them to rely on electric wheelchairs for their daily movement. They also require a lot of personal assistance for various activities which I, myself, took for granted before they were diagnosed. I've learned how to let them judge whether or not they needed my help, and to be quick to follow their instructions instead of relying on my belief that I know what they need. I have a sister with severe dyslexia, and I have helped her gain a more tactile understanding of mathematics by tutoring her over the summer. I also helped her to develop some organizational tools which have helped her to stay on top of her assignments and take charge of her own learning. I also have a brother who has moderate autism. He's mostly functional in society, but there are some social skills which he lacks at the moment. Our family has been helping him to be sensitive to social norms and it seems to be paying off. I also worked with a boy who had autism in a Sunday school class years ago. He was a bit of a handful, but he was a wonderful boy who was eager to learn and experience. I am happy to work with parents to learn what help the child needs, and what things I can do to help. I understand that in cases of special needs, there needs to be an open collaboration between parents, teachers, and students.