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Let's Begin with English, Spanish or Social Studies!

My name is Leah and whilst studying abroad in England, Spain and Mexico, I was able to travel and earn degrees in multiple content areas. For the past eight years I have been teaching Spanish in an elementary, private school setting in Hyde Park full time and tutoring since college. I recently completed a double M.Ed. in Literacy and TESOL at the University of Cincinnati and have a passion for teaching and helping others. This is an opportunity for you to receive individual help and extra ass... [more]

American History

I have a certification in social studies with a concentration of American (North and South) and European history. I earned my degrees at Keele University in England and Bowling Green State University.



During my Master's studies I completed a 3 part Grammar series. These courses focused on all areas related to Grammar and Literacy. I have many resources for you to utilize and keep.


Phonics, reading, comprehension and literacy fields are my strengths. I am able to assist all ages from preK to high school.


I earned a degree in Spanish at the University of Cincinnati. I am licensed in Spanish and studied abroad in Mexico and Spain. Aprendemos espanol ... (Let's learn Spanish!)



I am a certified English, Social Studies, and Spanish teacher with M.Ed. in Literacy and Teaching English as a Second Language. I enjoy helping those in need of extra help and assistance. I have worked with international students from all ages and areas (South Korea, Jordan, Mexico, Nepal, Iran, Senegal and many more).


My graduate studies are in Literacy and I completed my field work with ESL students in various grade levels K-12. Furthermore I am certified in TESOL.

Government & Politics

Growing up in a house full of lawyers I have always taken interest in politics, regional, national and global. While earning my undergraduate degrees (Spanish, political science, education and social studies)I completed courses in comparative politics when I attend the University of Keele in Staffordshire, England.


Taking several literature classes in college I have always had a fondness for the classics, not only American, but also enjoying European, Latin and South American writers. English and literature go hand in hand thus I find literature a robust subject area with many paths of explanation and discourse.

World History

World history is ever changing and it is exciting to learn and explore other parts of the world. I earned a history degree at Keele Univerity through Bowling Green State University with a concentration of comparative politics.


As part of my Master's program I completed a course specifically for proofreading and study skills for all ages. I also worked with students from Senegal and Jordan, whom were to the States with their composition and English assignments. One on one reviewing and editing is so beneficial.


The GED is divided into sections. My strengths are in all social studies areas (World, American, civics/government, geography and economics). I earned a social studies and education degrees at University of Bowling Green and the University of Keele in Stafforshire, England. I am also very strong in language arts and composition. Recently I earned a double Master's degree at the University of Cincinnati in Literacy (linguistocs)and TESOL (teaching English as a second language).


I recently earned certification in TOESL/TOEFL and completed a double master's degree at the University of Cincinnati. I have worked with students from all parts of the world ranging from ages 5-35 in various settings.

ACT English

Test preparation is critical and one on one sessions allows the learner to be exposed to a more meaningful exchange of information. English is a critical part of the ACT and I find that my strengths are in English after completing a double Master's in Literacy and Teaching English as a Second Language.

Elementary Math

For the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful elementary teachers in their classrooms. This has resulted in exposure to many strategies of math instruction especially among young learners grades K-5. As a result I have incorporated elementary math and foreign language. It is critical to cross connect multiple content areas in the classroom.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have had the pleasure of working in an elementary school setting grades K-8 for 7 years and I was a substitute for Norwood City Schools. Furthermore my graduate studies placement was in an elementary school setting grades K-2.


I am certified to teach English as a second/foreign language. I have received As in my coursework ranging from Phonetics to Reading and Writing Strategies for English learners.

Study Skills

I am a solid organizer and am able to assist in most subject matters especially in English and history. During my graduate studies I learned many strategies to keep students on track when needed. In addition to teaching I have helped several students ranging in ages from 6-25.


I have had 7 years of experience working with children of all ages with ADD/ADHD as well as epilepsy in classroom settings to private home tutoring sessions. I find that the one on one can be extremely beneficial in that the focus is primarily on the student. The distractions are very limited.


Often parents find themselves confused when faced with supporting and helping a child with dyslexia. Parents often do not feel they have adequate knowledge of dyslexia or are not aware of the techniques and strategies that help. After completing courses in literacy and earning my double Master's (English and TESOL) I am confident in benefiting those dealing with this type of learning disability. By utilizing specialized methods and carefully planned strategies, I can help and assist students beat difficulties caused by dyslexia. Act now to get dyslexia help for you or your child. Early intervention is directly linked to a better outcome.

Social Studies

I am certified by the state of Ohio to teach social studies. I also earned a degree in social studies at Bowling Green State University.


As part of my research and Capstone for my undergraduate degree in history I wrote a comparison of European ancient civilizations and those in Asia. Receiving an A on the capstone intrigued me to complete a classics literature course that provided historical events from a literary perspective. I also received an A for the classics literature summer course.