Andrew D.

Andrew D.


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Computer Tutor & Math Empath

My teaching philosophy aims to work from the strengths of a student to achieve success. I tailor my methods to the learning style of the individual. I also believe in establishing a partnership of shared goals between student and teacher, ensuring a buy-in from the student in order to participate fully. My background is a varied mix of formal education (BS from SUNY-Albany) and informal work experience: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Technical Support), Mildred Elley School (Computer In... [more]

Algebra 1

Microsoft Excel

General Computer


Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint



I was a straight A student in all of my math courses, including: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, linear algebra/graphing and statistics/probability. Most importantly I have learned techniques for studying and learning mathematics which I will share with the student.


SAT Math

I did very well in school in math subjects. I scored a 750 on the math portion of the SAT. I will help the student learn how to do as well or better than I did. Most importantly I have learned techniques for studying and learning mathematics which I will share with the student.



ACT Math

Web Design

I have designed many websites from basic functional websites for company contact information to advanced CSS driven sites. I am familiar with all aspects of DOM and how to manipulate it in PHP, CSS, and Javascript.

Desktop Publishing

I am familiar with Microsoft Publisher since MS. office 97, how to move objects around the screen, creating flyers or business cards. Recently, I have started using Adobe InDesign which works similarly to Publisher; however, I am more familiar with Pagemaker, which was InDesign's predecessor.


I am very familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver going all the way back to Macromedia version 8. I know how to create a site, switch between code and wsywig views, work with the bulit-in FTP program, how to organize a site, and use multiple sites within the same Dreamweaver program on the same computer.

Microsoft Access

I have been using MS Access since Office 97. I am familiar with how the program is set up: how Access uses a relational database, how to create an E-R-D with access. How tables, forms, queries and reports work. How to manipulate objects with SQL. And how to create a user friendly database from scratch or improve existing databases.

Microsoft Outlook

I have been using MS Outlook since Office 97. I am familiar with how the program is set up. I can show you how to set up email accounts, send/receive emails, how to set up and manage and address book. I can import and export PST files, and can create an automatic signature that is sent with every message. I know how rules and alerts work.

Microsoft Windows

I know how Windows works going all the way back to Windows 3.1. This includes how you can have multiple programs open at once, how to install and remove hardware and software, set up a network, change your desktop, change icons. Add security to the system, set up GPO's, create a logon script, set up a workgroup or homegroup in Windows 7.


I have been using PHP since version 4.0 was available for general public use. I do not just have familiarity with how the structure and syntax of the language works, but I can also help you set up a server with PHP and MySQL.

Microsoft Publisher

I have been using MS Publisher since Office 97. I am familiar with how desktop publishing works, and how to create different types of flyers, stationary, labels, business cards, etc. with the software.