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Microsoft Office & General Computer Tutor

Looking for a computer tutor? Need help with Microsoft Office or just understanding your computer better? I have nearly 14 years of computer tutor experience with a Bachelors Degree in Computer & Information Sciences from a major university. I have taught lab courses at the college level, taught adults in a stuructured lab setting and tutored many private clients. I also work a full time job as an analyst for an international marketing firm. I have an expertise in all of the Microsoft Of... [more]

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is my strongest suite. I love working with data sets, analyzing those data sets and using Excel to help me manage my data. I have worked with Excel since its inception. The use of columns, rows and cells coupled with the ability to perform calculations and analysis tools gives me a 100% knowledge set in Microsoft Excel.

General Computer

I have held an interest in Computers since high school. Which for some of us has been a while :) I've worked on Apple computers in the 80's to PC's and MAC's throughout time. I understand the architecture of a computer and how data travels through the electrical pulses of a computer. I have extensive knowledge with Operating Systems, memory, software, hardware, the World Wide Web, desktop management & file management.

Microsoft Word

I have used Microsoft Word since its inception. Word Processing is an art that all people should know. The ability to write a letter, set-up bullet points, insert objects such as pictures and clip art are core to a successful Word Document. The integration Word has with other Microsoft Office products makes WORD a solid program. My knowledge and daily use of Word spans decades.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have used Microsoft PowerPoint since its inception. Setting up slide presentations has been part of my job description since I started working professionally. I have designed slide presentations, tutored on slide presentations and set up slide presentations for major corporations. Slide layout, Object Insertion technique, animation, transitions, themes, styles and the overall power of PowerPoint are my strong suites.

Microsoft Access

I have used Database Management systems like Microsoft Access since the mid 90's. I have a solid understanding of Tables, Fields, SQL, Queries, Forms, Reports, Normalization and Table Relationships. I took Advanced Database courses in College and received an "A" the entire way through. I have created Access databases for personal use and for use on my job. I work with Databases on a daily bases.

Microsoft Outlook

I have 14 years of experience using Microsoft Outlook. I use it every day for my full time employment. I use the Mail, Calendar and Contacts Modules daily. I am proficient in using the appointment set-up tools as well as managing my mail folder structure. I use a multitude of rules to manage incoming messages and consider myself an expert with this application.

Microsoft Windows

I have been using Personal Computers since 1987. I have used Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. I am an expert in desktop management, working with the DOS Prompt, FTP technology, Windows Shortcuts, Windows Applications & System Maintenance.