Jeanette L.

Jeanette L.


Saugatuck, MI 49453

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$40 per hour.

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certified art teacher and professional working artist available

I am a certified art teacher with a Masters degree in Humanities from Central Michigan University. I also have a BA in Art Ed and two associates degrees in Auto design and Manufacturing design. I have been teaching in k-12 schools (and adult as well as college) since 1986, and have been subbing in k-12 since 2009, in all subjects and grades. I have also taught at an art camp for three years as a painting and drawing teacher. I am also a Humanities Professor for colleges. I been a professio... [more]



I am not the grammar police, but I feel I know this well enough to aid another person who does not. Been a Native speaker all my life, had English classes all through my education as well.

Microsoft Word

I use this on a daily basis for creating resumes, cover letters and so on. I feel well versed in this system to help another person out if they are beginning to use it. I also use word to create documents for my personal art business!



I been guest teaching in many English classrooms facilitating the lesson the teacher left for the students to complete. English also is my Native language. I also have been applying to teach English overseas and have 5 offers to do so. All this add up to a person who can assist others with most troubles they may have with a English class.


I am a Native speaker of English. I had to have many classes during my college years and pass said classes to graduate. I also been substitute teaching since 2009 and have taught many many ESL as well as English classes. I also been getting recruited to teach OVERSEAS as a ESL ESOL TESL TESOL teacher!

Art Theory

as a certified art teacher, art theory is something we all had to take classes in and well versed in when teaching our own classes. I did teach some while student teaching and also had this "mixed in" my lessons when teaching at the fine arts summer camp.


I worked in the manufacturing industry for a few years, then I taught AutoCAD (mechanical engineering design) for three semesters in an adult education school. I left off at version 14. DO NOT know 3D at all.

Art History

I teach art history at the college level. In addition to teaching I have had several classes at the Master level of my Masters degree.


I have had architecture classes in two colleges as well as during my MA in Humanities degree. I feel very confident in tutoring in this subject.