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Britton's Tutoring

Hello! I've been tutoring/teaching since college. In college I tutored English. I also studied Japanese language and traveled/lived in Japan. I moved to South Korea to teach in 2008 and have recently returned. While there I learned Korean conversation and writing. Both are fascinating languages and I love sharing my knowledge. I also studied English language and literature in college. I have completed my CELTA certification. I love working with people and learning from them as well as t... [more]


Expanding your vocabulary can help in many ways. It can help your schooling as you will know more words as it will also help you throughout life as you will be able to understand more of what is around you. I can help you expand your vocabulary by helping you study and giving you special activities that will help you build and retain the new vocabulary.


Grammar is the most important thing about a language. It is what makes or breaks your ability to communicate either spoken and written. I learned a lot about grammar by studying Latin and upon completing my CELTA I have gained advanced knowledge of English grammar and how to teach it.


It is through reading that we can gain a better understanding of what is trying to be said. It also expands our minds to the outside world and informs us of what is out in the world. The better the reading skill the better one is at finding out information. Part of my CELTA training taught me how to direct one's reading to find the most important information within a text.


I love to travel and because of my travels I have spent time in many different countries and I also like to follow what is happening in the world, so it is important for me to know where in the world it is happening. I took international politics as one of my majors and through that I learned about the world. I also love to look at atlases.


I started to really study English in high school and it continued to be one of my majors during college. I went further and got a CELTA certification that allows me to further teach the English language. I have a great understanding of English, spoken and written.


Reading is one the best ways to advance one's vocabulary as well as spelling and grammar. Through literature we can learn multiple things; lessons about life, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Through reading literature you can also learn about the world, ancient times, cultures and mythologies. It is literature that is our doorway to knowledge. I have taken many literature courses; Women's, Native American, Asian, European, Classic, Modern and Utopian.


Proofreading is one of the most important things when writing everything. When writing papers for a class, a letter for a job, or a resume proofreading them is what can make or break the deal. I can help you as I have extensive experience writing papers and letters. I have taken several writing classes and have a great understanding of how to help with papers.

SAT Reading

Reading for the SATs can be tricky but it is not impossible. The key is to be able to read for inference and not spending too much time on the "fluff". My education in English is perfect for teaching/tutoring those in need of help on this subject.




Spelling is very important when writing papers, essays, emails, letters, and general assignments. If you have poor spelling then your papers won't be as good as they could be and in the working world, spelling can be the make or break of getting hired. I have specific methods that I have learned over the years to help learn and retain words and their spelling.

ACT English

I've been studying English for many years and it has always been my best subject. Reading, writing and logic are key factors in understanding the ACT tests. Through my years of education, learning and teaching, I have learned how to best go about taking this kind of test.

Elementary (K-6th)

I've taught kindergarten and elementary students in the States and in South Korea for 4 years.


I have completed and passed the CELTA certificate which taught me how to help teach the stress, intonation and phonemes of a word. The three major points of how to break down a word so that it can be pronounced correctly.

Study Skills

Not everyone learns the same, some are tactile while others are visual and some learn better with audio cues. Neither are the best but are the most important for the learner. Through my training with CELTA I learned how to help a learner with the best way that they learn, be it kinesthetic, visual or auditory.


I have several years of training from college courses and personal training with athletes and trainers. I'm an avid exerciser and love to run, cycle, weight train, swim, and row. I follow strict regimes of nutrition and exercise and would love to help you train!


I studied Latin in High School for 4 years, which included translating, vocabulary and grammar.