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Effective Math Tutor, Test Prep Skills, Teacher of the Year

Two time award winning Teacher of the Year at Bryant & Stratton College and Remington College. I have taught pre-algebra, algebra, GED classes, Math TEAS Review, Creative Thinking and Microsoft Office. I enjoy teaching and tutoring. I have been very successful in designing and implementing a GED program at Bryant & Stratton College. I prepare students through the Official Practice test and have been very successful with passage rates. Last year, I was awarded Faculty of the Year for... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra I skills: Brief review of arithmetic skills, fractions, decimals and percents, rounding and estimating; real numbers and variables, order of operations, using distributive property to simplify algebraic expressions, combining like terms, equations and inequalities, solving applied problems - translating English phrases into Algebraic Expressions; Exponents and Polynomials -- rules of Exponents, Factoring - removing a common factor, factoring trinomials, rational expressions and equations, graphing, systems of equations, radicals - simplifying radical expressions, quadratic equations!

Algebra 2

I tutor Algebra 2. As I do in Algebra 1, I break down the steps in Algebra 2 and explain the steps in easy to understand steps. Algebra 2 also involves solving inequalities and the quadratic formula. With a good tutor, you will be able to catch on quickly! I will meet with you to determine your needs - it may just be help with a certain topic. I will use your textbook. I also have many algebra textbooks. I like to see a student I tutor work out sample problems so I can see where he or she may be going wrong. It may be just one step.



Tutoring in sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, essay writing.



I teach prealgebra. Subject areas include: whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, ratio and proportion, beginning graphing. It is so important to understand prealgebra. It is a foundation for all higher math.






I tutored for the ASVAB Exam at Huntington Learning Center. I tutored primarily for the math section, concepts and accuracy. I worked with building confidence and practice testing.


ACT English

ACT Math

Elementary Math

I am a Certified Elementary School Teacher for Grades 1-8. I break down the steps and make elementary math come alive and fun!

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a B.S. degree in Education and certification in grades 1-8 in the State of Ohio. I also have a Master's Degree in Education. I have been teaching since 1992, and I have tutored elementary school students in several school districts in the Cleveland area. Additionally, I have taught and substituted in elementary schools in Cleveland and Cleveland area schools.

Study Skills

I am an adjunct Instructor at a local college. I was asked to design and teach 4 new math sessions for the TEAS exam - an entrance exam for pre- nursing students. I was asked and created a GED program at Bryant & Stratton College and Remington College. I teach all subject areas which include: reading comprehension, grammar, writing skills, social studies, science and math. I presently teach a course for new students entitled First Year Experience. The course is 12 weeks long. We cover topics such as: study skills, stress management, time management, reading skills, note taking skills, test taking skills. I have tutored for the Praxis exam through a tutoring service. I tutor for the Compass Test and prepare students for their entrance exam in English and Math.

College Counseling

As an Adjunct Faculty at Bryant & Stratton College in Eastlake, I am called upon by my students in my FYEX classes (first year experience) to advise them in career choice and testing. I am many times the first person that a new student will come to for advice. I have been teaching and tutoring since 1992 in many capacities. Sometimes it is for help with a course they are taking, or advice on what program to go into. My FYEX course includes classes in college readiness, learning skills, school academics, and loans. My goal is to make the transition to college as easy as possible.


I am an award-winning teacher in the Cleveland area both at Bryant & Stratton College and Remington College. I presently teach the Math portion of the TEAS test for prospective nursing students. The TEAS test is a timed exam. Areas covered are: 1.Week 1 (Diagnostic Test ? 20 Questions, 26 minutes) a. Integers b. Computation c. Exponents d. Roots 2.Week 2 a. Decimals b. Fractions c. Percentages d. Converting Fractions, Decimals & Percent 3.Week 3 a. Mean, Median, and Mode b. Algebra c. Practice Test (timed) 4.Week 4 a. Proportions and Ratios b. Converting English and Metric Units c. Practice Test (timed)