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Tutoring students is my full-time career and my most passionate endeavor. Since 1995, I have helped countless students realize their academic potential by providing meaningful and relevant support. Through one-on-one tutoring sessions, my students experience a high level of success and an increase in academic confidence?a confidence that often permeates other areas of their lives. All tutoring is tailored to the individual with great emphasis placed on the student?s long and short-te... [more]

Algebra 1

It is no surprise that Algebra is the subject most taught by tutors. Let's face it, the language of mathematics can be very difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to master. In my experience, a student?s aversion to Algebra is most often the result of a cracked foundation that compromises the structural integrity on which subsequent concepts are built upon. Too often, a student is ushered along without ever mastering such fundamental concepts. My strategy is based on repairing the cracks in their foundation within the context of their current lessons while maintaining a fun and engaging atmosphere. It is always amazing to witness my student?s growth in confidence as they realize that not only can they tackle the tough problems but that they also start to enjoy it. And who doesn?t enjoy success? This success builds upon itself and gathers momentum until my student has a new appreciation for math. Contact me anytime to further discuss how we can make Algebra fun again.

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Study Skills

I cannot stress enough the impact that finely tuned study skills have on determining a student?s academic success. They are the main difference between the average and the exceptional. Often times, I work with students plagued with self-doubt in their abilities to excel in academics. They set their sights low, because they truly believe that they are just not capable of more. What they fail to realize is that the biggest roadblock they face is an unrefined set of truly effective study skills. Once they learn and implement some very basic strategies, their focus and confidence across all their subjects grows exponentially. My students realize that time is no longer a constraint. What once took hours of studying now takes only a fraction of that time. They become lean learners eliminating waste at every step until they include only that which adds value to their study routines. My personalized approach targets the specific needs of the student based on their current abilities. We work on effective note taking skills, engagement during classes, time management, and load balancing. We also work on creating environments that are conducive to effective studying. We identify and create the best physical space that provides the least opportunities for meaningless distractions. I also focus on the necessity for organization; clutter can be a student?s worst enemy. Students that can stay organized, spend less time constantly reorganizing their cluttered material, which then affords them more time to focus on their studies. When students successfully employ these simple study habits, they begin to redefine themselves and their academic goals.


Five years ago I began teaching MCAT prep with a big box company. After working with their students in large classes, it was quickly apparent to me that this approach was far from optimal. Most times, students either got it or only pretended to get it as they quickly fell behind. It was then that I realized there was a more effective way to help facilitate success with the MCAT. Drawing from my vast experience with tutoring students?ranging from elementary school to post graduates and everyone in between?I began to synthesize my own strategies for MCAT preparation. As a one-on-one approach, I begin with assessing exactly where the student requires the most improvement. Afterward, we agree on a customized plan of action where the primary focus is achieving the desired score. We drill on passages from any of the four areas of the test with an underlying focus on the key concepts of time management, stress management and deductive reasoning. There are no magic tricks to improve an MCAT score; it?s all about hard work, dedication and working smart. I have helped countless students exceed their MCAT goals, and I look forward to helping you exceed your expectations.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is one of my favorite subjects to tutor. After teaching Organic Chemistry at the collegiate level for several years I have come to believe that although this subject can be quite difficult, laying a proper foundation eliminates much of the intimidation that a lot of students face. This foundation is rooted in the complete understanding of carbon-based compounds and their reactions. With a solid foundation my students are able to visualize Organic systems and their reactions. Not only will this add to their success in subsequent Organic Chemistry courses but it also aids in other courses like Biochemistry, Biology and even General Chemistry. Organic Chemistry does not have to be the dreaded class of most students. Allow me the opportunity to dispel this myth and let?s make ORGO interesting, challenging but most importantly FUN!