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Josh H.


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I am doing my Residency offering part-time tutoring services.

I have recently moved back to Kansas after finishing my degree in Clinical Psychology. I am currently in the process of preparing for my licensing exam and am offering tutoring services. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Josh... [more]

American History

American History is something I taught while serving as a substitute teacher. It is also an area of personal interest. If you are having trouble learning your American History I can be of service, as I offer unique learning tools, as well as supplemental videos to help learn the various details of America's history.



Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a very important program used throughout the World for multiple purposes. I am highly skilled with the Microsoft Word Program, including the up-to-date features. Which for many can be confusing. If you are unfamiliar with this program, or are wanting a lesson on the various features of the program I would be glad to assist you.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Throughout the course of college I have made countless PowerPoint presentations. Anyone looking for assistance with this program, or wanting to create a unique and creative PowerPoint should contact me. I prefer to follow APA guidelines, but am familiar with the MLA format as well.


Many difficulties can be associated with reading. For some it is remembering what they read; for others it is putting sentences together, or sounding out words, or being able to focus on the reading material itself. If one of these areas sounds familiar to you, I can help. Reading is important for one's success, and if you, or your child is having difficulties with reading, don't hesitate to seek out help. It's not too late, and the sooner you do something, the better off you will be. Just because you have difficulties reading now, doesn't mean you have to have the same difficulties in the future.


I can be of service to anyone looking to improve their writing skills. I am a proficient writer, and can offer many strategies to help improve your writing abilities.


English is one of my specialty areas. I scored a 4.5 on the writing section of the GRE, and am proficient with the English language. I can be of assistance to those having trouble writing, speaking, or reading.


I'm studying to be a doctor in psychology, so any help you need in this area I've got it covered. This is my specialty area, and I know the field very well.



Proofreading is very important for one's academic success. It requires the ability to pinpoint and correct errors. By improving one's ability to proofread, you are ultimately improving their ability to write as well. I can assist anyone struggling with reading, writing, or proofreading difficulties. This is an area I taught on several occasions as a substitute teacher, and am highly familiar with. Don't hesittate to contact me if you are requiring help in this area.


I can be of assistance to anyone preparing to take the GED. I have assisted young adults with taking this test in the past, and could be of assistance to anyone preparing to take the GED in the future that needs help.

ACT English

I am very proficient with the English language, and anyone struggling with the ACT English section should contact me for assistance. I can offer tips and personal instructions to help increase one's English score on the ACT.

Special Needs

With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, I am very aware of the difficulties associated with individuals who have special needs. I am equipped with coping mechanisms and other behavioral management strategies that can be utilized to reduce symptom interference, while increasing overall effectiveness and sense of self-esteem. I spent a considerable amount of time as an Emergency Substitute Teacher in Kansas working with special needs children. I understand the importance of identifying one's strengths and then focusing on them to achieve success.


I have 4 years of hands on experience working with individuals suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in various capacities. As a psychologist, I have a thorough understanding of how ADHD impacts each individual differently, and am aware of study techniques and other tools which can be utilized to maximize one's learning in the midst of having ADHD. I have experience conducting psychological assessments and providing academic recommendations for high school and college aged students during my tenure at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology and I feel this experience will help during my time as a tutor.

Criminal Justice

I was a criminal justice minor as an undergraduate. I became a member of the National Criminal Justice Honor's Society, also known as Alpha Phi Sigma in 2006. I spent one year (2010-2011) conducting an internship at the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Center. Which is a maximum security prison for juvenile offenders. During this time I became highly aware of the juvenile process. Aside from my studies and personal experiences, I have a great deal of information regarding the Criminal Justice field and would make an excellent tutor to anyone requiring assistance in this area.