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Mary J.


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Experienced Math Tutor, Help Your Child for End of Year Tests!

Hello! I am available for tutoring with Mathematics. Your child may need the extra help to prepare for upcoming tests and final exams. All of the cancelled school days for snow and hurricanes this year will make the Spring a very stressful time for Math, since there will be a lot of catching up to do! I have been tutoring Math for over 10 years, from the level of 6th-11th grade Math. The higher levels include Algebra and Geometry (Math I-III). My students have experienced a high rate of... [more]

Algebra 1

I have taught and tutored Algebra I for many years.





I have been teaching reading comprehension for many years.


I assist college and graduate students with advice on research and helping to edit papers.



I have been teaching English as a Second Language in Taiwan for three years to adults learning Business English, conversation, and writing skills. I have also been teaching ESL to schools in the daytime for public schools, and evenings for cram schools.

SAT Math





SAT Reading

SAT Writing


ACT Math

Elementary Math


I have been teaching and co-teaching phonics to students in the high school setting for nine years. I have a Master's in Teaching, and in my program, I studied phonemic awareness so I could help special needs students. I teach English to non-native speakers, and have done so since 2001. I have taught Phonics to student on my EC caseload to help them make progress on their IEP goals.

Study Skills

I can work with people of all ages and learning abilities and target what they need to do to help them master and retain learning content. I can show and teach different ways to retain knowledge, including use of mnemonics, pictures, application, language, repetition, and tactics to decrease anxiety. I can also work with psychological blocks in maintaining content knowledge and/or in test-tasking strategies. I can teach ways to keep records of assignments, deadlines, goals, and personal files. I have been trained by many ways: graduate school in special education, on-the-job by working with students who struggle of all ages for over 10 years, and as a person myself who struggles with study skills - I found many creative ways to overcome and get straight A's in college and graduate school.

Special Needs

I have a Master's in Teaching in Special Education, and have focused on Learning Disabilities in Math and Reading, ADHD, and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. I am also licensed in Special Education. Finally, I have been teaching Special Needs students for over seven years.

Video Production

I have a bachelors in film (as well as anthropology-archaeology) from the University of Southern California. I taught video production full time in the film/video school at Piedmont Community College, NC


I have experience in working with students with ADD/ADHD. For the past 6 years, I have taught Resource classes at the high school level to students with ADD/ADHD as well as related disabilities, and have tailored instructional practices to best suit their needs. I have also provided assistance in an inclusion classroom. I manage a caseload of 30 students and provide feedback to classroom teachers and the community in how to best help their children. I also have tutored students with ADD/ADHD for many years. Prior to all of this, I have also helped at two charter schools that assist students with disabilities. I also a Masters degree and teaching license in Special Education.


I have a bachelors (double major) in Anthropology-Archeology and Film from the University of Southern California. I conducted extra research of the tel Megiddo in Israel, and both participated as a field hand and as a video documentarian over a summer.


I have a bachelors (double major) in Anthropology-Archeology and Film from the University of Southern California. I conducted extra research of the tel Megiddo in Israel, and both participated as a field hand and as a video documentarian over a summer.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have been teaching young people with mild/moderate disabilities for over six years. I have a Master's in Special Education and focused especially on Autism. I have additional training through TEACCH as a practitioner/teacher of students on the Autism Spectrum. Finally, I myself have high-functioning Autism, and have learned a great deal additionally through a wealth of resources, sitting on my bookshelf.


I am qualified to tutor in film because I majored in Film from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, which is one of the top schools for film in the world. I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I have taught Film Production as a College Instructor at Piedmont Community College for a few years, as well as have taught video production for a charter high school. I have worked as a videographer for weddings and commercial shoots, acted in films and plays, and have written various articles for film and television criticism. I am also a certified teacher.