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Biology/Science for Everyone!

My first Biology class, in 6th grade, sealed the deal - this was definitely what I wanted to study. I wasn't naturally good in math and chemistry, so I took extra courses in those subjects in college. I've been teaching since my senior year in college, starting with a course in Human Biology for non-science majors at Brown University. Working on my PhD, I taught General Biology, Human Anatomy (with cadavers), and Vertebrate Anatomy; and also assisted on a 3-week ecology field trip in Mex... [more]


Sc.B. in Biology Ph.D. in Comparative Anatomy & Physiology 20 years teaching college Biology - many subjects, esp. A &P for nursing students. 7 years tutoring all topics in Biology, incl. Microbiology; and intro Chemistry


Sc.B. in Biology - Brown University Ph.D. in Comparative Physiology - University of Oklahoma I've taught Introductory Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Human Biology, Kinesiology, Microbiology, Environmental Biology, Nutrition and Medical Terminology at the City Colleges of Chicago, Roosevelt University, Loyola University and several other colleges in the Chicago area for 18 years.





My Ph.D. is in Comparative Physiology, which I earned in the Zoology Department at the University of Oklahoma. My undergraduate science degree also included courses in the biology of diverse groups of organisms besides human beings: Invertebrate Biology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Primatology and Evolutionary Biology. Key topics in these courses included: Classification of animals. How different groups of animals adapt to their environment(s). Key physiological issues for all animals- temperature regulation, hydration, electrolyte balance, locomotion, habitat selection, predator defense, mate selection.


I have taught the basics of Genetics dozens of times in introductory biology courses for majors and non-majors. I also include sections on Biotechnology, esp. in regard to genetically modified foods, Epigenetics and Genomic Medicine in most of my classes - General Biology and Human Physiology. Topics I have taught many times: Genetics - basics of the cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis; chromosome structure, replication, transcription, translation; gene regulation; Mendelian inheritance; epigenetics


I have a Ph.D. in Physiology, covering all subjects in Human Physiology including Digestion and Metabolism. I have taught Nutrition at the college level dozens of times, in physiology courses and as a full semester course. Nutrition is my special interest in physiology, because nutrition affects personal health more than any other choice we make on a daily basis. So I have taken nutrition courses since my degree, and include nutrition, food and agriculture in most of my courses. The nutrition topics I've taught many times include: Nutrition - What is nutrition? Macronutrients & micronutrients. The importance of water in the human body. Energy - calories & metabolism. Reading a nutrition label. The digestive system - organs & basic processes. The role of bacteria in nutrition -in food, in the digestive system. Nutrition in the life cycle; requirements at various stages. Nutrition for skeletal health. Nutrition for athletes. Body weight and health; BMI and other indices. Metabolic syndrome - diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and related conditions. Food, health, agriculture & the environment. Food preservatives & processing. Digestive & metabolic diseases.