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Holly Y.


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Excellence in writing, ESL, and Korean

More than 10 years of experience as an effective and engaged tutor for writing, ESL, Korean, and up to high school level math. Relevant experience includes having personally received tutoring lessons as a student. High familiarity with international exchange students from Middle and East Asia.... [more]

Algebra 1

Easy and efficient training or extra help on homework involving basic algebra, solving linear equations, drawing graphs, FOIL.

American History

Get extra help in American history classes with laws, wars, dates, terms, etc.


Enhance your vocabulary knowledge of the English language and learn how to use them properly in writing as well as speaking.


Need help with grammar? I'm able to tutor students of all ages in proper grammar usage.


Get a head-start before learning algebra or get extra help in your pre algebra homework so you can rank at the top of your class.


Good writing means excellent diction and syntax. Learn how to use high end vocabulary and structure your sentences and paragraphs to construct the best essays.


Learn how to easily memorize capitals, flags, geography facts, country locations, etc. and excel in geography class.


Learn how to construct coherent sentences and use sophisticated vocabulary for high scores in English.


Learn proper English with an instructor who understands the difficulties of learning different languages. As a Korean American, I went back and forth from the USA to Korea at a young age and had to re-learn English and Korean in the moving process. I have some knowledge of the Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese languages and can provide more guidance for slower learners who desire more explanation while learning English.

Government & Politics

Learn about government systems, especially those of the US, and get extra help in government, politics, and American history classes.


Get extra help in reading and understanding novels in middle school English classes to high school AP classes.

World History

Get extra help in world history class by learning about historical events and how they link to countries today.


Get extra help in your essays, book reports, papers, etc. with excellent and affordable proofreading.

SAT Writing

Learn how to score an 800 on the SAT writing section by improving your grammar skills and essay writing abilities.



Learn how to overcome the common mistakes people make in spelling through easy and efficient training.

Elementary Math

Make sure your student ranks at the top of his/her class in math class by learning basic math through easy and efficient steps.