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Mary J.


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Masters Degree in Teaching, Multiple Certified, 15+ years of Tutoring

Hi all! I am offering my services in multiple subjects to students with all sorts of learning abilities and personalities. I have a Masters in Teaching, and have been in the field of education since 2001 as a teacher, tutor, and consultant. I have taught all subjects high school, and most for middle school. I have also taught elementary, ESL, and have worked with college and graduate students. I am a member of Mensa and Triple Nine, and have a passion for learning and teaching. I am NC ... [more]

Algebra 1








I have been teaching English as a Second Language in Taiwan for three years to adults learning Business English, conversation, and writing skills. I have also been teaching ESL to schools in the daytime for public schools, and evenings for cram schools.

SAT Math





SAT Reading

SAT Writing


ACT Math

Elementary Math


I have been teaching and co-teaching phonics to students in the high school setting for nine years. I have a Master's in Teaching, and in my program, I studied phonemic awareness so I could help special needs students. I teach English to non-native speakers, and have done so since 2001. I have taught Phonics to student on my EC caseload to help them make progress on their IEP goals.

Study Skills

I can work with people of all ages and learning abilities and target what they need to do to help them master and retain learning content. I can show and teach different ways to retain knowledge, including use of mnemonics, pictures, application, language, repetition, and tactics to decrease anxiety. I can also work with psychological blocks in maintaining content knowledge and/or in test-tasking strategies. I can teach ways to keep records of assignments, deadlines, goals, and personal files. I have been trained by many ways: graduate school in special education, on-the-job by working with students who struggle of all ages for over 10 years, and as a person myself who struggles with study skills - I found many creative ways to overcome and get straight A's in college and graduate school.

Special Needs

I have a Master's in Teaching in Special Education, and have focused on Learning Disabilities in Math and Reading, ADHD, and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. I am also licensed in Special Education. Finally, I have been teaching Special Needs students for over seven years.

Video Production

I have a bachelors in film (as well as anthropology-archaeology) from the University of Southern California. I taught video production full time in the film/video school at Piedmont Community College, NC


I have experience in working with students with ADD/ADHD. For the past 6 years, I have taught Resource classes at the high school level to students with ADD/ADHD as well as related disabilities, and have tailored instructional practices to best suit their needs. I have also provided assistance in an inclusion classroom. I manage a caseload of 30 students and provide feedback to classroom teachers and the community in how to best help their children. I also have tutored students with ADD/ADHD for many years. Prior to all of this, I have also helped at two charter schools that assist students with disabilities. I also a Masters degree and teaching license in Special Education.


I have a bachelors (double major) in Anthropology-Archeology and Film from the University of Southern California. I conducted extra research of the tel Megiddo in Israel, and both participated as a field hand and as a video documentarian over a summer.


I have a bachelors (double major) in Anthropology-Archeology and Film from the University of Southern California. I conducted extra research of the tel Megiddo in Israel, and both participated as a field hand and as a video documentarian over a summer.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have been teaching young people with mild/moderate disabilities for over six years. I have a Master's in Special Education and focused especially on Autism. I have additional training through TEACCH as a practitioner/teacher of students on the Autism Spectrum. Finally, I myself have high-functioning Autism, and have learned a great deal additionally through a wealth of resources, sitting on my bookshelf.


I am qualified to tutor in film because I majored in Film from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, which is one of the top schools for film in the world. I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I have taught Film Production as a College Instructor at Piedmont Community College for a few years, as well as have taught video production for a charter high school. I have worked as a videographer for weddings and commercial shoots, acted in films and plays, and have written various articles for film and television criticism. I am also a certified teacher.