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Specializing in Writing, English, Special Education, Job Readiness

I have successfully tutored children of all ages, helping them with writing, reading, arithmetic, geography, history, social sciences, science projects, and art projects. I am very motivational, patient, kind and enthusiastic. Generally even the most stubborn children will come to enjoy doing their homework and school projects and their learning process. Special needs children have been my students for years, and I have taught the classes for the teachers. I have handled 1:1 students as well... [more]

American History

I live in America, and to me, American History is the meat that goes with the potatoes of who and what we are as a society and an amalgamous culture. The how's and why's of how a law or a practice came into being is crucial for our everyday lives and decisions we must make. I will help ALL my students find a way to make American History meaningful and interesting, as well as to help them get better grades. I am totally dedicated to the success and satisfaction of all my students.


I love history, whether World History or American History. I have to admit that as a young person, I had trouble with these subjects. I never had the benefit of a tutor, nor did I have a context to fit my studies into. As I grew older, however, I found contexts for these subjects that appealed to me and made me hungry to connect the facts of World and American History with my specific interests. Today I cannot seem to get enough history. This is what I endeavor to instill in my students. I will look hard to find my students' particular interests and then I will find ways to connect their interests with World and American History. History won't be just a subject we have to learn and "cough out on a test," but rather something meaningful for our lives. I believe each student can be successful in these subjects. This is my heart work, and I am not satisfied until my students are satisfied and successful.


Microsoft Excel

I worked for a time at a One-Stop Center where people came to look for and apply for jobs using the computer. I taught Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and always received excellent ratings on my teaching. Microsoft is wonderful in that if you learn one of their programs, you will be able to learn ALL their programs because there is a consistency and logic about how the programs work. As for learning Excel, it is not difficult, and Excel has many potentials that you can explore.

General Computer

Former One Stop (Job Search Center for the City) manager - teaching computer classes to those searching for jobs. I have taught general computer skills for years and am very comfortable with the day-to-day use of the computer and Internet.

Microsoft Word

I taught MS Word at a One Stop Job Center, and I have been using it for around 20+ years myself. I am very comfortable with MS Word and once you learn it, you can learn a lot of other programs more easily, such as Excel, etc.


I can tutor your child or you as an adult in reading and English especially. I have been a professional proofreader and editor for years, and am also a professional writer, with numerous nonfiction articles and several books, as well as a research article which is published. This is my heart work and has been for many years. I LOVE to teach, and as a senior volunteer, have taught many illiterate adults how to read. My goal is always to have my students succeed and to be confident and satisfied with their learning process. I work hard to give each student extra attention. You will have me as a tutor and will have access to me via phone and Internet to answer any questions between our tutoring times. I can make reading fun for adults and children even if they have never enjoyed reading. I can assess where they are with their reading, and determine the challenges and help them work those challenges out so that they can read. Reading is an essential skill in our culture. We can live with knowledge and make good choices in our lives when we can read. Without this major skill, we will always be struggling and unable to live fully as we were meant to live.


I am a published writer and professional editor and have worked for a magazine and several small newspapers as the editor. I have many years of writing experience; my publications are all nonfiction, and include a cookbook, research paper and numerous articles. I have been a tutor for illiterate adults, teaching them how to read, and I wrote several small books for that purpose.


World History


I am a former newspaper and magazine editor, and have professionally edited several nonfiction books. I did technical writing for several years for a major hospital software company, and also worked as an editor for a professional organization of computer engineers and writers, producing many books for conferences and other professional gatherings. I am also a published author of nonfiction articles in magazines; research paper in an annual quilt history journal; a 250-page cookbook with history, folklore, growing hints and nutrition as well as unique recipes; and a full-length book on quilt history which is under revision. I am a professional grant writer and very comfortable with research and writing, whether formal or informal. You will find me to be kind, patient and encouraging/motivational in every aspect of working with you.


The GED is not really so difficult. It does include all subjects, but it is not rocket science, and with the help of a good tutor you will do well. I will have a workbook or lessons printed for you to help you follow up if you don't have these things.

SAT Reading

Studying for the SAT exams is not rocket science, but you will get through it more easily and get a better grade if you work on it with a tutor. I will gladly work with you to help make sure you are well prepared and confident. Once you feel ready to proceed, you will do well. Whether you need reading, writing, or other subjects, we can work through it easily and get you ready to succeed.

SAT Writing

SAT is not rocket science, but it can be overwhelming trying to study on your own. I have the workbooks, and I can help you to get prepared. I am confident that if you work with a good tutor, you will do fine on the exam. We can look at ways to take your exam for more success as well. Tutoring is my love, and my goal is always to ensure the success of my students, as well as their overall satisfaction and confidence.


I am a former newspaper and magazine editor, and I have published many articles. I am also a substitute para-educator for special needs children so I work with spelling and reading well all the time. I have also been a senior tutor for illiterate adults for years and have had wonderful success with each and every student. I am extremely patient, kind, and very motivational, so you will be at ease working with me. My goal is to make sure that every student I work with is successful and happy with their results.

Elementary Science


We used phonics when I was a Paraeducator with grades K-6. I especially used phonics with some of the special needs children as a tool to help them learn to read. My own daughter learned to read at two years of age because I used phonics to teach her to recognize words. It is a great tool for children who otherwise are having difficulty learning to read.


I have a B.A. in Archaeology from Arizona State University (1975). I also studied Spanish for my Archaeology degree in Mexico in 1975 at the Universidad de las Americas in Cholula, Mexico. I worked in the field in Tempe, Arizona as well as Mata Ortiz, Mexico, with my former husband, Spencer Heath MacCallum, who discovered some potters there. With his help and my assistance to Spencer, the potters, Juan Quezada and the potters of Mata Ortiz are now internationally famous. I studied the evolution of the pottery styles over time and also the fact that this was NOT a continuing tradition over time. There had been a clear break in the pottery making since the earliest pottery shards we discovered. I love teaching children and adults "living archaeology," or the principles of archaeology applied to our living culture. I have been asked by teachers to help children with special archaeology projects and am very good at coming up with projects that are fun and provide some good experience in the practice of archaeology. I am patient, kind, and a very enthusiastic teacher of the subject. I can definitely instill some real fun into this technical subject. My goal is to ensure the success and satisfaction of every student. This is not just a job for me; it is my heart work. I am well grounded in archaeological practice and can definitely help my students to move forward if this is their goal.


I took my CBEST test in the early 1980s, and have my CBEST certificate, but it is currently packed and will need to wait until I get moved to Calimesa and then get things unpacked to be able to send a copy. Because it is so old, the CBEST people do not seem to have their own copy as I have tried to get a new copy in the past.

Social Studies

I have served as a substitute teacher in the Long Beach School District in middle school, teaching social studies. I have helped students with their homework and special projects in social studies as a Paraeducator for Redondo Beach and Torrance Unified School Districts. All of my students have been successful in getting good grades, including my special needs students. I am very kind and patient, and probably the most motivational/encouraging person you will ever meet. I believe that ALL students, adults or children, can be highly successful and happy with the right encouragement and assistance. This is not just work for me; it is my heart work, and my goal is ALWAYS to have all my students succeed in the best possible light.


Classics was part of my degree studies (electives) while at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. I can help you with the classics and make them fun for you to learn. I am very patient, kind and the most encouraging and motivational person you will likely ever meet.