Arlette C.

Arlette C.


Reseda, CA 91335

Will travel 15 miles

$55 per hour.

4.5 2 ratings

Very good with children, very knowledgeable in Music with Master's

I have been a professional cellist and music director for 20 years. I graduated from California State University and University of Michigan with music degrees with honors and with scholarships. I have played in numerous orchestras for the last 20 years. In addition, I have several awards and won several competitions in Los Angeles County. Currently along with my teaching, I am a professional cellist and Music Director of the Culver City Chamber Orchestra which is celebrating its 20th annive... [more]

Music Theory

I have been teaching music for 17 years, and music Theory is a basic and fundamental part of learning music. I teach my students the fundamentals of theory. Advance theory I recommend to my theory Professors as they are more able to help than I. I am very good at the basic level and above. I have a succesful record for 17 years and my students have done well.

Ear Training

I have been teaching for 17 years and ear training is the most difficult to learn. It is however a learned skill. If taught correctly you may be able to pick a note out of any scale and be able to tell what note you are playing or singing with little or no help at all. It is slow and difficult road but it is possible to learn.

General Music

I have 20 years teaching in Southern California since completing my Masters at the University of Michigan and Bachelors from California University of Northridge. I teach cello from beginning to advance students, and I have 2 studios one in Reseda & Culver City, CA. General Music is the basic information of reading the music itself, understanding note values, rhythm, the variety of clefs and much more. But it is not too hard to understand if taught well.


I teach most string instruments in my 17 years and I help young musicians begin their journey. After they have reached a certain level I then pass them on to better teachers at a higher level than myself so that my students are trained properly. I have had good success with my students and they all have done very well in school.