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Music Lessons, Piano or Voice, thoroughly enjoyable!

I am a music teacher with 30 years of experience in ages ranging from 4 to 86 and have learned a great deal myself over the years. One thing stands out to me: the need to continually be thinking creatively as I coach each person. We all learn differently, and it can vary according to our mood, health, or environment. A major goal for each session is to provide my students with some amount of enjoyably memorable piece of music education, whether it is history, terminology, ear training, musica... [more]

General Music

I have taught music education for over 30 years both in private settings as well as in public institutions. I began as a voice major with a back ground of piano and violin. I have also taught myself how to play the cello. I have written music for years and won an award for composition in 2005 in the Performing Arts Competition in Modesto, CA. I was chosen by the Music professor to be his assistant. I was given 15 of his students who were struggling through Music Fundamentals Class. All their grades improved as I tutored them. (ages 17-65)I presently teach recorder, keyboard, voice, violin, and piano as well as Basic Music Fundamentals. I believe that each music student should be able to not only perform but to create their own music by learning to write it down. I also teach as young as pre school Kindergarten and first graders music notation,and they get it.


I began learning piano at a very early age coming from parents who were professional musicians. My formal training began at age 7 continuing throughout all my school years and into college. My instructors have been well respected musicians in the community as well as PhD in Piano Performance. I also learned the violin during those same years playing in every string group offered at our schools, and then qualifying for the All-County and then All-State Orchestras in New York where I grew up. We even produced an album. I performed in piano recitals since I was 7, and string ensembles starting at the age of 10. In college I was chosen to be the Maestro's assistant and ended up tutoring 15 students in Music Fundamentals with all of them improving their grades. I began teaching piano at the age of 25 and have been ever since. Many of my students discovered their music foundation in piano led them confidently onto other instruments. A couple of my students grew up to be music teachers themselves.I design my lessons around each individual student creatively encouraging each unique person onto success in their music experience. I incorporate Music theory, technique, terminology, history, appreciation into my lessons using a variety of styles and composers. And we always have fun!

Voice (Music)

I was born at the beginning of my mother's very successful career as an Opera Singer in New York. She attended New England Conservatory of Music and then Julliard. So my formal vocal training was with the Best! I sang in every group our school had and qualified for All-State Chorus. I sang the solo in The Omnipotence for my Senior Graduation. During college I was a vocal major and toured New England with a small women's jazz group. We performed at Yale one season. My teachers have been excellent both in New York and California. I've sung in community Choruses, and church choirs during the following the years. My teaching career began at age 25 using the marvelous skills I had gleaned from the Masters I had witnessed first hand. Most recently I've taught in a Charter School for 5 years, and a private Academy as their Music Teacher. In my teaching I focus on protecting the voice from damage, proper breathing, posture, projection, diction, presentation of a song, ear training, sight reading, etc... We study vocal examples for positive and negative traits using audio and video. I incorporate music notation and the learning to read music as I believe it necessary for vocalists. All of the above has to be done as appropriate for each age range.


I began taking violin when I was in elementary school and played in every venue our school system offered earning the privilege of qualifying for ALL County and then ALL State in the state of New York. We were recorded and made an album which is quite good for our young ages. I continued with the violin throughout High School and college. As an adult I had to put it down for a time, but started it up again and returned to play in the College String ensembles and the Community Orchestra in Modesto, CA. I feel qualified to get beginners off to a very good start. Along with my musical background they will get a complete education.