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Professional Music Educator and Performer

I graduated from Westfield State College with a degree in Music Education. After graduation, I continued to work at Falcetti Music Studios where I chaired the Percussion Department developing the percussion curriculum as well as expanding the program to include studies in total percussion. While at the studio, I carried a full load of private students and percussion ensembles (approximately 30 hours a week). Teachers were and still are required to enroll students in the New England Music F... [more]

American History

History has become one of my secret passions. Whether it be the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, an HBO special, or simply a good book, it opens up a whole new world of adventure and intrigue that is the true reality show. American history is not always easy to take once we get beyond the sanitized versions that are presented to the general population. But I have learned that American history is a fascinating topic no matter what period is studied. So are you or your child interested in American History or maybe having problems with the subject in school? Then it is time to get started so that you can get a better understanding of our history.




Reading is essential, not only for future success but also for pure enjoyment. When it comes to education and careers, reading will get us information quicker and in a more logical manner. On the other hand there is nothing like opening a book and getting lost in another time or place. So how will I help your child with their reading? Well, the obvious come to mind ? grammar, vocabulary and the English language. To improve one?s reading skills, and, ultimately, the enjoyment of the written word, we will need to tackle the basics. We will need to set a base line from which to work and then determine a process to achieve the required goals. There are a few ways to gather this information but a good starting point will be from the school reports. So, contact me and let us begin the road to a life time of reading enjoyment!

Music Theory


Writing is an essential form of communication. Effective writing helps one to get their opinion, idea or story to a larger group of people. It also helps when preparing college applications. There are various styles of writing but they all must have the same bottom line criteria - does it get the point across. I have many years of personal writing experience as well as reviewing the writings of others. If you are interested in assistance with this skill, contact me and let's have a conversation as to how we can begin a process for success.


Language is how we communicate with one another. Ineffective communication leads to misunderstandings and frustrations. Slang, colloquialisms and contemporary usage all have their place but, to succeed in our global society, proper usage of the English language is a must. Working together we will learn effective communication skills including verbal and written. We will work to improve overall test scores if necessary. If writing effective essays for college applications or improving interview skills are the objectives, we will focus in on those areas for improvement. Or, if the need is simply for a better understanding of English basics, we will focus our attention on that objective. In order to arrive at the required destination we need to get started. Contact me and let us see how I can help you for success in today?s world.


Elementary Math

Math ? a basic foundation for almost everything we do in life. This list includes finances, decision making, home improvement projects and even music. If the student does not get the proper foundations built at an early age then frustration and a lack of learning are just around the corner. Working with your child, I will foster a love for the math skills necessary to succeed in school, on tests and for later on in life. We will work towards building the solid foundation necessary for success in the field of math. All that is left now is for us is to get started on that journey.

General Music

Music is the backbone of almost everything that we do, see, hear and experience. It is almost impossible to get away from it but, to me, that is a good thing. I am a Music Education graduate of Westfield State College and have been performing, teaching, consulting and adjudicating since 1973. As your General Music Educator, I will strive to reinforce the love of music that is inherent in every child. We will build upon that love of music by learning the building blocks of music; explore the history of music and finally, experience the performance aspects of playing musical instruments. Let?s get started now for a life long musical journey!

Study Skills

Learning how to study for maximum effectiveness is crucial to achieving the desired results. Although a teacher, tutor or parent can provide the necessary tools, it is ultimately the student who will decide what works or doesn't work and find the best process to achieve any of the desired results. My experience has taught me that consistency is necessary to get the required results: consistency in time spent on a subject, daily studies, environment and the time chosen to study. Once the study time, subjects to be studied and the environment have been determined then I have found the following tasks to help in the overall process. First, limit each subject to 45 minutes of studying; taking a short break between subjects to stretch, take care of nature, grab a quick snack and clear the mind. When studying a particular subject it is also good to do some review first. This keeps older information current and may also aid in learning and retaining newer information. It also helps to shorten study time for a quiz,test or final. Distractions should be kept to a minimum (e.g. TV, cell phones, social networking). This allows the mind to concentrate on the task at hand and help the retention process. And finally, allow time at the end of studying to unwind and get to a state of relaxation before retiring for the night.