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No matter where you are in life ? a student, a recent graduate, or a member of the workforce, chances are you have some reading and writing-related goals. Wouldn't it be great to meet those goals and feel at ease along the way? I'm dedicated to helping you do just this! I'm an English professor and former paralegal, who also does private tutoring. This unique blend of academic and corporate skills makes me a more dynamic tutor. I'm just as comfortable instructing someone in junior high school... [more]

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If you're a native English speaker or an advanced ESL student, you probably have a much better command of English grammar than you think you do. I'll help you uncover the knowledge of English that you already have, so you can read, write and speak more fluently. If you have gaps in certain skill sets, we'll work to fill them in.

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Have you ever read a paragraph, page, or even an entire work, only to have no clue what it's about? Do you feel like reading is a chore or that you're sometimes not sure what the author is trying to say? Do you avoid reading for school, work, or pleasure? Together we will identify your stumbling blocks and take manageable steps toward better reading comprehension. Whether your goal is improved test scores, grades, job performance or personal enrichment, we'll get you to a more confident, comfortable spot with how well you read.


There are 4 basic elements of writing that a good writer must master. That?s right, 4 ? not 100 or 1,000 or whatever it feels like when you?re feeling confused in English class! Here they are: 1.) Content -- are your ideas solid? 2.) Grammar -- are you writing in standard English? 3.) Structure -- do you express your ideas in a logical format? 4.) Style -- does your natural writer's voice shine through in your work, making it interesting to the reader? While strengthening even these 4 sets of skills may seem intimidating, the good news is that it's usually a manageable task. And as far as the 4th category, style, is concerned, if you?re confident in the first 3 categories then style takes care of itself. Your unique writer?s voice will shine through if you express good ideas in clear, concise, consistent English. I can work with you to help you gain confidence as a writer. We'll demystify and simplify the basic rules of written English. Then once you know these basic writing guidelines you're free to expertly abide by them or break them. Your result will be stronger essays, articles or works of fiction.



Want to learn how to write standard written English without doing boring grammar drills? Want to understand and appreciate literature? Want to figure out why poets can?t just say what they mean? Want to figure out what a ?theme? is in literature and how to write about it? Want to ace your college application essay? Want to get up to speed to enter college English classes? Want to cover some other aspect of English Language Arts that I haven?t mentioned here? If any of these questions apply to you, please contact me to discuss whether my services match your needs.


For over a decade I have taught English Language Arts to a diverse population, including English language learners from Asia, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. I'm adept at assessing each student's pattern of ESL-related errors, and I enjoy teaching the principles of Standard Written and Spoken English. Adult non-native English speakers can benefit from my guidance in everything from TOEFL preparation, to job interviews, to business meetings. I also address cultural differences that affect daily interactions and job performance. For instance, I coached one financial professional who felt nervous about what to discuss at lunch with American colleagues. We devised a strategy to provide an agenda for the luncheon that included options to simply concentrate on the meal or to deal with business-related tasks. In this way, my client felt less pressure to discuss topics with which he was unfamiliar, such as American sports. I also like helping younger students who seek educational enrichment or who are in need of boosting their grammar and reading comprehension skills. Examples of past lessons with school-age children include studying the globe with a 10-year-old eager to learn about the setting of The Island of The Blue Dolphins, and assisting a high school student in writing an essay about the difference between Chinese and American New Year.


Please see my subject description for English, which overlaps with Literature. I'll help you understand, write about and appreciate the literary works assigned to you in school. I'll also direct you to fiction that matches your general interests. Wouldn't it be great to improve your grades AND like what you're studying? I can help you achieve this!

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Following are the services I offer under the category of "Proofreading." Proofreading: I correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You receive the corrected document with a set of Track Changes comments for your review. Copyediting: I proofread your writing using the above methods and edit it with your input to help make it clearer and more concise. Developmental Editing: I proofread and copyedit your writing using the above methods and help you improve your essay structure and your expression of ideas. Research Formatting: I correct inconsistencies in MLA and APA citation format to help you maintain academic integrity. Before we work together consider if you're comfortable doing the following preparation. If not, I'll build it into our sessions. 1.) running a spell-check and grammar-check in your word processing program. 2.) reading your work aloud to catch problems with sentence structure and idea flow. 3.) reviewing each line in your printed work to find errors you?d miss reading onscreen.

SAT Reading

There is only one skill that gets tested in the Reading subsection of the SAT: your ability to comprehend college-level texts. This single skill requires no more or less of you than navigating the complex syntax used by scholars and fiction writers. Do you have to analyze the texts? No. None of the Reading subsection questions require you to decode any themes, to relate the texts to yourself, or to connect them to how society functions. Save those tasks for school! Do you have to LIKE the texts? No. you can perform just as poorly or just as well on this section of the test, no matter whether or not you enjoy its readings. Do you have to learn from the tests, to memorize any facts in advance of reading them, or have any background knowledge on their topics? No, no, and no. The bulk of the SAT Reading questions simply require you to locate text-based evidence that supports the correct answer choice. Even if you find that one skill challenging, at least it's only one skill, and I can get you up to speed with it. In fact, many of my students find that a large portion of the answers they get wrong are because they were working TOO hard to analyze the texts, rather than strategically treasure-hunting for the line references that contain the answers. On top of skill-building, I will "teach to the test" by helping you recognize how the test's designers make it seem harder than it is. For example, they camouflage the ease of straightforward questions by phrasing them weirdly, and they present the passages in dense, small-font columns. Plus, there's that arbitrary time limit on completing the questions. So, I'll helping you gain the confidence to perform at your peak level. We'll figure out how to cut through your confusion, how to capitalize on your preexisting strengths as a student, and how to work around unfamiliar vocabulary. For those of you who get test-anxiety, I can offer several techniques that will ease your mind. I'll also teach you some general test-taking strategies to help optimize your score. You might even find, as a bonus, that those same strategies help your grades improve in school.

SAT Writing

The SAT Writing Subsection contains two categories of questions: editing and proofreading. Here is a preview of how I'll walk you through such questions. For editing, you simply have to figure out whether the paragraph would get stronger or weaker depending on whether you change the topic sentence, the supporting details, or the conclusion (which may also double as a transition into the paragraph to come). Plus, on a sentence-level, you may also have to figure out if a statement is too wordy, or if it's idiomatically correct. You have to make these decisions over and over again for editing questions, and you have to make them quickly. I'll teach you how to do so. Completing the proofreading questions also requires accuracy and speed. Luckily, these questions can be just as manageable as the editing ones. In terms of grammar, you will be tested on rules you probably figured out in elementary or grammar school: subject/verb agreement, pronoun agreement, agreement of tenses, and so forth. Your mission is to spot these basic errors buried in very long sentences. If you need any clarification as to a particular grammar rule (OK, maybe your teachers never covered "who" and "whom"), I'll provide it. As for punctuation, I can also free you you of any doubts you may have about when to use commas versus semi-colons, and all those other squiggles, dashes, and dots.




ACT Reading

ACT Reading preparation is similar to the SAT but there are some important distinctions between the 2 exams. I'll walk you through what to expect, assess your skill level and help you prepare accordingly. As a bonus, you may even find that you can transfer the skills and strategies we discuss for ACT, into your schoolwork.

ACT English

ACT English preparation is similar to the SAT but there are some important distinctions between the 2 exams. I'll walk you through what to expect, assess your skill level and help you prepare accordingly.


Adult learners and business professionals, contact me if you want to brush up on your business or technical writing, or advanced academic writing. Together, we'll discuss the standard practices for creating memos, reports, emails, job applications, dissertations, theses, and more. I also can help you budget your time so you meet deadlines from first draft to publication. I come to you with over a decade of experience as both a paralegal at a midtown law firm, and as a college level technical-writing and business-writing professor. This blend of corporate and academic experience positions me as the ideal go-to person for your professional writing needs. For writers with projects that require support in drafting and/or revision, I provide services including proofreading, copy-editing, developmental editing, and research editing. For more information, please read my subject description for "Proofreading." My services in these areas will help you create clear, concise and consistent prose written in an appropriate tone for your audience. In addition, those seeking help with any kind of research writing, will come away with documents that are properly cited, ethically presented, and academically sound. My services also apply to job hunters. I will assist you in formatting, proofreading and editing your applications, plus teach you to showcase your credentials with action verbs and concrete language. With my guidance, you?ll become a pro at showing employers what a great fit you?d be at their organization. If you struggle with time management issues with writing projects, I will help you identify the underlying problem, teach you how to pace yourself for each stage of the drafting, writing and publishing process, and give you tips on how to overcome procrastination. Lastly, if you're a NJ resident in need of a notary public, I am certified as a NJ notary.

College Counseling

There can be a lot of pressure involved in figuring out what colleges expect from incoming freshman writers. On top of that, your application essay needs to be heartfelt and persuasive. As a university professor, I'm able to guide you through these steps. Together we will decode what application committees expect you to write in response to their essay prompts. For example, often these prompts ask you to zone in on a moment in your life that illustrates what makes you special. There is always something worthwhile to explore about yourself in this sort of narrative, even if you feel as if you haven?t yet accomplished much. I will help you identify your character traits that match up with your dream school's standards. Then we will zone in on describing a moment in your life when those traits shined through. Once you've completed your outlining and drafting, I will help you polish your grammar and punctuation, ensuring that you write in an active, engaging voice. I?m also happy to provide additional support in narrowing down your choices for a college. I will even help you complete the entire application. Please contact me if these services sound appealing to you. I look forward to helping you advance in higher education!


ADHD is a condition I'm familiar with on a number of levels, both professionally and personally. As a tutor and professor, I often work with students who have been diagnosed with either inattentive ADHD, hyperactive-impulsive ADHD, or combined. I implement a number of strategies that help these students focus on their schoolwork. This includes frequent breaks to chat or to move around. At the same time, it's important to figure out what works for each student to build stamina when a situation arises such as a lengthy standardized test. In addition, for those students with written accommodations, I confirm what educational services they are entitled to receive, and work within those parameters. As a parent, I'm also well-versed in navigating the realm of special education. Since my son has inattentive ADHD, I'm no stranger to advocating at his IEP meetings, along with trouble-shooting how to make homework time productive! Finally, I remind my child, and all my students, that an ADHD-wired brain is no better or worse than one that's neurotypical. In fact, having ADHD comes with some great advantages, such as the ability to hyper-focus on a particular task, and the tendency toward thinking outside-the-box.


I have intensively tutored several students who were preparing for the COOP and HSPT exams. They all got accepted to the schools of their choice. I particularly enjoy motivating younger students to reach their peak performance levels with English Language Arts-related skills including reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and essay writing. Sometimes this takes the form of gently encouraging students to concentrate harder. Other times, students who are overachievers need to be reminded that their best is truly good enough. In addition, I also help students with other aspects of their application process such as preparing for the interviews, writing the application essays, and weighing which schools would be the best fit for each student.


I can help students reach their target scores on the Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Essay portions of the ISEE exam. I'm familiar with the format and content areas of all four levels of the exam, so I can help private school applicants in all grades. In addition, I have worked with students who are simultaneously preparing for ISEE and HSPT &/or COOP. For all these exams, I'm also available to guide students in other aspects of the admissions process, such as preparing for the interview, deciding which school is the best fit, and writing the application essay.