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It is incredibly rewarding to see students' confidence soar as they achieve academic and career goals. I love helping K-12, college, and career bound tutoring students achieve their dreams. I can't wait to help you! Why my rate is higher than the average tutor: - You'll see why ALL my tutor students agree I'm worth more! - I've been hired 100% of the time people interview me (no charge) - You learn more than double what you'd learn from others in my sessions - I assign homework to accelera... [more]

Algebra 1

I'm ready to help you in algebra! I aced high school algebra (math student of the year) and earned a 3.6 GPA for my bachelor's in math. Now it's your turn. If you find this a challenge, no worries! Likely you just are rusty on some fundamentals. Once you have these down, algebra is fun and easy. I'll help you learn or master any of the basic math building blocks necessary for algebra, if needed, and then you can master algebra itself!

Algebra 2

I'm ready to help you in Algebra 2! First of all, great job passing Algebra 1. That is a great challenge for many people. If you are struggling with Algebra 2, you likely just need some brushing up on Prealgebra and Algebra 1 skills. I will quickly assess where you're at and help you strengthen all your building blocks of math basics, including Algebra 1, so you can excel in Algebra 2. If you are simply hitting some road blocks with the advanced Algebra 2 concepts, I'll help you understand the order of progression from basic algebra to where you're at. You'll quickly see how each level of Math is simply built upon the previous level of concepts. I aced high school Algebra 1 and 2 (math student of the year) and earned a 3.6 GPA for my Bachelors in Math. I have also helped countless people as a volunteer, and my own children, understand and succeed at the more advanced Algebra concepts. I can't wait to help you!


I'd love to help you with calculus! I completed my bachelor's degree in math with a 3.6 GPA. I scored A's or B+'s in all my differential equations and calculus classes. I have a Princeton Review AP Calculus AB & BC Exams (2013) study guide with practice tests to help you prepare specifically for these exams. I look forward to helping you conquer challenging calculus problems!


High school chemistry is fun! You get to apply your math skills to learn and understand how chemicals all around you in everyday life are made up and interact with each other. I loved high school chemistry. I won "Outstanding Chemistry Student" because I asked so many questions out of burning curiosity that helped me fully understand each aspect. I also just love knowing why baking soda acts the way it does when I'm baking, and understanding other basic things related to chemistry that happen in every day life. I'd love you help you with chemistry so you can understand and have fun, too!


I'm ready to help you in vocabulary! We'll spell words, learn their meaning, and put them in sentences using subjects you like and are familiar with, so you can learn them easy and fast. We'll also use flash cards for brute force memory and we can even Google up the origins of words or their roots so we get the full picture of why a word has its spelling, punctuation, and use.


I'm ready to help you with grammar! There really are a lot of rules in writing, but you'll see there are just a few basic rules to master to become a solid writer. One of the main challenges in grammar is simply understanding all the words used to describe grammar. We'll focus early on mastering the meanings of these and when and how to use them. Once you have these down, the rest will be easy!

Microsoft Excel

You will be AMAZED at what you can do with Excel. After using it daily for 15 years in the Air Force, it is now second nature to me. I use Excel for my home finance records, investing, making schedules, tracking workouts... just about anything! And you don't have to know how to "program" in Excel to build your own tailored family budget. You can keep it as simply as you want, or make it very complex. Standing by to help!


I'm ready to help you with geometry! You'll see that geometry is just fun with shapes, using math concepts and skills you've already learned. And you'll see how useful geometry is for everyday life!


I'm ready to help you in Prealgebra! This block of math is a critical foundation to set you up for required algebra courses. If you are struggling with it, likely you need help with basic math building blocks. I'll quickly assess your capabilities and bring you up to speed on any of the basics so you can succeed in algebra. For some people, just the concept of using letters as variables in equations can be confusing. It's not just numbers anymore. Don't worry! Many students struggle with this at first. I know how to help you past this so you can master Prealgebra. I aced high school Prealgebra (math student of the year) and earned a 3.6 GPA for my Bachelors in Math. I've also helped countless people overcome the challenge of learning prealgebra so they could succeed in algebra. I'm looking forward to helping you!


Pre-calculus is FUN! It firms up and extends your base skills in many algebra, geometry, and trig concepts and prepares you for college level math (calculus time!). I aced pre-calculus in high school, but then took 3 pre-calculus and basic calculus classes in college from 3 different instructors to ensure I had a rock solid foundation to attack my bachelor's degree in math. I completed my bachelor's degree in math, I currently teach high school math (level-4 certified position) and I'm ready to help anyone in pre-calculus!


I'm ready to help you with reading! I'll give you some very easy methods that are easy to understand and apply for comprehending at the level you need to when you read. Sometimes you need to memorize every word, but often you just need to glean the main points. For first time or younger readers, I have all the patience in the world, balanced by a deep bag of tricks to help young learners master new words. Yes, we have a big Dr. Seuss collection in our home!


I'm ready to help you in Trigonometry! First of all, congratulations on making it to trigonometry. You've clearly demonstrated great math abilities passing all the prerequisite courses. Trigonometry does present you with some new concepts, but I can help you quickly see how concepts you have already mastered in algebra and geometry apply to solve more and different kinds of math challenges you are seeing in this class. I earned Math Student of the Year, Electronics Student of the Year, and Physics Student of the Year in high school, largely because my high school advanced math teacher pushed me to achieve my potential, ahead of the rest of my high school classmates, to include learning trigonometry. I also earned a 3.6 GPA for my Bachelors in Math and trigonometry was a key building block toward mastering advanced math concepts in my education. It will be for you, also! Even if you don't intend to get a degree in math or be a math teacher, I'll help you see how trigonometry relates to and is key to understanding many applied sciences, like electronics and physics.


I'd love to help you with Statistics! Probability and Statistics were my emphasis of studies for my Bachelor's degree in Math. I love these concepts because they happen so often in real life that students can relate quickly and easily to the types of problems that demonstrate them. People and companies often use statistics to prove or disprove things and especially to make claims about why you should buy their product or use their method. A solid understanding of statistics and how people use them and make conclusions or claims will help you truly know when something being advertised is legitimate or a scam. Many of the ideas in statistics can be difficult, but mastering them is well worth it. It's fun and rewarding to be able to validate claims or even research and prove your own theories about countless every day things in life!

SAT Math

I'm ready to help you study math for your SAT exam! The math section of the SAT test consists of two 25 minute sections and one 20 minute section. The test questions in this section are either multiple choice or student produced response (grid-in) questions. Subjects tested in this section include number and operations, algebra and functions, geometry, statistics, probability, and data analysis. I have mastered all these math subjects and am a Level 4 (highest level) high school math teacher. I can quickly assess your strengths and learning gaps and then teach you basic math concepts to fill in your learning gaps to prepare you for your SAT exam. Also, I can show you multiple choice test taking strategies to help you pick the right answer from several choices, even if you may not recall perfectly a concept in question. I achieved the highest possible score on my ASVAB (test you take to see if you can enter the US military), qualifying me for whatever career in the military I wanted. I also scored high enough on my SAT and AFOQT (Air Force officers qualifying test) to win a full tuition scholarship to college. Although math is my strong suit, I achieved high scores across the range of subjects in large part because of multiple choice test taking skills I can teach you. Finally, I'll help you master answering student produced response questions on the math section of your SAT exam. This can be difficult for some students, but you'll see these are not difficult when you have true mastery of the math concept in the question. I'd love to help you prepare for the math section of your SAT exam, improving your chances for college entry and winning scholarships!


I'd love to help you excel on your GRE test! I have a bachelors degree in math. I also passed the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence high school Math Content test certifying me to teach all math at basic calculus and below in many states. I frequently tutor all math subjects on the GRE (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis). More importantly, I've been blessed with a true gift to help others understand math like they never have before. The common response I get after explaining a concept is, "Wow, is it really that easy? Why couldn't anyone ever have explained it to me like that before?" I'm standing by to help you reach your GRE score goal and achieve your career dreams!


I'd love to help you study for your ASVAB exam! I scored a 97% on it for two reasons: I've mastered all the fundamental education subjects and I know great multiple choice test taking strategies. I'll show you the 8 (recently changed to 9) subject areas on the ASVAB, work with you to see which areas you are weakest at, tutor you to become stronger in your weak areas, and help you learn some great strategies for excelling at multiple choice tests. I spent 22 years in the military, including 3 years enlisted and 19 years as an officer. I've taken literally hundreds of multiple choice tests, especially getting into and being in the enlisted and officer ranks. I can show you common study strategies and test taking strategies that will not only help you score well on your ASVAB, but will also benefit you greatly in your career (military or not). The better you do on your ASVAB, the more job types you will qualify for in the military, and the better chances you have of choosing a career field you like. I'd love to help you achieve an outstanding score so you can have more say in what you do serving in uniform!


I'd love to help you with probability! Probability and Statistics were my emphasis of studies for my Bachelor's degree in Math. I love these concepts because they happen so often in real life that students can relate quickly and easily to the types of problems that demonstrate them. I can help you understand Probability concepts with situations as easy and common as rolling dice or drawing cards from a deck. It's fun AND easy!


I'm ready to help you in spelling! I won my high school spelling bee two years!

ACT Math

I'm ready to help you study for ACT math! The math section of the ACT exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions (23% pre-algebra; 17% elementary algebra; 15% intermediate algebra; 15% coordinate geometry; 23% plane geometry; and 7% trigonometry) and must be completed in 60 minutes. I have mastered all these math subjects. I can quickly assess your strengths and learning gaps and then teach you basic math concepts to fill in your learning gaps so you are prepared to excel on your ACT exam.

Elementary Math

I'm ready to help you in elementary math! Math is all about building blocks. You need to master the basics to build a strong foundation for each next level of math. I'll help you build a solid foundation so you can rise as high as you want!

Elementary Science

I'm ready to help you with Elementary Science! Although I am a math teacher, I just love sciences. After all, science is where we get to apply math to the real world! I have a solid education and mastery of elementary science, but I also excelled in high school advanced placement sciences. I was awarded Student of The Year in my high school in Chemistry, Electronics, Physics, and Math, for excelling beyond all 300 of my high school class mates in these subjects. I'd love to see the light in your eyes when you learn things about how our world work using ideas of science!

Elementary (K-6th)

I'm ready to tutor your K-6th child! It's one thing to be a great student yourself. It's altogether something different to teach a young child. I love teaching almost as much as I love children. I have taken all the course work for Utah State general teaching certification. This study has taught me how to differentiate instruction, or tailor my teaching, for each particular child, because each child learns in a different way. For young children, I will vary my instruction, using fun activities related to the material, to keep their attention and speed their learning. Although I've studied the material formally for teaching children, I've already developed great skill at teaching young children through practical experience. I have 7 younger siblings and 6 of my own children. My eldest two children graduated high school with academic scholarships and the rest are well on their way. My four year old already knows how to read and is at the top of her preschool class in all subjects. I look forward to helping your child, too. I'll pay attention to your child's unique ways of learning and areas of interest, to maximize both learning and fun. The key is truly caring. And I do!


I am ready to tutor you in phonics! I'll help you learn common English language alphabet pronunciations and help you learn the exceptions and when to apply them. I have a fundamental mastery of the English language, including pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Please see my other WyzAnt subject certifications and you'll see how each of them complement each other to make me an excellent phonics tutor. I also have an innate ability to read or hear, distinguish, and articulate letters and words precisely and teach others to do so. The above qualifications enabled me to score in the highest category on the military's language aptitude test, qualifying me to learn the most difficult languages, including Chinese. These qualifications also enabled me to get A's in high school Spanish and college Spanish, German, and Korean. I have down to earth experience teaching 7 younger siblings and 6 of my own children how to speak. I've even been able to help young children overcome lisps and misunderstandings of the pronunciations of letters and letter combinations, to the astonishment and joy of their parents.

Study Skills

I've developed many successful study skills that I'd love to teach you so you can efficiently and effectively master your academic challenges. The proof of my study skills success is in my own academic record. I did well in high school (3.7 GPA) and college undergraduate work (3.6 GPA), but I really mastered my strong study skills during my master's program where I knew my GPA would directly impact my military career. There I earned a 3.9 GPA (all A's, except a few A-'s), Distinguished Graduate, and an Outstanding Thesis award. I've loved passing study skills to my children. My two eldest children have graduated high school with full tuition scholarships and my five-year-old stayed at the top of her preschool class in every subject. The skills I can teach you span the range of learning, from drills needed for quick rote memorization of simple facts to in-depth analysis methods for more complex concepts. I'll show you study skills for breaking math word problems down to simple steps, for mastering or just skimming key information from chapters or even entire books, and fundamental approaches you can take that can apply to any topic of study. I've aced multiple choice tests and full essay tests using study skills I can teach you. I scored in top categories on the SAT and military entrance tests using these skills. I hope you'll let me help you!

Linear Algebra

I'm ready to help you with Linear Algebra! Linear Algebra is a fun and powerful tool to help solve many equations and many unknowns quickly and with relative ease. It also adds a dimension to your math knowledge by helping you connect multiple linear equations to 2-D and 3-D physical dimensions. Linear Algebra will give you yet another handy tool in your math toolkit for solving math models. Solving matrices is like solving fun math puzzles... what seems at first like complex problems can be broken down to simple logical steps. And the funnest part is you can come up with your own unique patterns and methods for solving them, just like Sudoku and other fun puzzles!


I'd love to help you prepare for the armed forces qualification test (the AFOQT if you are Air Force bound). I took the AFOQT twice on my path to become an Air Force officer. I scored in the 80s and 90s on all parts of the test and that earned me a full tuition scholarship for AFROTC and opened doors for a great USAF career. I have experience tutoring for the AFQT and I have an AFQT study guide, including the pilot test prep section. It also helps that I am a math teacher and have tutored for the ACT and other standardized tests, so I know all the general test taking and specific subject (especially math) strategies that will help you find the right answers to test questions very quickly. I'm ready to help you hone your skills so you can achieve a great score and qualify for whatever career field you're aiming for in the military!