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I have had the pleasure to tutor many students over the past decade. And because I am able to teach nearly every subject, I have seen common learning deficiencies spread across the entire spectrum of learning. However, each student has been unique with various strengths and weaknesses - not one of them the same. For this reason, I create highly personalized lesson plans for each student I encounter. This results in much faster learning than a "one size fits all" approach and promotes better l... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra is the first step in a long journey toward learning higher mathematics. For this reason, it is essential that students learn and understand how algebra works at an early age. It is also very important that a student not be allowed to move on to other higher maths before mastering algebraic methods. This being said, algebra is a foreign language to most students and may take more practice than previous math classes. Algebra requires that the student think abstractly and set up problems differently than other maths. I have many tools and techniques at my disposal to teach algebraic concepts to most any student. A little confidence and the right tools can vastly improve math scores for the struggling Algebra student. Even as little as three hours of solid instruction (accompanied by diligent practice by the student) can make a difference in test scores. Let me show you what a few hours of good instruction can do!

Algebra 2


Biology is my major field of study. I am passionate about the study of life on earth and spend as much time as I can exploring the outdoors to see what nature has to offer. As far as my accreditation goes, I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with departmental honors in the Biological Sciences. I have also performed research in various biological areas, including the Galapagos Islands and the human heart. It would be a pleasure to share my passion for Biology with you!


A scientist by profession, I have worked in a professional research lab, giving me practical skills as well as book knowledge. I can teach Chemistry from the basics of atomic theory to balancing chemical equations. I have many tools at my disposal to bring chemistry out of the book and into the real world. In particular, I enjoy using molecular models to show how chemicals react in real life and will allow you to build your own miniature models to learn the basics of chemical bonds and chemical reactions. If you are interested, we could even do some experiments!



I am a professional writer and have been teaching English for over ten years. I am an expert in grammar and punctuation. I have also spent a good deal of time proofreading manuscripts.

Microsoft Excel

General Computer


I have been teaching high school and college level math for over ten years. I have developed many unique methods for teaching subjects like geometry that can explain concepts to students like they have never seen them before.

Microsoft Word


Microsoft PowerPoint


Pre-Algebra is the basis of every higher math class you will take. It stretches throughout Algebra 1, 2, 3, and into Calculus and beyond! Therefore, it is vitally important to master the skills of Pre-Algebra before moving on to the next level. This is where many student fall behind and never catch back up with their peers. Extra attention at this time, in the form of tutoring outside of the classroom, will greatly improve your child's understanding of algebraic concepts and make subsequent classes much easier to comprehend. Over the years, I have developed unique methods to help student peer into the heart of algebra and begin to think abstractly (a major skill for higher math). At the moment I am home schooling my own son in Pre-Algebra, so it is an opportune time for both of us while the material is fresh in my mind.



I am an expert in teaching reading to young children and adults. I specialize in dyslexia and other special needs, but I am happy to strengthen the skills of any aspiring reader. My methods are especially tailored for each student and may include techniques from many different instructional methods.



As a writer of children's books, and having had one successfully published, I am well qualified in tutoring you in any aspect of the creative writing field. This includes writing, editing, revising, marketing, and finding a publisher for your work. I have also had my scientific research published in a major Genetics journal, so I am highly qualified to assist in technical writing as well. I can help with laying out your project, fact checking, bibliographies and more. I have also written plenty of "A" quality research papers for many college classes, so if you are having any trouble with those, I would be happy to help. I like to think that I was born a writer, but as any published writer can tell you, it doesn't usually pay the bills. Therefore, I became a scientist as well. I love both fields, but writing is at the heart of my heart!


I am a professional writer and have been teaching English language and grammar for over ten years. During our first lesson, we will find your particular weak points and then we will devise a study and practice plan specifically for you. Not only will a firm command of the English language improve your test scores, it will serve you later in life when you are composing the perfect cover letter for a job or college application.


I absolutely adore Anatomy. Like the great Leonardo DaVinci, I have a passion for learning the inner workings of the body. I am skilled at formal book-learning as well as hands-on dissection. My methods may involve comparisons of the human body to a machine, a related vertebrate animal, or anything else that may help you to grasp this wonderful topic. I will come equipped with an arsenal of modern and medieval texts, illustrations, and DVD dissections of the human body if your stomach is up to it. There is no limit to what we can learn in our journey through Anatomy and I promise it will actually be fun!


SAT Math


Adobe Photoshop



I have been teaching test preparation for over 10 years with excellent results. I teach GED, ACT, and SAT tests among others. I also specialize in learning disorders.

SAT Reading

SAT Writing

Physical Science



When I enlisted in the U.S. Army, I took the ASVAB and knocked it out of the park. My recruiter told me that I could choose any job (MOS) that was available. I would be happy to share my success tips with you as well as what to expect from a career in military service!


As an honors graduate in biology, Ecology was one of my core courses. I have helped many students to grasp the fundamentals of how living organisms function together in an ecosystem. I have over 10 years experience as a professional scientist and science instructor.





ACT Reading

I have over 10 years experience teaching college test preparation. I am also a professional writer which gives me a unique ability to explain English and Reading concepts. I keep up on all current ACT and SAT guidelines and rules.

ACT English

The English section of the ACT focuses on punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, writing strategy, organization, and style. It is very similar to revising and editing another person's writing. I have extensive experience with these tasks and have scored very highly (95th percentile) on the ACT English and Reading sections. I can teach you to read for content and to have an eye for good writing. I will help you to find the weak points in your English usage and sentence structure so that you will do very well on this section of the ACT. In so doing, you will also become a better speaker and writer which will enhance your life beyond the ACT and into college.

ACT Math

ACT Science

I am a scientist by training, with an honors degree in biology. I use my professional training to provide unique insight to the science portion of the ACT test. I have over 10 years experience teaching college test preparation.

Elementary Math

I have home schooled my own son through elementary and junior high school: teaching him personally and not using a computer program. Through this, I have developed unique skills and tools to help the elementary student in developing their math skills. Mathematics is one of the most important subjects to learn at an early age because concepts build upon one another. If one falls behind in elementary school, one will have a difficult time catching up later. Therefore, it is important to give elementary school students as much practice as they need to fully master math skills before moving on to junior high school.

Elementary Science

Having two sons of my own, and choosing science as my own career, I can say that I love exposing young minds to the joys of science and the scientific method. I am a strong believer in hands on activities to engage young minds and instill the benefits of an inquisitive lifestyle. Science at the elementary level can readily be experienced in the world around us. It only takes a bit of direction to turn children into natural investigators of the world around us. I am fully equipped with all of the tools necessary to help your child excel at science, whether it is a general disinterest or a lack of individualized attention at their current school. Let's get together and find out how fun science can be!

Financial Accounting



Elementary (K-6th)

I have been homeschooling my own son through the sixth grade so far and he has done extremely well. I have textbooks and additional learning materials for most any subject. I am a four-year college graduate myself and have developed various techniques on my own to help provide individual attention to the K-6 student.


Teaching phonics is the building block of reading. I have taught two of my sons to read and both are well beyond their peers in reading comprehension. I am also a writer of children's books, so I have a feel and an interest for the beginning reader. I have also scored extremely highly on reading and writing sections of all standardized tests I have taken (ACT, SAT, MCAT, etc.). It would be a pleasure to work with your child in developing an individualized program for phonics and reading. I am also open and enthusiastic about working with children who may have learning disabilities, though I have no formal training in that field.

Study Skills

Having completed two college degrees with two children in the house, I believe I can offer some great study skills concepts. I have also taken formal study skills courses in college and am great at time management and prioritization. I can offer you a program of study that will help you to get more accomplished in less time - especially when it comes to the dreaded research paper. Learning how to find information efficiently online and in your textbooks will cut down on time spent searching for information and more time actually learning it and putting it down on paper. I can also offer instruction on how to use your library resources and Endnote: an excellent bibliography program for those papers that seem to require more references than you can keep track of.

Special Needs

While I do not have a formal certification in working with special needs children, I have an endless amount of patience and multiple teaching styles that should enable me to accommodate many special learning needs. The first session will likely be spent learning about the special needs of your child and the difficulties they may be facing. Then I will design a program of hands on instruction to best communicate core concepts to him or her. I look forward to working with you and am confident that I can be of assistance in most situations.


I am not a certified ESL teacher, but I have a mastery of the English language and would be a great help to anyone wanting to learn ESL. I have a basic knowledge of Spanish, which would facilitate native Spanish speakers wishing to learn English. However, I am open to teaching English to anyone as long as they are aware that it may take a little more time.


I have a bachelor's degree with honors in the Biological Sciences from the University of Cincinnati where I took several classes on botanical subjects. Besides the basics, I have a special penchant for Medical Botany and the local flora of Kentucky and Ohio.

College Counseling

I have successfully completed both a two-year degree at a community college and a four-year degree at the university level, both with honors. This required skills in time management, course selection, financial aid, and finding the resources needed to reach your goal of successfully completing a degree. If you have the ambition, there is always a way to reach your goal. I can help to get you on the right track to make college less of a chore and more of a rewarding experience. If your choices include Cincinnati State or the University of Cincinnati, in particular, I can provide you with valuable connections to make your education much easier. Good luck and study hard!


I have been helping students with ADD/ADHD for over five years. My methods include skills learned in the field as well as from technical manuals on ADD/ADHD. These manuals include books such as "Driven to Distraction (Revised)," "Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder," by Hallowell and Ratey as well as "The Energetic Brain: Understanding and Managing ADHD" by Reynolds et al. Understanding how ADD/ADHD differs from regular brain function allows me to provide solutions to parents as well as to adults struggling with these disorders. I also have many unique teaching strategies to help the student with ADD/ADHD.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have been tutoring children with autism for several years. I have read many books and research articles on teaching strategies for autism and have developed my own techniques for these special needs children. I have worked with Greater Cincinnati's only dedicated school for autistic children to develop teaching methods and homework methods. I am continually updating my knowledge on autism teaching tools and am dedicated to specializing in special needs tutoring.


I have read several books on teaching the dyslexic student and have incorporated these techniques into my lessons. I have had good results in reading and language skills with previous dyslexic students.


As an honors graduate in biology, Genetics was one of my core courses. I did very well in the subject and can explain the basic concepts at the junior high and high school level, as well as some of the more advanced concepts to those struggling in their college Genetics class. Genetics is not a subject that comes naturally to most people, given its microscopic nature. But there are ways to make it interesting and sometimes even fun which helps the learning process immensely. I look forward to working with you to unravel the mysteries of DNA!

Organic Chemistry

I completed a full year of Organic Chemistry at Cincinnati State College in 2007 with a B+ average. This included a full year of laboratory work. I also work in a laboratory in my occupation as a research scientist, so I use the techniques I learned nearly every day. I have also been active as a Chemistry and Organic Chemistry tutor for over 5 years now.

Common Core

Common Core Standards have been adopted in both Ohio and Kentucky. I make it a point to review these standards issued by the Ohio and Kentucky Departments of Education each year. This enables me to know what your child's school should be teaching at each grade level. With this information we can determine whether your child is learning at the same level as their peers.


I have over fifteen years of teaching experience in every elementary, middle, and high school subject. I have also home schooled my own children throughout elementary and middle school. I can help you to navigate your way through a computer-based or textbook curriculum or design your own program of instruction.