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Robert B.


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I've been a private tutor for over 15 years. As an undergraduate at University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!), I worked part-time as a tutor in the Math Dept.'s Math Lab. There I learned those techniques most effective to bring a student along further than they'd even thought possible. I gained from that time an appreciation for educating others, and sharing with them the joy that comes with understanding new concepts and widening one's perspective. I offer experience that can only be... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

This is probably the subject I have tutored most, as it is so common a requirement for students beginning their college courses. It's also one of the most important to master to be confident moving forward to the more advanced subjects, like Calculus and Differential Equations. A solid base in Algebra can mean the difference between a struggle to pass and an easy A. I recommend not letting one's skills in this area to be lacking in any way.


I scored 5's on both the AP Calculus AB and BC tests. I've tutored calculus so much I think I've seen just about every problem in most textbooks and can explain solutions in ways that stick.

Microsoft Excel




Pre-algebra is one of my most frequently requested subjects to tutor and so I have a lot of experience explaining the concepts in a way that will carry through to the later subjects like Algebra and Calculus.


Precalculus is one of my favorite subjects to tutor, to help give students that last layer of algebra and what will be become their first glimpse into the calculus.



I?m currently teaching college level Statistics to high school students in a dual enrollment program. I?m familiar with how online statistics courses are presented, and can offer a good bit of experience with using technology like graphing calculators.

SAT Math


Linear Algebra


ACT Math

Elementary Math

As a tutor of all math subjects I can provide the kind of instruction that will serve students long after they?ve finished their initial studies in elementary mathematics, instilling habits that will ensure confidence going forward.

Discrete Math

Because so many different mathematical disciplines fall under the umbrella of "discrete mathematics," it takes a "big picture" point of view to really appreciate the vast implications of its principal results. Counting, logic, set theory, probability, number theory, and several more subjects are all contained under the characterization "discrete math," as they all deal with constructions related to operations taken over the integers, and not requiring the full contiuum of real numbers, as in analysis. As a mathematics major and longtime tutor, I'm uniquely qualified to make sure students are aware of the "big picture" view of discrete math, while mastering the details subject by subject.

Differential Equations

Differential equations are used to describe every phenomena observed in the universe, and more! Solving DE's represents a natural step one would take after having learned the first elements of calculus. As a tutor and pure math major at the Math Lab at UCF, I was the "go-to guy" when it came to DE's and the more advanced PDE courses. If you're looking for a DE tutor with several years experience, I'm the guy for the job, and I won't let you down.